Welcome to the Sperg Box

Call me Seax, it’s the name I use to travel the Web and a few other circles. I’m a philosopher, a Theologian and an armchair Anthropologist, you’ll find me covering those topics and their many intersections. Or maybe whatever else strikes my fancy. Either way, I’m told my hobbyhorses make me a Sperg. But since we’ve all ridden our hobbies here to the Web, that theoretical bastion of freedom in the marketplace of ideas, I’ll welcome you to the Sperg Box and leave the rest to you.


34 thoughts on “Welcome to the Sperg Box

      1. Absolutely. New Jersey is our Poland, I imagine.

        I’ve been to New York. Did a good drive there at midnight, once. There’s some nice spots on the way out.

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      2. Yes, I landed in New Jersey. The airport had big vindows towards New York (great view). The drive was very industrial properly until the bridge to Manhatten. Oh, when I write New York I mean Manhatten. Turist map stoppes at a certain number in North, so Turist don’t walk in to Bronx, Queens or something.

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      3. Yeah. Lots of New York is smart to avoid.

        It’s funny, I have to travel for Bund work sometimes and my Dad always says; “don’t stop in NJ.” To which I always say, “nope, I’d rather live.”

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  1. I don’t like people “talking” behind others back and I don’t like gossip, either. I think, that we can agree that it’s for women, children and faggots.
    This is embarrassing (not for you and me). I don’t want this to go any futher, so please don’t comment.

    I have noticed a similar comment flow on your blog (where I was mentioned).

    This started a few days ago (as I remember), with me being warned about (something like) fake White American nationalists. I replyed with something like: sure, but nobody is interested in my little blog. In the back of my mind, I knew it could only be two people (Maine and Vermont). Of cause, now I know. (I can not find it, so it is properly deleted).

    Here is what the OG martyr writes, total LARPing with-out any mental reflections:

    “Now that I’ve made my position clear on what I meant in regards to Denmark, I believe it is time for me to end this here, as I find no merit in redundancy. “Wer zuletzt lacht, lacht am besten” (“He who laughs last, laughs longest”; Minor successes or failures along the way are of no significance- the person who is ultimately triumphant is the only true winner). In plain English “You are either with me or against me”; A Motto I wish my Kin had followed in WW2.”


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  2. Don’t waist your time reading this!

    OG was back:

    Sorry to unload on you. I just want to share this crazyness, with at least one person.

    I use to know this sad person, OG. I “met” OG on a nother blog when i began bloggin.

    OG was writing about ‘oralism’ or someting and doing a lot of larping about saving one or two hundred dollars for some camping gear and a Greyhound bus tickets to live like a sad gay Rambo in the forrest.

    I tried to write some sense in to this person, telling OG that there most be more than just giving up everything and move to the forrest with a rucksack, like OG was planning. But OG wanted to turn tail and run to the forrest. Real life was to hard.

    A few mounths later, OG was still LARPing. OG ask me to join Discord, I said ‘ok, then we can help work on memes, help each other with ideas for bloggin, etc.’, but no. OG felt lonely and wanted to chat and share videos, especially music. Something OG is against now (at least when we do it)!

    The only real thing we did get done, was a small campaign against Varg. OG re-oploaded/copied/mirrored an anti-Varg video someone else had made. I was there helping, making answers that could hold up in the comment section.

    OG added other strange people to Discord and soon started to fight with them. Then OG found his or her (not sure) first girlfriend and lost interest in my babysitting. I felt relieved.

    I did not hear from OG, in about three years. Then a few mounths ago, OG comes back in the comment section and tells me that OG has updated an old post. I reply politely ‘I will take a look’. Over some time OG keep commenting about new updates and new blogs, untill OG comes up with a lie about why OG stopped. Maybe OG had a visit from FBI, but that was not why OG stopped to begin with.

    OG has inherited an apartment from OG’s father and are not really LARPing about hiding in the forrest anymore.

    When I came to WordPress, I came with the ‘pro-Germanic’ stuff, OG was blogging a post about one or two months ago repeatedly using Germanic as synonym for German.

    Yet, OG wanted to lecture us about Germanic.

    I ‘red pilled’ OG about Slavic people and Eastern Europe. OG had a Polish friend and had nothing against Slavs.

    Yet, OG wanted to lecture us us about Slavs and Eastern Europeans. Even telling me that OG hates Slavs because what they did to OG forfathers.

    I used to post a few Vargtard videos, only when there was a good topic with out LARPing. Those few videos always got ‘a like’ from OG who was a real Vargtard. I started to see an anti-Germanic and pro-Slavic trent, and first ‘red pilled’ myself and then OG (the same happened with The Golden One).

    Yet, OG wanted to lecture us using Vark (Christian) Vikernes as an example.

    OG claims to be something like an honest, truthful German of good character. Yet, keeps using straw man arguments, ad hominem and personal attacks in general. Even using view points as OG’s own, even though it comes from the person OG attacks (me).

    The apprentice want to be the master, lol.

    OG: Original Germanic. lol

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    1. That’s tough stuff. It’s a major problem with the world we live in, is that it’s very easy to breed purity spiralling. Purity spiralling allows you to be the hero of your own story and be accountable to no one, whilst judging everyone. Major issue in moving everyone’s best interests forward.

      I can see the allure of off-grid living. But it accomplishes little for the wider movement beyond self-sustenance.


      Anyway. I’m sorry, that all sounds stressful.

      It’s always tough to want to help someone but not be able to do it. I’ve been in a position of being asked to mediate conflicts between duelling Spergs in the Bund and it’s always frustrating.


      1. Good point, purity spiralling is really LARPy in moms basement. We have to watch over ourselves, in regards to both purity spiralling and echo chamber (espcially on internet).

        OG was not even planning to buy land or build a cabin.

        Thank you, I hope OG will move on and leave us alone.

        I am finnish trying to moral support OG, but I still went easy on OG as you can see in the comments.

        In regards to conflicts and the movement, it will be more easy as the movement grows and get more organized. People who don’t get along or need personal development, can move on to the next Mannerbund, party, club, gym, etc..

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      2. Fair enough. I have mixed feelings. I wish them the best, is where I am, but I will likely remain unaffilliated.

        I’m on the ‘wait and see’ train they talked about last NRM English episode.

        I want to believe it’ll all end well. But, one of the Bund leaders said, and I agree, “we’ll know he’s serious when he steps down from podcasting to lead.” Makes sense.

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    2. Also: be careful on Discord! The New England Pool Party used to use it until the chats got leaked by Feds.

      Maybe not a problem in Denmark.

      Also, ad hominem is the lowest form of debate. Total Grug. Life is too short for that kind of crap.

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      1. Thanks. I have not been on Discord for about 2 years and I am not planning to go back.

        I have heard about something similar. It should be ok if governments keept an eye on us, the problem besides not giving us privacy is when they are bad actors.

        The Danish version of FBI might knock on door, at nationalists and “right wing’s” houses. But they can only tell people, that they are keeping an eye on them. We are not doing anything illigal.

        Yeah, it’s very low. Especially when it comes from self proclaimed ‘nationalists’.

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