Identity and Class

A not so little ditty about building identity with class, as opposed to Class without Identity. On the necessity of underlying primary Identity informing secondary identities. Written from the perspective of a man that is being squeezed out of the dissolving former Middle Class.

Corona Cast

A dispatch from the Bund I work with regarding this latest installation of the Eternal Current Happening... The Corona Virus! Contents include: a breakdown, as well as an attempt to balance facts and action with right thinking.

Happy Saint Patty’s Day

Stay safe on this year's Potato Famine Awareness Day. Don't drink the green beer, don't pinch me and for God's sake don't be the toilet paper hoarding guy. Sing a good Irish song, or maybe actually read the Confessions of Saint Patrick. It's surprisingly spicy, what with the slave rebellions, creepy come-ons from evil overlords, … Continue reading Happy Saint Patty’s Day