Road Rules

As a boy they told me patience is a virtue. Now I’m a grown man, grumpy and tired. I don’t drive much, because patience is a virtue. Funny thing. I don’t hear much about patience anymore. Seems it was a canard, a cradle convenience. A bit like unicorns, Santa and easy living. A myth. No. I don’t drive much because I never really did master that fine art of patience. Neither, it seems, did many other people on the road.

As I begin to age, I’ve come to a singular conclusion. Driving is actually an excellent gauge for civic morality, which is poor. We know it is poor. Among Nationalists, pointing this out is a rite of passage. Ignoring what can be done to improve conditions while passing blame onto scapegoats is another rite of passage nobody likes to admit to. And, furthermore, if things worked like they did in the Old Myths, than I can intimate Gods have nuked the Earth for less. Think about it, if you were an angry, smiteful and spiteful God who came in disguise to judge mankind… mankind wouldn’t make it much further than the nearest turnpike before old Iove turned us into salt and salted Carthage with our transmogrified bones, after Iove had delende ested it, of course. Yes. Civic morality.

People laugh at me, but I’m not wrong. And maybe it does in this case take a crusty, law abiding Anglo to point this out. Laughable as my comrades may think. This logic applies to those of us with serious designs on creating a network of influence and carving out a subculture to call our own. Let us peradventure like they did in the old days.

Peradventure, oh Iove-Pater, thou didst carve for us a niche where we could cut off from Society and prove our way is best. Would anything have changed? If I were to become a separatist, I would think the individual entering your subculture would have the right to make demands. The first would be, if I became a separatist, I would demand my new social structure would feel better than the last. And I will say that segregationists, isolationists and others are among the rudest and crudest when it comes to civic morality. Among many of my constituents, your ability to drive like an asshole is a point of pride. This is an ironic thing from those who would otherwise uplift the pedigree of the White Man. I would think, myself, that pointedly acting regressive and vain (yes, vain) would defeat the purpose of this mythologised pedigree.

Peradventure, if thou wilt, the curious case of the crappy driver. The rude driver has no civic instinct, it is that simple. He is the crass offering of individualist thinking. He puts himself above all others on the road, breaks rules, and cuts you off, refuses to stop for bamberlampses because he thinks of himself first and foremost. The man has no respect, period, and the relative anonymity of the road, as with the internet, reveals the baseline of that character. No chivalry. If you are an Identitarian or Collectivist, you should be above and beyond that kind of petty self-indulgence. Do you expect me to believe that the sudden introduction of an Ethnostate or some other potentially ill-advised project is going to change that baseline?

It is no different than those who, while understandably broken by life’s circumstances, refuse to take their personal lives seriously. They go to dive bars, hook up with slags and skanks that try to pass themselves off as women. They don’t apply themselves at their jobs. Maybe they tossed their job and went on the dole. And when they get on the road, they drive like it’s the Third World. And maybe it has become the Third World, but when art and life imitate each-other, something vital is still lost. These traits, not unknown among Nationalists, are viable concerns.


Because logistically, if any kind of White identity is going to be achieved, it will be from where you are. Eternity begins in a single moment, it does not wait. The work of the future and her ambition begins with the thoughts you have now. This is why Pope John Paul supposed Heaven and Earth are indissoluble. From an esoteric perspective, this is no heresy, your present actions determine your future fate, in this way present and future, heaven and earth, are indistinct. They are all causality. There is another crass adage; “don’t shit where you eat.” The idea of going somewhere and establishing an Ethnostate is a mythic dream detached from reality. You’re doing it now, if you’re working in a Männerbund, or even if you’re a Lone Wolf. You begin the work from where you are. That means conducting yourself with honour when it is hard. If you cannot live honourably now, what makes you think “victory” or whatever other trope, will make it easier? Times of trial are the true test of a man’s character. Scum now, scum tomorrow. What you do now, in this moment, every moment, affects your future self. The Law of Becoming is immutable, and eternal, it has no pause button, and cannot be negotiated. Every moment matters, therefore.

So. Peradventure, o man, when thou drivest, carry thyself with dignity as if thou hadst all thou desirest. Because if you condition yourself to treat your daily life with scorn and discompassion, when your true test of mettle comes, you will fail. Why? Because lackadaisical conduct will have become second nature, and nature, we know, is hard to argue with. It is, theoretically, why we have all adopted the positions we have. Because we see nature play out in others, if not ourselves. If we had what we wanted, a society of our own devoid of unwanted influence with the absolute freedom to self-define, what would we do with it? Pollute it with crass language? Make driving to the grocery a calculated risk? Carry on as if being asked to contribute to society were some awful burden? Would we blow smoke and ash everywhere? Throw cigarette butts on the ground? Drink until we vomit in public? Make excuses for being crude? Blame crudeness on someone else? Laugh off this loathsome behaviour like it was no small thing? Or worse, claim this loathsome behaviour is somehow laudable because reasons? If we do these things now, they are habit, canon. If you can make excuses for it now, you will tomorrow, because tomorrow you will have had all the more time to justify your asinine behaviour. Why do I want an All-White version of the same garbage, every day? That was my childhood. I grew up in a rough neighbourhood where a man was murdered by a bottle over a hooker dispute. There was no-one there to blame but White meth-heads with awesome neck tattoos of what sadly resembled ICP album art. (Filthy Juggalos.) If that is your methnostate, I don’t want it. I’ll spend my time with the based and straightedge Vietnamese grocer who hates Bernie Sanders, thanks.

I know and am sympathetic to many of the excuses one might give for subhuman behaviour. Yes, subhuman, it’s our problem, too, and a learned Identitarian will know exactly why. That doesn’t mean the behaviour should be excused. Yes. Getting up and going to work every day is hard, paying taxes that hurt your bottom line is a vicious insult. The road is full of dinks who drive dangerously. Some days literally everything that happens outside your house feels uniquely catered to rising your blood pressure. Get over it. Seriously. If you ever talk about Will to Power, Aryan this or European that, get over it. Don’t be a windbag. Complain, sure, but then carry on. We like to throw the Boomers under the bus, but they’re not wrong. We really do have to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps because nobody else will. Period. Don’t make excuses. Say what you will of the American Founding Fathers, they weren’t rude little bastards. Washington wrote a book of etiquette. It was understood that to defeat an enemy of culture, than your culture had to in all ways be superior. There is no historical justification for loathsome behaviour. It must end.

Let me tell you a story. I recently had a baby. He was a Premie. Unsurprisingly, that meant I had to commute frequently between home and hospital. One morning, my baby broke out in fever. We had to rush to the Emergency Room. By my reckoning the drive was good for twenty-one minutes. It took thirty three. We were cut off by opposing traffick four times, a jeep attempted to run us off the legal side of the merging lane, a line of six passenger vehicles attempted to cut off an ambulance at an intersection whereupon those of us who did the legal thing and pulled over were cut off by traffick that got stuck at the red-light in the wake of the ambulance because they were too bloody good to wait. Then at yet another merging lane some douchebag teenager full of wit and witticism tried to run us into oncoming traffick so he could be… one car ahead in a line that had stopped for a red light. In that interim, my son began to have some kind of allergic episode in which he could not breathe well, and was attempting to scream despite the phlegm running back down his throat. At this point I questioned why the emergency hotline nurse hadn’t directed us to an ambulance, and then I thought of the line of traffick that had blocked the ambulance and realised it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

Now, how many instances, thinkest thou, endeth in death for yon souls blocked by thy prejudicial driving? Think about it. Ambulances aren’t a joyride, if the sirens turn it means an emergency. Barring those scum who abuse the privilege to get closer to the city because they don’t want to pay for a bus. When you cut them off, you are putting your minor inconvenience as more important than the life of another human being. When you discourteously shove people around on the road, you don’t take into account the ramifications of your actions. You do not know what balance you’re upsetting by being selfish. You betray any communitarian impulse you have for the fact that you are selfish and immature, no different from every Tom, Dick and Normie. You’re an NPC. With terrible programming.

By definition, if you flirt with fascism, you don’t get to decide when you’re better or more important than everyone else. The whole goddamned point is that nobody comes first, because the wellbeing of the state is supposed to run downhill and thereby equalise the playing field for everyone. Civic rules are in place to enforce efficiency. As long as you think you’re better than these, you’re a hypocrite. Plain and simple, check and mate. But! You might object: rules are often in place to thwart and subvert expectations. Not infrastructurally, you jackass. There is no vast Yiddish conspiracy to keep you down when you are legally obligated to yield at every traffick circle and encourage traffick to flow clockwise. The horrible burden of not driving thirty miles over the speed limit is not some plot from the SPLC to keep you down. That was milk, now check your pronouns, bigot. There is no conspiracy by the ADL to make you feel like you’re losing out by adhering to the roadrules at merging lanes. That is a rule in place to encourage safe driving and reduce accidents. All too often, Identitarians of every stripe dump on law enforcement to justify their garbage tier behaviour. It’s a cope, nobody fools anyone. You know better than that, and this attitude cheapens us all. I don’t care if you used to be some heavy breathing, pot smoking, big brained libertarian who liked to say “fuck the police.” Maybe the hard drugs made you soft in the head. I don’t care. That was then, if you took the Red Pill, that part of your life is over. This is now. It’s time to fall in line. No excuses, no whining, it’s making us look bad.

Peradventure, if thou willst, ye awaken to what hight Ethnostate… do you think the need for Police will diminish? It is the mark of emotional instability to confuse function, necessity and reality. There always has been and will always be a need for law. And the reason for this is simple; egotism. The moron who cuts me off at the traffick circle outside my house because his car is faster than my truck is why there are laws. Are there corrupt policemen? Of course. Are they all? That’s a ludicrous assertion. Almost as ironic as the fact that cops are who you’re going to call when you try to cut off the guy who cut me off and create a bloody mess in the traffick circle at the other end of town. Good show, you simpleton. Here’s another funny thing; I’ve been rear ended ten times in the last eight years. In every case it was by some red-faced buffoon puffing out his chest and driving like an idiot, waving his hands and swearing, reckless. He thinks being an ass makes him a tough guy. Maybe he thinks it’s cathartic to yell at traffick to the detriment of his focus. Because, of course, only he has a timetable and everyone else on the road clearly has nowhere to be. He never looks as tough when he has to look me in the eye and explain what he’s done. His chest doesn’t seem so puffed out all of a sudden. Funny. He just looks (and feels) like an idiot. A deflated poltroon. It is because he knows he was wrong, not that he feels guilty, but is worried because he got caught and knows I would be well within my right to beat his ass senseless. Which I don’t, even if I maybe should. I usually don’t even yell. That makes it worse for them, most of them get out of their cars waiting to get what they deserve. Not a peaceful exchange, they expect a fight, because they are Grug. In those instances most of them have the sense to know they have met their betters and go the other way. Does it change their behaviour? Probably not. The sad truth is that for garbage drivers, they probably have to finally kill someone before they think about what a subhuman they really are. All those little White Crosses on the roadside you see? Those are people who died for someone else’s impatience, carelessness and stupidity.

Civic laws and civic morality matter. Maybe it’s the leftover German blood in me, talking.

You want to start making a White Identity viable? Make it count. You acting like a dink will come back and bite us. And that bite will sting much harder than anything outsiders will hurl at us because we’ll have done it to ourselves. It is plain and simple. Be better. Please and thank you. Hold doors for strangers. Be polite. Don’t swear like an injured sailor all the time. (Ironic, given I’ve sworn for emphasis here.) On the road, don’t cut people off, don’t tailgate them – it’s the most annoying thing on the goddamn planet at times. You are not an animal, don’t act like one. Rather than acting like it’s the script for 28 Days Later, try committing a random act of courtesy on the road and an act of kindness in person. Every day. Do you baulk at this? Than you, not diversity, are the ultimate Black Pill. If you want to talk about honour and theoretical future projects, be the kind of man that deserves to have that cleaner, nicer, polite future. Otherwise, whomst are you kidding? You’ll keep history on the infinite loop of decline and decay, and have NO ONE to blame but yourself. And after that, I’ll see you in Hell.

6 thoughts on “Road Rules

  1. I am sorry you had to experience this aggravating spectacle of nihilistic lunacy which suffices to the general human populous while taking your child to the hospital.

    In which case, I hope he is better now.

    Yes, any Ethno-Nationalist or otherwise dissident would wise to heed that Authoritarianism is one of the essential building blocks of a productive civilization, the wanton piss & vinegar unlawfulness & anti-establishment attitudes running amok today don’t help our cause, rather they just paint us like a bunch of Anti-social freaks. If anything it just promotes degeneracy among individuals who spend a great too much time virtue signalling rather than being productive, honest, decent people.

    It should be noted that Authoritarianism is a tool, like all civic devices or Artifice for that matter, when a society is corrupted said Authority naturally shifts into the negative rather than the original intended means, this is where a sizable portion of the overwhelming distaste for Authority & Rebelliousness stems from these days, that being said its also a very mis-directed form of rebellion.

    Our civilization is rampant with degenerative, nihilistic “rebels without a cause”, entitled individuals who seek to sow the seeds of discord simply for the sake of living in that single wild stupid moment, because they’re empty, life has no genuine meaning it is an accident to them therefore they don’t value the past nor the future.

    I am also grow tired of of people who blanket all Police officers into the category of corrupt goons, I almost always get along with every Police officer I meet (There are a few exceptions otherwise of course). In a normal, healthy society, Police are supposed to be the good guys after all. Naturally I want civilization to take a turn for the better considering that I don’t particularly value Anarchy or collapse.

    Fair thee well Seax.

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    1. Yes, much better. The only real complications from his being a preemie are the lack of a glottal sphincter resulting in reflux, and an inflamed kidney which is treatable. No lung deficiencies or heart trouble.

      What truly bothers me about the lack of social courtesy is that it perfectly encapsulates and illustrates the fact that we’ve allowed ourselves to devolve into basic animals. Little better than fauna.

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