In the broad context of Identitarian politics there circulates a great many catchphrases and stopwords. One of those words which serves as both is “atomisation.” We are, quite succinctly, atomised. Why are we atomised? There are a great many reasons, suffice to say here I shall peradventure to blame the advances of Globalism. I have italicised that word for effect, that you may presume upon it as you might – chances are your assumption shall be correct.

And how are we to understand the quandary of atomisation? You may try to count the ways, but I shall not wait for you to convoke your answer. I might split my diagnosis into two categories: the sociological and the practical.

Sociologically, atomisation results in a hyper-individualisation. It is a phenomenon we have been sold as it has been wrapped in the promise of freedom and liberty. Like cheap Chinese food, they leave you unsatisfied, and as the aphorism goes, you’re hungry again in an hour. It has left modern man agape with a great many social wounds. He is spiritually empty, foremost, almost inbred now with pessimism, nihilism and worse, a pedantic sense of apathy. Further, he is disassociated, he has no real, great and tangible causes. Most of what he is fed is superficial, candy coated and vomited across in tinsel, designed to trigger a reactive hormone exchange that drains you of dopamine like a vampire’s thrall. In increasing numbers souls have stripped themselves of spirit in an attempt to find community in the vast expanse of the Internet. Their attempts are doomed to fail, the internet is a synthetic organism whose interactions are by nature of their falsity encouraged toward superficiality and self-censorship, lacking the double-edged sword stroke of true community: that it both gives and takes. The final word: nobody truly feels like they belong, and try as they might (and they do) their attempts are as superficial as the world around them. Their efforts increase, their payload decreases. The world edges closer along the precipice of desperation, watching the lemmings drop, convincing themselves that by virtue of their vaunted individuality that they are immune to the collective fate of modern man.

Practically speaking, atomisation is a problem of paramount concern – for reasons I fear are seldom explored by the largely unreflective modern man. We live in a monumentally complex social order. It may be argued effectively that there has been no civilisation more inherently complex than the one into which we are thrust. Note, I have not used the word advanced. Herein lies my peculiar argument. Society and civilisation are two separate things. I would ask you separate these words in your understanding before you proceed in this article. Society is a social order, a civilisation is the organisation of infrastructure and cultural achievements, the word city is derived from the root word. A city may inherit and exhibit culture as a culture builds a city, but inheriting a city does not necessarily produce culture. Society is therefore cultural while civilisation is technological. You may speak of German Society, but you refer to Roman Civilisation. The understanding lies in the difference between flavour and structure. The Germans have a particular cultural arrangement, despite their having inherited and benefited from inheriting Roman infrastructure, law and technology. Do you understand? Excellent. Civilisation has become globalised: this has occurred through trade and economics, this process began hundreds of years ago with sailing ships, however it was the Internet which truly connected the world to itself. (World is a composite word, too, the Anglo-Saxon wer-eald, ‘age of man’.) Because of this connectivity, a Pandora’s box of instant stimuli has been opened and it has utterly changed the dynamic of human interaction. We no longer have independent culture, which has increased the rapidity with which humans are expected to uphold the civlisational structure. The structure has become too massive for humans to uphold. However, civilisation lumbers forward like a toothless giant and a brainless behemoth, fine tuned by years of practise. The truth is that civilisation has been set on auto-pilot. The individual human has utterly lost the individual capacity to uphold this fabric. He has lost it because the complexities (automisation, decentralised banking and instant gratification) have robbed him of true technology. (Technology: Greek, Tekhnelogia – tekhne=skill, logia=study.) We have been convinced that because we have gadgets, we are advanced, but our usage of gadgets, tools, and doodads, are akin to an orangutang apeing the use of a tool by a man. Without instruction, without our crutches and handicaps, the overwhelming majority of us could not produce the effects our artifices have supplied us with.

That was a long paragraph. Thank you for bearing with it. Consider the ramifications. Short of a few loosely hinged individuals living inside of repurposed missile silos out in the Midwest somewhere, most individuals are not survivalists. Most do not take stock in basic civilizational skills. If ‘society’ and ‘civilisation’ collapsed tomorrow, and the trappings of civilisation were significantly altered… could you survive? I, personally, am an Apprentice Carpenter. I can frame houses and sheathe them and roof them. I cannot, however, plane planks, log forests, forge nails, craft saws. Civilisation has produced cogs for wheels, while knowledge of the wheel is being discouraged in public education due to the time sensitive nature of upholding this all-consuming beast globalisation has become. It is why we are forced into specialised fields, crushed and hemmed into moulds and corners that, when frayed, can cause an individual’s entire world to collapse and implode.

So. This is a tip of the iceberg, a brief foray into the damage atomisation has done. It has destroyed man on a bilateral level, emotionally and practically. Unilaterally speaking, it has made him, as my friend (sometimes incessantly) reminds me, into a husk. He, as I, sometimes finds himself black pilled on the finer points of the monumental damage our society and civilisation has been done. We talk enough that banter almost always returns to the central question: how do we stem the tide? How do we reverse the damage? I being the Eternal Anglo am wont to divulge endless speculation, my friend, however, has settled upon a singular proposition which he feels is sufficiently encompassing to address the many concerns faced by our Folk, our People. Ultimately, and I suspect he would agree, that atomisation is the chief constraint locking our Folk into this simulated diaspora in which we exist as exiles in close proximity to our neighbours. As a means of implicit support, I should think my writing of this article belies my agreement with his supposition, as indeed, such an imposition should indeed ring true.

Since I would never be so devoid of vainglory as to show my hand without first making you work for it, I shall let slip that the word of the day is… “Männerbund.” Männerbund, or Maennerbund, is a word I learned from a friend whose enthusiasm for new concepts is refreshing and inspiring. Although, I must confess that at first glance, being an Anglo Supremacist who is conversant in German, I struggled with the import word. This owing a tendency among White Nationalists to attach top heavy significance to loan words and concepts at cost of neglecting their own as a product of our learned behaviour toward attributing greater significance to exclusive rather than inclusive culture. (A problem plaguing the entirety of the Occident.) For our purposes therefore, we shall conflate Männerbund with the words Brotherhood and Fraternity. As a note, Brotherhood and Fraternity are one word, the latter being another such case of pseudo-linguistic finagling. The one is English, the other, I should hope you know, is Latin. As a further note, betraying my less than unambiguous tendencies as a card carrying Grammar Nazi, I will with some pleasure relay that Männerbund, being German, is cognate to English and assimilates readily, moreso than the average user is inclined to predict. English, as you might understand, is the convoluted form of Anglo-Saxon, an ancient language derived from the Germanic Branch of languages. It is, therefore, the inheritance of the language of Beowulf and Chaucer, and once closely resembled those venerable languages of the Sagaic poetry.

Männerbund. A quick dissection is in order, by way of true introduction. Like many long, bloated German words, it is a composite. Bund is cognate to our English “bond.” You may know the words ‘husband,’ (husband comes to us from the Nordic húsbóndi , which meant a sort of ‘keeper of the house,) ‘bondsman,’ (a man contractually obligated to some service) and so forth. Bond suggests ties that bind, as bind, too, is derived from the same root word as bond. In German, the usage retains the earlier sense of connoting hierarchical binding properties. For instance, you might hear about a Bundestag, which means parliament. Bund is most generally translated as association, but the root is deeper. Männer is more simply the plural form of mann, being man. In German, the gender cases retained more importance than modern English, as such, a Männerbund is thus exclusive to men. It is, coyly observed, a men’s club.

An ‘association of men.’ As is often the case, words seldom do justice. This is, admittedly, why I prefer the term Brotherhood to connote the intimacy of what it is colloquially Männerbund attempts to convey. However, as a means of constructing effectively functional hermeneutics, concessions must be made, and the Männerbund has secured a safe space of entry within the confines of the Alt Right and will further penetrate the expanse of Nationalism proper, as it has already gained traction in the more generic circles of MGTOW and such ‘alpha’ projects as those.

We should see the Männerbund as the seed from which Brotherhood grows. You must be a man before you can appreciate being a brother. Assess the sentence how you might, I am still right. A Brotherhood is a thing that transcends ordinary relationships, it turns friends into family. It cements and consolidates, creating ties that last longer than immediately conceivable. The Männerbund is the primogenitor of all that follow in that vein, a formalised Fraternity could never be effective without first having a solid core of men whose trust was not hollow.

As a means of illustration, pointing out the obvious is a longstanding human tradition… so: a man cannot live a fulfilled life as an atomised individual. It reduces him to a deconstructed floor model. A whorish, open-mouthed caricature that can be seen always and everywhere stirring your latte at Starbucks. The kind of mannequin, harlequin object nobody thinks twice about abusing. The obvious benefit of the Männerbund is that it allows a man to find fellowship. It has the potential to be so much more. Let us count (some of) the ways.

A Männerbund, esoterically understood, is the cradle of society and civilisation. If you are familiar with how the classical Greeks dissected society and civilisation, you should already know where I am going with this. That said. An individual is sum potential that cannot be actuated. For reasons listed practically, you need more than a carpenter to build a house. In ancient history, someone built a house. They probably had help. They helped someone else build a house. So forth. You have a village. The village grows. You’ve got a town. Now a city. Holy Jeezus, it’s a Nation!! The rugged band of individuals who built the houses are the Männerbund. The Männerbund is the beginning of all that follows. Everything we know can be traced back to this moment. You can walk back through histories, peeling away the layers, away with the Metros, away with the Oikos, and you have the Männerbund, take a step further back and you have the man, atomised and alone. We have reached the precipice where the only thing that separates modern atomised man from ancient atomised caveman is this.

A single man can revolutionise an idea, but without an inner grouping of other men to serve as vehicle to his ideas, widespread transmission is impossible. A lone prophet in the wilderness preaches to no one, he is a madman – barking at the moon. A bond shared by men that roots itself in ideology is a powerful force. Every massive movement in history, defined as good or ill, still had such a bond at the core. The Founding Fathers could be called a Männerbund, for sure, they may have had words, but their unity of purpose prevailed. Here we are, exceeding two hundred years of this American Experience which the British assumed was a fad that would tank.

Any serious querant seeking change would be wise to forgive the salient enthusiasm with which men can be compelled to approach the topic. For within the confines of the Männerbund there are characteristics a man has that gain new life. For instance, the presence of camaraderie instils in his pursuits new vigour. For every man in his core retains the tendencies of our Race’s ancient warrior cast: he wants to boast, but he is not merely content to tell fish tales, he wants to bring his achievements to the table and have them be appreciated. The internet can never validate you.

In a Männerbund, you can forge real and lasting relationships. Friendship is something the modern world has damaged beyond belief. Friendship is not an alliance of taste, what music you hear, movies you watch. No. Read the Icelandic Sagas if you want to know what a friend is. A friend is a one you can tell your soul to. The Irish had a word for this: Anam Cara. Look it up. In short, it means soul friend. In the modern context, your very sexuality is called into question if your friendships get ‘too real.’ You may have even been conditioned to the point you cringe a little upon reading the word ‘relationship’ rendered before friend, I winced when I wrote it. A reminder of the damage done. You should be able to tell your soul to a man, without fear, fear of castigation or worse, fear of betrayal. It was once understood that betraying a man’s confidence was the vilest and most repugnant of sins, now it is expected, so we go through life expecting betrayal and tuned to deflect it. No real relationships are made this way, they detract from the monster Globalism has become. True friendship robs Globalism of glory. Our so-called (((friends))) in the media and abroad cannot have that.

True friendship is rare, but in a Männerbund it can become common. As Nature’s God intended. To form a Männerbund, a common principle by proxy is assumed. This sets up a nucleus of trust that a stranger in the street cannot provide. Perhaps there was a time when strangers could trust, but now, we need help. We need camaraderie.

In a Männerbund you can ask of your Brother and, again, feel no shame in doing. If he is able, he will help. If he cannot, I am sure, he should try to find one who could. Networking is vital to civilisation, and, it can never be stressed enough, networking is more than clicking ‘like’ on your chosen social media feed. Networking, in reality, is a Norn’s weave of blood and toil that reaps rewards that, in due time, may well build themselves. This is true compound interest, not the abjectly banal corporate lie sold us by bankster elites.

These have been fairly practical reasons, and while I adhere to them, I am told by enough people my forte is the esoteric that I no longer in the least try to deny it. Esotericism, I have argued for many years, is the (forgive me) secret root from which society shoots branches. Without it, society would be monolithic and flat. Indeed, it can be argued there is no society without esotericism. And why fight the claim? It is scarcely worth trying, only the most convicted of idiots in the “Sceptic Community” would bother. You have perhaps heard the anecdote, popular amongst Catholic Apologists, that speaks of a time in Russian when Stalinist Communism had assumed the seat of control and thought control was in full effect. Stalin managed to enforce state controlled atheism, but a curious thing happened. The full force of superstition arose, petty fears of bumps in the night, ghosts and faerie monsters returned. Citizens whose superstitious natures had been previously bated by the Russian Orthodox Church returned. As it so happens, you cannot compel a soul against their will to embrace “reason.”

Again, the Männerbund is the nucleus of esotericism. A gaggle of Russian men, real comrades, sat around a campfire and told stories of Baba Yaga. They did this because the Primarch of Russia couldn’t lay the heretic hammer down, but Stalin could come and set the purge. This alone is why witches shall never die. No matter the layers of culture, those ancient paths are always stored. As the Havamal says, cattle die, and kinsman die, but this I know shall never die, the name of the honoured dead. Yet another verse worth exploring, it is the company of men, with bonds forged in peace and war, that make a name worth remembering, else the name die after three generations of well-placed breeding. Legacies that fall down ranks of men who have earned respect, if there is a surer way to experience a promise of immortality, I cannot find it on a map that I trust.

Have you ever considered what it is that so enthrals the modern Western Man when it comes to his historical epochs? Why this recurrent obsession with period pieces, Spartans, Romans, Vikings, Knights and Templars? You know what I’m about to write. Each was or began with those bands of men; fighters, adventurers, defenders, even creators. Men who clung to ideals or causes which they lived and died for. It is an infinite loop that when increasingly modern societies experience atomisation, that their men look back to history with longing, uncertain what it is there that draws them. It is worth noting that engaged societies seldom obsess over the past, it is a phenomena that affects the displaced. And those that look forward, dabble in science fiction; no franchise ever sailed on one man’s back. It is because a man is defined by his relationships.

Within the parameters of the Männerbund, such ideals can be forged. Men could band together, alleviated that they are free from the taboo they have sought to escape. And, let us cut to the chase. It is a place where we can speak freely, as White Men of good character, a purely American category which our detractors have effectively erased but from the annals of politically ‘incorrect’ history. There is no other place we can do this, now. Oh, indeed, there are theoretically places of salvage where Whites can go. He can join the Ancient Order of Hibernians, but their doors are open to every race now, as the Irish there have sold their birthrite like Esau before them. You shall find this always and everywhere, that those organisations which once sheltered Whites now redefines them, explains us away.

There is nowhere that you can go as a White Man of Good Character seeking no further category. Everything has been coerced into special, easily redefined category. And in every other category, you cannot be content just to be White – it must always be in spite of. In the Männerbund, we few can gather on those lines and we can be what it is we shall become. We can draw our inspiration from the Spartan, the Viking. We can posit what we will, and inside that Innangard none shall be there to stop it. Or, if the spirit moves, you can shoot the breeze. There besides the outside, you will find yourself at ease among company, that should the breeze shift, you will not have to hide your true colours as you do abroad.

This kind of freedom, sought always by the White Race but never quite seized, has never been out of reach. Every Fraternity ever had this backdrop in mind as they were founded. Another, esoterically, is rekindling that imaginative spark. Man is meant for more than the two dimensional existence of a lumbering mechanistic troll. I don’t care what you believe in, it must be professed that man aspires. His unique characteristic is Will to Power, it is Becoming, that which he does that other animals do not. Whether you have a belief in the transcendent or not is irrelevant, its presumption and application have tremendous utility. Ideas move people like facts never can, a bitter pill for every self-styled “realist” to swallow.

The imagery of the Secret Society, who imparts upon its members arcane knowledge, not as a means of idle entertainment, but as a veiled analogy for enriching their time on Earth – it is intoxicating. Few men at their core can truly deny the allure. Some men seek the ritual, some seek the attention, some seek the structure, the familiarity and order, but we all, on some level, seek that wisdom. In collected wisdom that Will to Power is enabled. Every man has observed in myth and legend a kernel or shrapnel of something irresistibly attractive. Perhaps he haws at the myth and convinces himself it is too silly to be true, but it haunts him. Brother, I tell you, there is truth in every myth, everything. Perhaps not the truth desired, but truth is neither convenient nor servile. The means to find this knowledge is rare, but when it is found, it is almost exclusively found in confines, and not given away freely.

The Founding Fathers knew this. They fostered this. There has always been two Americas, and no, not the White and Coloured Americas, either. There has been the Visible America, and the Hidden. If we save nothing but the Visible America we will have done a great deal. However, if we reach below the surface we find a depth of richness barely comprehensible. Indeed, the truth of any reality is almost exclusively beyond the grasp of the individual, save for that incredibly talented few. The Männerbund creates a pool in which knowledge is shared. A Männerbund, properly established, acts as a vehicle which transmits and carries the Hidden America.

This is the America that sought greatness, holds archaeological secrets that Normies daren’t embrace. It holds histories within histories and possibilities untapped, where the orthodox intelligentsia have no leave to control. This is where the Framers went when they were not among their people. They discussed philosophy and they tempted fate, they explored suppressed knowledge. There were no taboos which we recognised, among those White Men of Good Character. They reshaped the knowledge, and in so doing, created pathways for previously undreamt realities to develop. When they returned, America changed a little bit; the articularies of their endeavours benefitted all. Each bit that changed, a Revolution brewed.

The massive speculation regarding the Founders and Framers belies some instinct that they had something denied to the public abroad. So it was that peasants could never approach the Holy of Holies, so it was that Citizens could not witness what they know was the true founding of their Nation.

In a Männerbund, the potential is there, that change can be met. The reality may be that the rippling effects may go unobserved by the masses, but it is precisely the masses which a Männerbund in these days always seeks to escape. Or it could come with thunderous applause the fruits of labour.

In our Political purview there is the desire for change. There is the dire need for it. We must have change. Every other venue has failed. For many reasons. We have either attempted to rekindle this venerable historical epoch or that, or we convoke fantastical traditions that are shattered by the Judas in our midst. Of course, the Männerbund is the solution. Traditions which made our Race great must be preserved, but always, they must be understood in the lens of the time in which they are viewed. This mistake, in cross applying generational attitudes to novelties and modernities, has plagued us. In the Männerbund, the old traditions can breathe new life as they are reinvigorated by new blood.

Traditions must be excited, rekindled, yes. But a new paradigm, established by reforging a historical chain, is where the future lies. The matrix of our reality is so enmeshed in its infrastructure that to attempt to, by force of arms or direct assault of ideological or factual methodology can only fail. Because the infrastructure has frayed, our unenlightened brethren are cast adrift in a chaotic sea of senseless proportions. We can save them, but because you cannot speak to them, you must show them. It is Socratic Dialogue, sublimated. And why not? Envy is among the most powerful of motivators, there is little sense in trying to deny this fact. If you have something that works, and gives you solace, strength and character… others will want that, too. Or, less desirably, they will try to destroy you, as did those lemmings who sought the blood of émigrés from Plato’s Cave. However, given how placid and docile the majority has come, a solid Männerbund, I think, has little to fear.

The Männerbund presents a tangible phenomenon. It creates a force that acts as an agent of change that does not have to lift its hand to strike; its presence alone is power. For the Männerbund can change the individuals within the rank, when they are returned to their respective zones of exterior influence, their changes cannot go unnoticed. Only the most solipsistic of individuals remain blind to change when witnessed, and solipsism is a trait learned, true learning being made largely unavailable to the publically schooled.


Seaxwulf the Sperg-Hammer

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