All Roads Come from Männerbund

Like many people who find themselves in Dissident Paradigms, I came about my worldview through a long process of seeking existential answers to questions nobody taught me to ask. For me, the paramount flavour of my personal quest for Gnosis has been a spiritual one. And I know that for many men (and women) who wake up one day and realise that they are a witting or unwitting member of things like the Alt Right, the Renegade Community, or what-have-you, they landed in these camps because they too failed to find spiritual answers elsewhere.

Of course, the issue of gradually absorbing into the Dissident Realm is not in the least confined to the spheres of Religion and Spirituality, but it can be argued that a huge number find sway from these forces. One could argue that many other umbrages draw inspiration from a subconscious spiritual yearning. After all, as we have discussed, Occidental Man has had his Folk Soul, his Racial Spirit surgically altered in the laboratory of higher education and cultural contamination.

I have never done well at dishonesty and deception, which is probably why my mother never encouraged me to be a lawyer. Nobody in my family has the stomach for lying. Therefore I would be lying to you if I told you that there was a pre-packaged Religion that would suit the needs of the White Man and provide an immediate balm for his wounded soul. The White Man can and has worked in a variety of systems. He is, by nature, Religious (although most indubitably *not* in the sense modernity defines religiosity.) So what does he do?

The White Man falls into an interesting snare laid for him by the Enemy. He seeks idolatrous campaigns which so often suffice to distract him from his tribal duties. His emphasis on the transcendent and sublime, ironically, leads him to a base and vulgar obscenity in which he surrogates kith, kin and tribe for his chosen cause. We see it every day.

Paganism is Dead – long live Heathenry! I am guilty. In my younger years I sought refuge in Asatru, and in Odinism. And I, I apologise for nothing. For why should I not trace the bloodline, the bleeding footsteps of my family backwards? Family is a reflection of race, through a mirror minutely. Thus I find that before the talk of Episcopal this and Catholic that, there beats in my breast a Heathen Heart. However what is the Heathen sphere but a quagmire of short-sighted infighting but for few notable exceptions? (Men like Stephen McNallen can balance this equation.) In Heathenry you have the ludicrous infighting, the boilerplate debate of Folkish vs. Universalist. And worse than this, when you palpate the vein just a little with your aim to draw blood you shall find sycophantic cannibals with more interest in defaming Nazis (whatever that means) than honouring Gods.

Our Gods are our inheritance. Our Gods were our parents. To a man or woman in the Dissident Realm this is as clear as the day is long and night is short. In the lore composed by our Ancestors for their Brethren the Gods were looked upon as elder kin. The only logical conclusion is that a racial view of religion works. It has as much (or more) place at the table as has any other doctrine. For had there been intended an organic universalism than there would have never been ethnics from the start. The proposition of borderless spiritual history is ludicrous.

And there comes of course a growing anathema, a mounting resistance to being lectured like naughty schoolgirls by stern liberals and conservative cowards. We are tired of being told whose property is our Gods when we know the answer is “Ours!” And so the fields empty, the echo chambers resonate. Those who have no ill will grow silent, and those with virtue leave and question their faith. En masse, Asatru could regain lost members by desisting with this moral cowardice in the face of peer pressure. But Virtue Signalling has always been more important to the Hoi Polloi and quality members are rent asunder, lost to the ides of ideological March.

Paganism shall live long in the Dissident sphere, for it is here that adherents can explore to their heart’s content the conclusion that their racial backdrop beckons them to. Anyone who peruses the commonality of popular Heathenry knows my words here are true. Natural selection has selected her crowd, and what remains is tense, nervous, contrary to anything favouring the spirit of boldness our Pagan and Heathen forefathers would know. In the Dissident Realm, a man can worship his ancestral Gods in peace knowing his line is unbroken. He can do this to the sound of jeering malcontents who wish him harm for his insular view.

Christos is Dead – and He is Risen! And who could discuss religion without an honourable mention of Iesvs Christos and the Church in His Name? Our entire history presupposed the last debatably Christian millennium. Regardless of your opinion, for 2,000 years progress was hardly made without consultation to the culture of Christos. Churches rose and sprawled outward in everlasting glory, hymns to saints and incense covered the senses of the White Man for years.

Entire generations lived and died under the umbrage of Christos and His Church. Say what you will of objective truth, for the absolute fact is that White History is irreconcilable without the contributions of Christendom. In my younger days I was baptised Catholic for I saw her material glory and could not conceive of such a blessing that was not divine in order. To this day I recall the absence of sound as my head was lowered into the font, it was as if God had lifted the noise from my world so that all I could hear was breath on the water.

And yet there is an Exodus of Biblical proportions. Such a force of deconverted souls have been plunged into despair that many faithful continue to see this as the perennial sign of Christos’ return as a luminous being. (And still we wait for Godot!) They leave so often because they cannot reconcile their conscience with reality. For who could inhabit the pews of a system dominated Church and not see the hand of the Enemy at work? The fruit of the spirit has been schism, as what the Protestant Reform began, America has completed with separate denominations each too countless to number.

Because those Christians have not been allowed to seek their truth. They are forced to sit with their enemies and applaud things which their consciences loath. Many are aware of this. And so we see in the Dissident Realm the fruit of the Exodus. The Christians come en masse, seeking to establish themselves without having to kneel at Satan’s altar and renounce their race and lineage for the sake of a Gospel made false by the very same people who killed the god they serve. Christos has Risen in the Dissident Realm, White Israelites and Catholic Nationalists have found common ground, even with Protestants who have always been fond of National Churches.

Ah, but God is Dead! Others shall claim. It is the age of the Atheist, now! It is the time of the materialist! All of history has swung on a religious hinge, and it is time for reason to take her place as the consummate driver of progress! Antiquated notions have governed the passions of the European Man for far too long, and it is high time that he advanced his knowledge and placed his faith in progress instead of superstition.

What is often neglected is that there has always been a string of thinkers in Aryan history who questioned Profanity and Divinity in like breath. Skepticism has a proud tradition in the Occident to a degree that the Orient could scarcely grasp. This has led to the great philosophers debating roles and origins of knowledge; it has led to the wonders of scientific and methodological curiosity.

Yet even this seemingly innocuous resistance to Dogma has been stolen away and settled at the service of multiculturalism, egalitarianism and the ‘new order’ of things. Such a censorship exists among scientific minds rooted in commonality that one may as well have thrown away their vestibules of reason for the mighty Colander of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. And so we see despondence. Why not? Some, lacking insight, turn to nihilism and despair – the logical conclusion of a rootless, cosmopolitan science while a brave few find themselves here with us, merry Dissidents. So they have found their Will to Power. Here in the Dissident Realm the science of forbidden things can be discussed without fear. Here. We. Are.

Cue Infighting. Christian fights with Pagan and Atheist, the Atheist denounces the Pagan and all stride against the next. Each claims the other is false opposition, a fed, bad faith actors, conspiracies abound. Progress, evolution is lost. The necessity of homogeneity, of subordination and incorporation are all ignored at the all-important altar of the “pet project.”

This is certainly an all too familiar sight that one is welcomed to when they begin their journey into the Dissident Realm. They are welcomed by oppositional factions, threats of feds and crisis actors. Who can they trust? When everyone has had to defend their honour against calumny of every kind from members of a cause that claim to hold similar racial viewpoints, which can one rally behind? When the public face of Nationalism is a petty grouping of insubordinate, insolate gangs and cliques and niches all of whom demand your attention while forbidding you tune into the next guy… it might as well be a dramatic High School reunion at Jerry Springer High.

And what does White Identitarian Politics have to show for this? What material success? What inroads into securing Five Words, much less Fourteen? If anything the showboating has cost us points off our future existence rather than gained anything. The age of internet rebellion must come to an end. We must reverse the ideas of transcendence we have been funnel fed that say the media shall bring us forth, instead we must issue from the media and into reality. In reality, the petty dramas are less contagious, in reality the dramas are less viable, in reality the Cause is more fulfilling.

What if I told you there was a place where you could go where your opinions would carry weight? What if I told you there was a union of Dissidents, like you, from variegated backgrounds and opinions who have all come to a similar conclusion: that the upholstery of the Fourteen Words is by proxy more important than the vehicle in which they are carried out. There is a conceptual framework in which a Pagan, a Heathen, a Catholic, Protestant and Gnostic can dine as brothers with the Skeptic, Materialist, and Atheist. I know this because I have seen it. A year’s worth of this is worth a lifetime of keyboard commando optics and debating on ridiculous platforms. A year’s worth of this can change the last count of years you’ve lived moving forward. This kind of grouping is worth a thousand second lives online, and it is worth more because it is real.

I am speaking, of course, of the Männerbund. Where else can you go where the discussion is free? Where else can you go where a vision is important? Where else can you go where it can be discussed, without the immediacy of rhetoric and self-congratulatory attention mongering? Whom can you trust, if not your fellow man whose hand you have shaken? Shall you trust me? Shall you trust your favourite Podcaster, or YouTuber? These are fine things, but they are formless shadows compared to having the solace of knowing your ideas have taken root in the flesh. There are coming about cells of men, apolitical, non-sectarian, who have underwent the better part of valour and suspended their petty causes in service of a Brotherhood which in turn shall give renewed vigour to the very ideas that brought them there. It is true. I have seen it, and so could you.

In the context of the Männerbund you can find brothers who will change your life to varying degrees. You can begin forging new alliances and building longstanding relationships. In the burgeoning clan and network, there are established families and growing ones, new families are going to be born, new brothers found. In a context which is hard to trace and pin, hard to blame, hard to condemn, the beginnings of real and authentic Culture can be born. In this vein a form of primitive and existential tribalism can occur which can be inoculated against the staggering failure of the sectarian nationalist political sphere. For in the grassroots the whole of the White Soul can be examined, where elsewise it is dissected, compartmentalised, weaponised, and then discarded.

It was in isolated quadrants, with lack of exposure to proper stimuli that the White experience began to falter, fade and diminish. It has been the rise and fall of every epoch. And hardly since the ages of empire has there been the time or energy for holistic living. The Männerbund changes this. It stimulates and simulates the components of organic growth for culture by exposing the members of the proposed culture to actual stimuli and not the synthetic experience of the internet which is a debased abstract.

The Männerbund is an arbiter of potential and reality. It is a life affirming community which operates according to organic values. It is neither forced, nor synthetic as are many political venues. The relationships that give the organism strength are legitimate and authentic. The men found in the ranks are solid and engaging. In this model one finds the fulfilment of the early Christian Church, a community of like minds engaged in community building with a higher purpose in mind. They may not share a religion – but they share an existence, which is ultimately more fulfilling than sitting in the pews with people who are not your true flock. Ah, and the Männerbund resembles the Pagan and Heathen tribes as they were meant to be – open-ended, valuing wisdom and strength, not only having the hard talks but enjoying them. It is a place that can test you, but also refine you.

In the Männerbund the contributions made to White history are valued. Here the Pagan can look to Christendom as a vessel in which much of his past was stored, without which his present lore would have little body. The Pagan can see the Christian as friendly competition, a reason to up his moral A game. The Christian can see the Pagan not as a caricature, but as a kindred spirit who at his core shares many of his values, and may even at times exceed him in virtue. The Christian can finally admit to the fact that so much of the New Testament’s appeal came from Pagan philosophy, repurposed for the Glory of God. The Materialist can appreciate at least vicariously that the fabric of his own reality was shaped by the doings of the other two, while continuing his own intellectual trajectory. They can bring with them their unique and warranted perspectives and lay them on the table with the confidence that both they and their brother are right.

Here these men can hike together, lift together, eat together. They tell stories of their families; they outline hopes and fears for the future. They trade conspiracy stories, but nobody forces them to believe a single one. These men are free to pursue their genetic destiny within this context. Here they can admit who rules society, while theorising about how society should be ruled. They can finally bask in the knowledge that our ancestors were never bred for infighting, and can engage in a vision of constructive narrative as opposed to the withering disintegration that exists outside.

It is precisely this that the forces of cultural entropy and mutilation fear and hate: Real world connections which override the petty doctrinal differences that separate us, the realisation that there is more alike than different within that racial category. Why else but this and the duller points of human nature has it been that factionalism has been the arbiter of destruction for our people? In the Männerbund it becomes plain to see that this factionalism is a designed obsolescence intended to keep the grassroots from spawning a new Tree of Life.

Perhaps, if you are honest, you will confess that you want to at least experience this. Even if it is to try and prove this author wrong. But to do it, you will have to ask: where can I find a Männerbund? They are cropping up, and one can be assured that more shall follow. The internet age may never end, but the appeal of endless commentary has worn thin. Our people need a world of our own, and we need a world without the meaningless baggage attached to the failures of putsches and epochs. Here the Männerbund can succeed, in good will, in frith and in faith, where others have failed. Follow the breadcrumbs as they are presented and you shall find a clan worth shutting off your Normie media for.

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