One of my great loves, and the thing about which I know a good deal, is symbology. People often smirk at this. Some ask me, “What’s in a symbol? What do I care?” Other, more interesting people understand their value but may not be confident either in their interpretation or structure. In this essay I will endeavour to discuss why it is that symbology as an extension of esoterica is valuable.

Symbolism is evocative, put simply. Symbols elicit an attraction of the mind to a deeper subject with which it is acquainted. Other times the symbol brings up feelings. Historically symbols, especially things like sigils, contained esoteric truths or hidden messages which were understood by the initiated. Understanding symbols opened one up to a world of higher comprehension and appreciation that the Grug-tier plebs could only scratch their heads at.

Our race once plainly understood something about reality, and not only understood but felt, that reality has layers. Our men once understood that reality was a veil, of a kind, beyond which mechanisms were at play. Modern men of the right seem to fumble at this facet and this of the truth and proof in the pudding. We are not what we used to be. But somehow, a great many have trouble getting past the superficial appearance of our struggle. I heard the following phrase so often in my younger days that I could vomit over it now: “our men are a shadow of______.” Usually the variation chosen is “…a shadow of what we used to be,” other irritating winners are “…of our former selves,” and more inventively “…of our forgotten glory.” I’m told the statement is meant to be rousing. I’ve heard it for a decade. In those ten years it has failed to become anything other than an arouser of ire. Unfortunately saying this and expecting something to change is cargo cult mentality. If you do this, you are basically a golliwog.

I will use a familiar example. The Runes. The Runes are an alphabet. The Runes are the rightful alphabet of the Anglos, the Germanics and the Scandos. However, each individual Rune Stave (stave is a letter) represents a sound, an idea and an omen simultaneously. Around Runes has always stood a separate and sometimes secretive culture. One may have been literate, but to become a Master of the Runes (Galder, Vitki) one had to understand the three facets. To look beyond the surface of a symbol. It was once assumed that their deeper understanding was magick. That is how powerful an edge that initiation into deeper thinking has. It changes how people view you, because simply by expanding the parameters of your thoughts you have entered another arena altogether that the uninitiated cannot quite grasp. It is a sense of mystique. It is also a sense of completion.

So it went with other symbols. The Swastika (Hakenkreuz, Fylfot) is another such symbol with variegated applications. The Hakenkreuz has been recognised as a Sunwheel. I prefer to refer to the Hakenkreuz as a Celtic Cross with somewhere to go. The symbolism is clear even to the uninitiated. The Hakenkreuz is a variant of the cross; however the spokes twist into a linear trajectory which evokes the idea of movement. One is inclined to see the thing as a spinning wheel. I would wager this is why the NSDAP set their Hakenkreuz at a tilt, to symbolise the esoteric meaning of the thing.

The Swastika (from Sanskrit Svastikah) as a sun sign evokes all the depth and meaning attached to the sun. The Sun was giver of life. The sun also represented change and seasons. The sun represented victory. The Hakenkreuz, over thousands of years, absorbed this subtle meaning and swallowed it. That the Hakenkreuz and her sensuous daughter die Schwarze Sonne- die Sonnenrad have been adopted by Nationalists following the failed apocalypses in 2000 and 2012 is neither an accident nor some reactionary impulse. The Hakenkreuz is not attractive because Hitler. It is attractive because it is a beacon which can connect the uninitiated back to the chains of their Folk Soul. The Nationalist sees the symbol, which fills him with the beginnings of understanding, but so often being uninitiated he simply sees a reassuring sight. The Black Sun, which was intended to replace the basic Hakenkreuz, is beginning to do so. When you learn not just an image, but the meaning, meanings and implications, your world makes more sense.

My own introduction to symbology has conferred upon me a sense of wonder. What lies beneath? Nothing is a closed system, everything is an open question. For every meaning, there is an alternative. For every alternative, there is a choice. This open world leads me to imbibe knowledge from many fields to satisfy the unending questions that looking for answers can bring. As a result, I am now comfortable in most fields of discussion. What I don’t know, I am confident I can learn. Simply because from a young age I knew that the appearance of a thing betrays a deeper meaning.

There is a very practical application for re-connecting our folk with symbols. Especially our own symbolic language and its many dialects. It expands your thinking. Hippies might say “expand your mind.” Consider Algiz, sometimes called the Life Rune. You should know this name. If not, it is what the hippies co-opted for the peace sign. Except theirs was frequently upside down, which, when a Rune is inverted so is the meaning. So hippies worshipped death and they didn’t even know it. See? Nuance. We’re blowing our minds already, and we didn’t even need old Chad Birkenstock’s sissy pistol. What do you see when you look at the Rune? Better still, when you see the Rune “occur” what do you think? Some months ago a friend of mine, a materialist, pointed out that the Algiz Rune occurs frequently in architecture. He asked if it was a coincidence. I’m not sure in that moment if I could have been prouder; it was such a good question.

Yes. Of course, the answer is that they are related. Often, following the ban on Runes in Germanic countries, carpenters would rebel and work Runic patterns into wainscoting and the like. Which brings me back to the salient point. What do YOU see? Many men see a shape. Our ancestors would see a symbol and their mind would automatically be co-opted by the neurolinguistic programming of the day. They would see Algiz and think of the Harts that gnawed on the Tree of Life. They would think of the Tree of Life, and probably think about the relationship to man. For the Rune has over the ages been related to all these.

Why is this practical? Why wouldn’t it be? To our Race, the superficial was once poignantly meaningless. What mattered was obviously beyond the surface. We once looked at the surface of a thing and accepted the challenge to unravel the riddle of what lay beneath, above or beyond it. Why do you think our Folk were so adept at the sciences which were eventually co-opted to rationalise us into abject insanity? This instinctive training of the mind resulted in a race of men that were unsatisfied with the basic answer. We looked farther, dug harder and peered deeper.

We have a great lot of difficulty stepping around this today. Answers now have a finality that they did not then. Life, too, has a drastically less ephemeral feel. Impermanent. The same friend who saw the Rune in the woodwork also is fond of the phrase Memento Mori. We have disagreed on this count. My disagreement comes from the fact that we live in a world where everything is final. This mental fragility has expressed itself in at the very least, half of the retarded struggles we have. Nobody wants to negotiate. Everything is all or nothing. Now you follow the establishment or you are hemmed into the naughty corner and labelled a domestic terrorist.

When the European man had an education of symbolic and practical merit, when his esoteric prowess was more of the initiated kind, he was much more in harmony. He felt at home in the world. In his surroundings he saw signs and felt omens. What was the result? He explored. Our kind once covered the Earth because we were comfortable there. Now? Now we are slaves to a monolithic and shallow capitalism. Because we settled into an exoteric mode in which it was determined the esoteric questions had been answered by science… we found that generations of absorbing this answer resulted in a muted spirit. A fat, complacent breed of simpletons convinced that they were oh-so-smart.

The symbolic framework of our Race once connected us to a Greater Spirit. We once had the sense of awe, of yearning that made us great. We once knew that our lives were missing something, and more, that it could be found. That it was just out of reach. What happened to this sense? Where is it? I have met many men who were not only content to refrain from questioning, but further felt it was a hindrance to their marvellously entertaining lives. What drivel is this? Now men reach the abyss and see no point to look. Our ancestors dove in. Now we have a disconnect. We have been split from our Folk Souls; the Aryan Spirit that drives us is in hiding. There is no cogent meta-language to create a network of cultural harmony. There is the chaos of individualism and the poison of preference and opinion.

Without a meta-language the gross IQ of our people is falling. Folk are dumb. Reality is shallow, existence lacks depth. And suffering comes of it. Individuals are lost in a sea of existence that has no meaning. So they turn to and fro, looking for anything to make them feel… also anything. And there are peddlers to push them to every manner of evil. Anything to keep the masses away from the ties that really bind. Had we still been tethered to something greater than the pitifully temporary individual than will you wager that ZOG would have infected us this badly? The answer is no. You know it is.

When you look at the putrid, asinine and utterly pointless existence catered to us by Globohomo, what argument is there really left against a return to and appreciation for our natural faculties? The Hubris of the White Man was the single greatest weapon used to pierce the heart of our Soul. It was by our own hand that our greatest wounds were suffered. We ourselves inherited twisted sciences, materialism and nihilism, and in our quest to become great, we weaponised them and destroyed our future. We relegated the cultural artefacts that made us great to the dustbin of superstition and paranoia. Now we have new superstitions: believing the wrong science, questioning the wrong theories. We have effectively created an unchanging religious atmosphere around rationalism while simultaneously stripping men of the things that at least made them interesting.

So. Why should you learn symbolism? Why should the esoteric matter to you? Because life is boring without it, and the metaphysical framework we abandoned for stupid reasons is absented. Her absence explains a great deal of suffering, and why our now void personae are so subject to withering diseases of excess and modernity. When one grasps symbolism, they see traces and anchors of history that were previously gone. It enriches your worldview. It strengthens your core.

12 thoughts on “Symbolism

      1. Yeah, the band. I like their stuff. Listen to them in my basement dwelling Liftwaffebunker. Iwas hoping your Danish superpowers could under enough Swedish to tell me if the band is as cool as my English ears think.

        Or if they’re as FAKE and GAY as half the mainstream metal bands now.


      2. Their songs and lyrics.

        Like Sabaton, they’re pretty based until you hit WWII.

        Here’s a Vidya:

        I mean, Sweden Stephen*is* wearing a shirt for Yankee booze, but, the ‘World Domination’ song is interesting.

        Also. Their “Från Norrlands Till Helvetets Port” is wicked hard to find in America.


      3. You mean lyric. They have been on tour with Sabaton, so they are not RAC (Rock Against Communism).
        Their song titles sounds pretty cool and kind of one-sighted.

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      4. Sweet.

        Because my new goal in life is to make every day arms day in the gym until I too can be a metal minion when I grow up!

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