I avoid the News. Why not? It is depressing. It is depressing for a reason. Even if I wasn’t aware politically, racially and spiritually that the Media Industrial Complex is destroying us all… it would still be depressing. That’s a lie, if the Blue Pill were to work on me now I would think the News is funny.

I went to visit my folks there the other day. They love the News. I don’t know why. I assume it’s generational because most people I know aged over 50 all watch the goddamn News. And they are all of them depressed. Now, I watched the News with my family and it did, quite literally, flow like an episode of the Merchant Minute from TDS. It covered virtually every single talking point the average Nationalist harps on, save for the obvious echo and usual suspects who were mostly likely exempt from the newsreel because they were delivering it.

First there was a public poll on whether a bunch of uppity, entitled Negroids ought to be getting reparations to pay for the fact that at some point, somebody’s ancestors forced somebody else’s ancestors to pay some sweat equity against their consensual objections. Whatever. Immediately following this was a segment concerning the high rate of mental illness amid the LTBBQ crowd. Now I tried to imagine my shock, but nothing could be that fake or gay. After that we skipped to some poor bastard veteran fire-fighter who’s dieing of cancer that he apparently got saving people in 9/11. Except the government stopped paying for his medical bills and now he’s going to die. He’s going to die a miserable death in which his body turns yellow, shrivels up and atrophies. Yet, the government apparently has 2 million godforsaken dollars to spend on infinity Negroes from the bloody Congo to come live in Universities and pretend they can read. What a judicious use of our tax payer dollars, government, by all means let your veterans die so ungrateful Groids can live long enough to demand reparations for the free gibs we already gave them. After we were done importing the third world brain death the segment switched to warships going somewhere in the Middle East to terrorise some backwards brown people who we’ll turn around and import so they can destroy more of our buildings and give more fire-fighters cancer that the government won’t pay for because “Diversity.” Then after that the segment moved onto some kind of World Refugee Pride month. Year. Decade. At some point there was a bit about transvestites, or transsexuals, whatever thing “trans” is now, in the rolling marquee at the bottom of the screen. The court appointed “good news” had to do with some Black millionaire on a generic Sportsball team. Huzzah.

That News segment in that order alone would have been enough to shave my head and put me in bad optics gear if I’d watched it eight years ago. Now I’m aware of these menaces and I can take them in stride. Still, however, it pays to dissect the imagery on the electric death machine that erases brains and causes cancer of the soul.

White people have no spine these days, except for those of us who do, who are all of us labelled malcontents and madmen and other libellous slanders by gutless lemmings and a government that serves no constitutional purpose. If there was a collective spinal column left in the will and testament of White America than this ridiculous reparations business wouldn’t have made it to the morning news. I know my family tree. There isn’t a single slave owner in my bloodline. My family never had the money to afford slaves. My grandfather was the first man in my family second to the dude who invented the telegraphic S.O.S to die with enough money to pay for his own bloody funeral proper. Even if my family had enough money to have afforded slaves, what, pray tell, has that got to do with me? The Eternal Normie routinely complains that “wowjustwow I don’t even get Racism,” when you have guys like me who pay crushing taxes, bills and get insurance raped regularly in order to work, have student debt and car payments because we can’t afford the vehicles we need to work without being screwed over by usury. Yes, here we wicked working Racists are whose tax dollars encourage a bunch of third world savages to come over here on our dime and later complain that the accommodations aren’t good. There really is no wonder at all why a man in my bracket is not thoroughly fond of the Blacks. I am forced to pay homage to and pay tribute to a group of people I couldn’t care less about, to whom I owe literally nothing. In fact, I’ve known some who step further and claim men in my bracket deserve reparations. After all, we are milked like cows to feed non-performers. On top of the already obvious expenditure of my funds, the implication further that I must pay for events that did not occur in my lifetime, much less by those in another lifetime of my own family, is beyond insulting. So there you have it, when the image of the Groid with the sign that said ‘they owe us’ flashed across the screen, no White anywhere should have felt a pang of pity unless they are a fool, or NPC.

Now I have no problem if individuals choose to believe in Original Sin. I was a Catholic once, I get it. I do. But I’m better now. I do believe in Concupiscence all the way, but that is irrelevant to this. The intimation of this reparations business is quite frankly, that White People are born with the original sin of having offended the precious pet Negroes of the idiotic liberal-conservative alliance in this country. The suggestion that I, who have never even been my own boss let alone a Groid’s, should have to pay for slavery in my yearly legal theft (taxes,) or any other fashion, is absurd. It is doubly absurd in that years down the road, if I ever get sick, I’m screwed because I am self-employed and the medical system is wealthcare, not healthcare. But I’m supposed to care about poor blacks with their handouts? If my future children fall on hard times, it’ll be tough titties for them because White Privilege and all that… but yeah, impoverished poor Leroy needs gibs. Pfah!

Gays have mental instability. Why is this a shock? It is obviously unnatural. And yes, yes, I know – male dogs routinely hump other male dogs in the wild, Africans use male/male rape as a weapon of intimidation, I’m reasonably sure snails get to have sex changes in nature and other explanations __________ here. What a high bar the Gays have set for themselves. They stoop to convincing normal men like myself that they’re just like… dogs, rape apes, and oceanic sea monsters of a small scale. Well, I’m convinced! Nevermind that the revolting debauchery that their “pride” invites routinely curdles stomachs and tramples individual rights. No, no, no. Normies insist “anti-gay” rhetoric is an inexplicable phenomena. It is simply irrational! They blame it on society which just doesn’t understand the complexities of living this way. Besides, famous people have been gay. So it’s cool, bruh. What is there to understand? They are perverts. I like the larger ladies. I generally keep this to myself because most guys don’t share this view. I gain nothing by telling other guys they have to accept my way of seeing things. This is because I understand that lecturing people about something they don’t actually want to hear naturally results in resentment. (Again, my shock, imagine it!) What do the Gays do? They steamroll the world with their shit shows and then call you a bigot when you get tired of their shenanigans. Had they all stayed in the closet, it is evidently statistically proven that they would be… LESS DEPRESSED. You bring attention to yourself, and then complain that you feel like you’re left out. Uh-duh! You’ve purposefully separated yourself from society. That’s the point of being a niche, subgroup or whatever. They didn’t like the natural consequence. The solution became to mainstream it. Maybe then they’d feel better. It didn’t work, so now rather than question their stupid life choices they all get depressed; some of them off themselves, and it’s still not their fault. For some reason I, the same guy they want to pay reparations, is supposed to give a damn if someone from a movement that routinely scars children for life decides to move to where old folks go after Florida. (That would be death for the metaphorically illiterate.) Maybe not engaging in a disease and filth ridden subculture is a good starting point in winning brownie points (couldn’t help myself) with the world. If you’re legitimately queer, try keeping it quiet. Nobody anywhere, who does ‘loud and proud,’ is ever really happy – in anything. Lastly, every subculture has risks, but because we live in a victimocracy everyone thinks their special brand of stupid gets a pass on natural law. Faggots don’t get aids because they bury themselves up to the crotch in faecal matter, no! Faecal contamination never made a man sick before! I am healthy at any diagnosis, AIDS isn’t a gay disease, everything is fine. Go back to your regularly scheduled programs. Checkmate, bigot. And certainly, living as a spinster with your mulleted girlfriend and forty seven soul sucking cats in a cityside apartment that smells like urinal cakes and fear would never, ever make someone a little ‘sad.’ Neither would going out on the street and acting like clowns and then hyper focusing on the one guy giving you the stink eye lead to a persecution complex. Nope, no, nevermind, it’s a mystery!

Ah, the first responder! I don’t care what you think about 9/11. Some believe the normative narrative, others follow conspiratorial evidence. Personally? The story that a group of dirty aliens jacked up a plane and used it to destroy a building is perfectly believable. They do it all the time. Why pray tell are they so excited to leave their mudhole countries? And why, I beg you, do you think it will end because we bring them here? What kills me is that you have these White Americans (and others) who risked their necks for their patriotic duty. They did this to save people being endangered and destroyed by generic brown peasants. What does the government do? Import a gorillion more generic brown peasants and inform the public that #notallmoslems. Quantity over quality, I guess. Very good. We are reminded #notallmoslems every time one of these bloody savages does what they do in the war-torn countries they come from. Now insert Normie objection _____here. They simply don’t understand why bigots wouldn’t want a trillion Middle Eastern Refugees, and they ‘just can’t even’ why anyone would think they have something to do with rising crime. Then they remind you White People kill people too. Brilliant. That’ll learn me. Not the point! This country wasn’t founded by a bunch of stinking Moslems! Why should working Whites have to take it up the rear in the country they built and until quite recently, maintained? But the first responder! He is dieing of cancer. The Government has let, evidently, many of these folks die. They are being turned into martyrs and all that… but lo the irony! The government pays money to house refugees from the countries that perpetrated those terrorist attacks on United States property… and no one cares.

Now you have the Congolese debacle. Apparently it is an issue of paramount importance that some 48 (now 68 as of this article’s writing) families need immediate care and placement in the Northeast. Why? There doesn’t need to be a reason. They are Black and that should be enough. More than enough! It’s a cause for celebration! The lemmings cheer as more Black happens. Then they groan when their taxes raise and property values don’t. 2 million dollars has already been estimated as necessary to house these wastes of space. They got to stay in colleges. The government is scouring hotels and apartments for vacancies. Now, hold on a minute… if a native born White American is homeless, he has to go to a shelter. Nobody just ‘finds him an apartment.’ He doesn’t make the news. We have people that were actually born here who are starving to death due to the economic instability and the radically shaky work force. Nobody cares. But, yeah, the Congo. Whoo. I’m so liberal and enlightened. I just can’t wait to talk about how much I love the Blacks at my next dinner party at the democratic caucus. Who pays for this? Donors. And tax payers. Does it matter that I have to try very hard to make all my ends meet? No! But infinity Groids are very important. An Irish Democrat (the pinnacle of American intelligentsia, I’m sure) told me that this is a good thing. Infinity Groids are going to stimulate the economy. They’ll fix our broken labour force!! Now, hold on a minute… did infinity Groids stimulate the economy before? Because when I worked at General Assistance (gibs) there were a hell of a lot of unemployed Groids from the Third World who I was assured were hard working on the inside. Yes. They’re going to work the registers at supermarkets!! Hooray!! They are going to assume work that could go to young Americans who need to get established. When these young Americans struggle and flail because they cannot find work because a generic brown peasant has undercut their wages and reduced them to unworkable lows, they will be called lazy by old boomers who desperately want to justify their crimes against their children’s generation by diverting the blame. Then when the young grow hopeless and insane people will go, “huh, kids these days.” Good job, dingbat. Yes. Infinity Negroes from a third world hole are here. They will cost more than anticipated because at some point the infrastructure, which already sucks out loud, is going to have to pay to educate them in English or provide translators (so they can, you know, work and stuff) and then they’re going to need transportation, either learn to drive or get bus fare… that isn’t free. Not for us, anyway. Then they’re going to have to get over culture shock and the government is going to have to do damage control when it turns out these people have trouble acclimating and thereby cause statistical problems in the form of vehicular accidents and reduced workplace efficiency from language barriers which don’t magically disappear after a month of Adult Ed.

Ah, now the Middle East… is a warzone and it will never change despite the idiotic expectation of liberalised Americans who seem to think that if we just wage another stupid war than we can finally have peace. That is all.

My favourite! World Refugee Pride day. Week. Month. Whatever. Americans that come from families that have been here from the beginning, toiled and troubled to make the American Dream are… expected to kowtow to foreigners that showed up yesterday. Routinely these immigrants are called “the good Americans” with the implication being somehow that they are better because… what… they are new? I can’t even pretend to find any logic in that asinine assumption. Regardless, here they come! Changing the demographics and overshadowing the achievements of (yes, White immigrants) who made this country possible. It’s a wonder that they don’t celebrate the drain on society that these third worlders pose. It’s a wonder they don’t celebrate the vehicular deaths, and the other, less savoury crimes that come with the territory. We are shown the talented tenth and compelled to forget the rest – and reality. But seriously, have you tasted their food? Yeah, man, crush me to death with your stolen car while driving drunk on the wrong side of the road, Sanchez, totally worth it if I get to eat one of your sweet, sweet chipotle tacos before I die painfully!

Americans that have pride in achievement understand the real contributors, and the showboaters. Little credence is given to the Patty or the Polack, the Wop or the Dago. Never do I hear good tidings in regards to the Anglo who made it all possible. The only honourable mentions are given when it is to discuss how early Whites fought, and apparently this new browning of America solves all that. There is this moron notion that if we just complicate things further with infinity ethnicity than things become magically simple. Huh.

I almost hate to tell you this, reader, but among coloured peoples there are rivalries. I used to tutor Moslems. Moslem ethnic A. hates Moslem ethnic B. Even they hated the Somalians. Asians have things where they aren’t fond of other kids of Asians. I know Chinese who hate Cambodians, for example. They tell me American Blacks don’t always care for actual Africans… or maybe it was the other way around. I don’t care. But there are struggles for them, too. Here, because we invited them.

Ooh! I almost forgot the last juicy bit from the News! “Cell Phone Neck!” Apparently some brilliant eggheads have cobbled together enough research funding to find that craning your neck to see if you can put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye is causing morphological changes in ‘First’ World humans! (My shock! Imagine!) Yes. The fine art of the hunchback is causing people to develop bony spurs along the spine to compensate for the atrophic effects of being a collective jackass. 3Gs, Nuckas, if I can’t have 5Gs, why even live? But sure. Poor Benny might not be able to turn his head all the way to the right, look you in the eye or perform tasks requiring overhead mobility… but if you’re short enough that he can see you past his hunchback laughing at him – he can crush you to death with his Super Mario sized thumbs.

And what are these degenerates doing on their cell phones? Does it matter? Likely nothing useful. Perhaps they are contributing to the use of Pidgin Engrish? ROFL, OMG TFW… something? I don’t know. Don’t care. Can’t care. Oh, is it Candy Crush? PornHub – of course! No, no, no… is Faceberg still a thing? Getting six gorillion followers on Twitter, Gab, er, Pinstagram? Pfah! At any rate, it’s totally worth the back pain and added expense of going to expensive doctors because they are probably too stupid to use that internet for researching self-corrective posture techniques!

And somewhere, somewhere close, there is some poor, hapless dimwit with the gall to ask: “what’s happened to us?” The answer is everywhere, people are lemmings. You see it every day. The Lowest Common Denominator of yesteryear became the issuant standard for the next decade. But of course Nature abhors the Vacuum and so a new LCD was established. And would you believe it? The already pathetic masses stooped to accommodate. We await the next level of dumb. Nature rules, and the new LCD ensured that people couldn’t stoop much lower, so now they spread eagle and await penetration as they check their cell phones, bent prone over the barrel marked “consumerism.” You don’t believe me? Watch the News. This is our world. It’s a bad joke that the most callous of Alt Right commentators would have had trouble imagining. If Roscoe Jones was writing this he might say it’s why we call them The Aristocrats. But I’m Seax and I say it’s why we call it CLOWN WORLD.

Ah. But it’s just the News, Saxo. Who cares? It’s not like any of that affects you! You do you, Guuurl! Be you! You are your own you! You, you, you! Drink your wine, wear your sandals and relax! Chill……… out, man….. Everybody’s got their own thing! Isn’t freedom great? Don’t let it bother you, man, what are you gonna do? Let your freak flag fly! (Mine is a Hakenkreuz, which does not fly well in Clownworld.) And so forth. The exaltations, excuses, denials and diminutions of Clownworld are without end. Why? We live in a victimocracy. The world is peopled by lemmings, lemmings must defend their abusers and those that know fell powerless and choose moral cowardice as a boon. To excuse their inaction they engage in Socratic reasoning, when confronted with Dissidents, for it is always the last refuge of the pathetic to question those who seek honour. So they ask: why do you care?

To which I always say: I pay taxes, I’m going to have kids that have to live here, and I have to live here. Why do I have to sacrifice the country of my childhood to appease the feelings of things and people I find fundamentally loathsome? More than that, why do I have to sacrifice my future children’s wellbeing for the welfare of others? Would you send your children to live in Africa? Then why bring Africa here? If things continue the way they are, with the lemmings convincing themselves that their march off the edge of the cliff is a joyous one, than there shall be no America. I have every right to be upset by this, every right to be angry, every right to look after my own interest, to associate with my own people and actively seek to exclude that which harms my interests, and the interests of my own people. I am also entitled to say for myself who my People are, and not bite the bit of this oneracehumanrace tripe.

Good day.

P.S.: I would be remiss if I didn’t ask if you wouldn’t like a place where you could go that you don’t necessarily have to endure this kind of riffraff alone. The world has been made into a gaggle of sad vagabonds, but you don’t have to be. You can begin to rekindle a sense of humanity in your life by reclaiming the classical virtue of brotherhood. Accentuated by the Männerbund movements, men are tired of the superfluous labels that serve as an alternative to the culture of death espoused by the (((News))). If you’re like me and you find yourself with a sour taste in your mouth after reading MGTOW stuff and wouldn’t quite enjoy the Man-o-Sphere, see if there is a Männerbund local to your region. If you can’t find one, why not invest the time in making one? The chances are good that inside of a forty minute drive there are a dozen or better men who share your views and hold your sentiments.
It’s worth a look. Society is never going to repair itself. One man alone can affect change, but he requires an audience. You, brother, require a brotherhood to truly mean anything. For what are you outside of your associates? You are a distillate, an isolate, something effete, really. This might hurt, but it’s true. The horrible news report you’ve just imbibed second hand is the repugnant machination of atomisation. Without a group of peers, you are so much more liable to this kind of damage. For as a lone agent, you will still seek companionship. Outside of brotherhood, outside of family you seek the counsel of the world. And the world has been poisoned.
So, it remains, society must be restructured from the most basic units. If you have read these words and understand, than you know what it means to have been atomised. You must then realise that the steps forward beyond your self and kin are the world. (You may wonder why I have spaced the words “your” and “self”, and there is a good answer for this which someday I hope to publish in a book. This blog is an experiment to test the waters.) I digress. Your associative elements impact you on levels that metacognitively, it is hard to assess with immediacy. Therefore you must choose your associates carefully.
If your brothers are strong in their exemplification of your virtues, than your own self-preservation becomes that much easier. If your colleagues are wish-washy ne’er-do-wells than you have several basic outcomes ahead: maintaining your authentic self becomes a chore and battle contrasted to the degenerate filth around you, or; you are gradually eroded as your brain warps to perceive the feigned truth of the world, or; you break inside because you cannot balance the dichotomies of what you feel is true and what the world asserts is fact.
Choose, man, only you can forge your higher self. Don’t be a News statistic. Hop on the bandwagon and take a walk through the grassroots.

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