Normies are the Real Domestic Terrorists

Scapegoats are a natural response to fear. They tell me America used to be a White, Conservative Christian Nation. They tell me that there was this guy, and his name was McCarthy. They say he went on witch hunts, except his witches were all Commies. For a while after 9/11, and I remember this, America had stopped being a White Christian Nation and was something of a violently tossed salad, or a melting pot, with half assimilated bits floating in the uncooked stew. Nobody ever did cook it, the stew has sense gone rancid which is why you confuse it as of this essay’s writing as being a vomit stain dripping down your legs. Anyway. There was this place, youngsters if you’re reading, called the Twin Towers. They’re gone now, blown up – they say – by members of a terrorist cell. Those terrorists were foreign imports, operating under Al Qaeda rules, they say. So for a while the big scary witch colony was made up of brown people with unflattering unibrows.

Then, and I saw this too, people got tired of being mad at the unibrow-bombers and started to classify racists as the kinds of witches that McCarthy’s ghost would need to hunt. I guess “White Supremacists” (whatever that is) make a great scapegoat, because in a full swing, they have been classified as a “domestic terrorist” threat. Huh. Scapegoats are a natural response to fear. They always have been, and they always will be. Everybody uses scapegoats, now and again, except for liars.

This hysteria about “White Supremacy” (whatever that actually is) is another tick in the checklist of scapegoat history. All the hallmarks are there, increasing sensitivity, depths of imagination are expanding, the definitions of crime are being revitalised. So it seems, to round up all the “White Supremacists” and throw them into Salem. I wonder if today’s Witch Hunters have access to the same shrooms that drove the Salem crowd mad? Or was there something in their water? At any rate, the same kinds of people who complain about “White Supremacy” in big fat books also talk about how the monstrous Salem Witch Trials were a mass hysteria in effect brought on by deleterious environment.

In McCarthy’s day, they tell me, neighbours, afraid that HUAC was going to come for them, would make up stories about their neighbours – implicating them in Communism – to avoid being suspected. Today, if you can be effectively labelled “racist” it matters about as much if your actually are “racist” than if it mattered then whether you were a Commie. Today you can be doxxed, your civil rights violated, you can lose vocational security and financial solvency, until fairly recently you could be damned everyway short of being labelled an outlaw as in ancient times. Now with recent motions, you might too be labelled an outlaw. Isn’t that exciting? You think if you pretend hard enough that you will be spared public scrutiny, if you swallow enough of your opinions and toe enough lines that you will be labelled ‘good.’ You are, of course, wrong.

Just like in every other witch hunt in history, the final bartering chip is your soul. If you are some kind of proud “non racist” reading, congratulations your mind is open, furthermore, that will not save you. For the moment you enter into the arena of climatic paranoia and fear, there are no heroes, there are only victors and victims – and a victor is not always the same as a hero. Do you think the man who ratted out his neighbour for a crime he didn’t commit… and for a thing that might not have actually been a crime… was proud? Do you think he felt like a hero? Especially if he knew he was lying under the pretence of sparing himself or his family, all that was, was an ugly situation.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, eh?

But I want to continue a trend. Why not? Scapegoats are a natural response to fear. Everybody has scapegoats. For a while, I listened to Conservative Talk Radio. It has become something of a meme employed by younger generations to mock the Boomers, but I’ve passed that molehill of 30 and I’m going to start chasing them down. Anyway. The Conservatives like to point out (right or wrong) that “Democrats are the Real Racists.” It is one of those fundamentally absurd sounding quotes unless you spend time in their ranks, having absorbed their ideology. Much as any idea only gains traction until you take the time to understand it intimately rather than passively.

The logic goes something like this: Conservatives and/or Republicans tend to view Liberals and/or Democrats in a “reverse racist” lens in which they grant handicaps to weaker demographics. IE, Democrats frequently fawn over and spoil minority spokespeople and overemphasis their importance and conflate minority status with being a skill. Liberals tend to favour social assistance programmes which theoretically balance the scales of justice, such as Affirmative Action. Their idea is that without these crutches, White Privilege (whatever that is) would keep hobbling on.

So. The Republican, not entirely wrongly of course, given his hermeneutic of analysis, sees this as racism by another stripe. He can make this diagnostic because Whites are excluded from those reindeer games.

Of course, the Republican and Conservative is right so far as he is bold, and he ceases his conclusions long before they can make real merit. I shall go a step further. Normies are the real Domestic Terrorists.

Currently, the extreme hostility levied against “White Supremacists” (whatever that is) is backed up by crime statistics, when interpreted loosely. A profoundly imbecilic notion, if you ask me – which you are because you are reading my essay. It is a preposterously dubious tactic because, as my wife is so fond of reminding me EVERYONE commits crime. You might call this predilection cherry-picking. It is no different, really, that when your “White Supremacist” (whatever that is) insists upon focusing on Black crime statistics (which are impressive in yield) to bolster their claims. In both cases you make a profound logical error.

Both arguments are ideologically rooted. There are distinct and obvious (if you have eyes to see) reasons for Normies to resist the development of Identitarian Philosophy (and I can tell you about what that is) just as there are distinct and obvious reasons for the Identitarian to resist the development of Globalism (and I can tell you what those are.)

What remains is the adjuration of women always and everywhere to remember that everyone commits crime equally. If so, than we are left with a disturbing truth. What is aberrant is determined by the majority. We Identitarians often refer to the majority as Normies, a pejorative word for ‘normal.’ Normies commit crime. Normies have no real political affiliation. Therefore unideologically motivated crime trumps any ethnic, political or religious statistic. Every day you will turn on the news and hear about some crime of passion or other, committed for nothing more than the heat of the moment.

Normies should be classified and branded as Domestic Terrorists, because Average, Unaffiliated Citizens commit the majority of crime with the majority of numbers. When shops are lifted, it is never in the name of George Lincoln Rockwell… it is in the name of greed, a strictly normative habit. When random muggings occur, they are rarely if ever cited as being done to honour Malcolm X, they are done from lack of industry. When a woman is raped in an alleyway, infrequently if at all do you hear the 14 Words echo amid the screams. Rarely has there been a home invasion where there was left a note saying, ‘courtesy of MLK, boyeee!’

No. Average Joe ‘Murica did this because we live in a cesspit of unparalleled social insecurity. Crime rates are increasing and there needs to be a reason to satisfy the season. Witches, Commies, Moslems, (proud) White Folk. It is their fault, naturally, that the American Dream is becoming some kind of nightmare. It is THEIR fault! Of course.


It’s your own goddamn fault.

The American Public has long been overworked, so much so that they don’t have the energy to pursue citizen politics. Their unenergetic spell grants the Federal Government more say, for a lazy voter is uniformed, it allows the powers to get away with more in the realm of tricky speaking. The American Public grew complacent, they lacked the energy to rock the boat, and now they have become a massive continent of yea-sayers and yes-men, agreeing to anything so long as they get to keep their creature comforts. The American Public sold the Revolutionary Spirit for cheap trinkets that weren’t even American made, and now they will pay the piper, who wants to sell the title American for something more global.

Somewhere along the line, the American People lost their will to be. They were coerced by their weakness, by their generosity, by their innocence and naïveté even, to allow the government to radically redefine this country by reconstructing the demographics. The founding stock in turn was in effect informed they could evolve or die. Complacently, the majority chose to get along, ignorant of their own displacement. Simultaneously, every sort of degeneracy was celebrated in the name of freedom of expression, and increasingly, old ways of doing things were scorned as outdated, outmoded, and wrong. So it went that people, having had Hobbes’ State of Nature semi-realised, began to take their own destiny into their hands because they did not trust the system. Petty crime and major crime increase. It isn’t rocket science, unstable borders and impermanent culture breed contempt and contempt becomes mindless violence. So it was in Old Rome, and so it is in the United States which originally actively pursued emulating the Roman Republic only to end up like the dregs of the Roman Empire.

Now the founding stock of this country who admired Cato the Anti-Tyrant would also be labelled Domestic Terrorists, for they were all racially conscious, and preferred their own company. Slander would be levelled at them, calling them genocidal monsters, neverminding the fact nothing of the sort ever occurred. But everyone needs scapegoats, and a truth of the matter is never a good scapegoat, it tends to buck the burden before it is sent to the wilderness to die for YOUR sins.

Now. The News can play whatever it wants, it can show whatever it wants, but it cannot hide this fact. You may do with it as you will, but if you be one who would condemn an Identitarian front, whether Black, White or Purple, on account of the crime statistics that can be associated with them, if you have a dram of honesty you must consider first the overwhelming mass of unaffiliated crime that strikes at random and with greater frequency. It is a much greater threat than an imagined bogeyman under the bed, it is a far greater concern. But because it is harder to treat, to the scapegoats we run.

Now. Before I leave you I wish to leave you with a historical precedent and an allegory to be extracted therefrom. In the Old Testament, for the curative properties of blood sacrifice, two goats were to be drawn up from the herd. One goat would be anointed and killed, bled onto the altar for the symbolic forgiveness of sins. However at another time, the goat would be burdened and sent into the wilderness carrying away the people’s sin – the original scapegoat.

Social Justice has become the loud minority and ruling priesthood in America, for all the talk of “White Supremacy” (whatever that is) it remains that Social Justice rules the roost. Equal opportunity (for all but straight, White men) stickers adorn shops. Radio ads are compelled to advertise their affirmative action status. Televisions kowtow to whatever minority cause needs applauding. None of this is White Privilege; none of this is “White Supremacy” (whatever that is.) What remains is the logical conclusion of the Boomer Tier argument: Democrats are the real Racists, and White People pay taxes to their own displacement. This applies to social justice, as well, for its loud, harpy and shrew screaming has led us back into McCarthy’s arms, only like a piñata we hang upside down waiting to be beaten up by spoilt children.

The Government still reflects the people, and the people are inconclusive and hysterical, seeking scapegoats. And so like the people, the government refuses to introspect and analyse the fact that it is sick, and hypocritical as a whole. And a sick and hypocritical people, as they always have, will commit the crimes while pointing the finger. Take a gander to look in the mirror, before you consult the crime statistics. If as I suspect is the case and you are not a felon, be assured that neither am I. If we both be innocent members of disparate causes, than the idle accusations abroad should illicit deep concern. As it should offend you that I accuse all Normies of Domestic Terrorism, so it should the licence that all White Identitarians are at risk subjects. It is a ludicrous proposition, if filtered through the right lens.

Except it remains that White Identity, which is currently removed from the mainstream body politick, has far to go in perpetrating the mass of crimes committed by those of unchecked parameters seeking nothing more than personal gain. Normal people, Normies.

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