Corona Cast

Normally I hate fad trending. However, Corona Maximus isn’t going away and people need to develop an even keel. If for no other reason than to abate a modicum of panic and disorganisation which will no doubt prove more harmful and widespread than the totality of the actual virus.

This podcast was produced by some people I work with in conjunction with some people I don’t.

I had no hand in this production, and all credit must go to:

Once more, here is the link:

Coronavirus Dispatch

Stay tuned for my next Etsy inspired post: “88 Fun Crafts to Make with Stolen Toilet Paper.” Until then, calmly take stock of the situation, be aware of safe and hygienic practises, adhere to logic and remember: this is not the last Apocalypse we’ll live through.

13 thoughts on “Corona Cast

  1. If you made it this far, thanks.

    I hate being this guy, but please like and share. Help us spread some sanity and hopefully help expedite the end of this pathetic happening!

    And remember: be mindful! Life goes on until it doesn’t!

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      1. You mean I can’t bug out to Denmark?


        I’d make an excellent New Dane. I’m hard working, intelligent, generally adverse to world breaking Kung Flugnarok.

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      2. There was an Indian who had to low grade to enter university, but then he claimed to be black and got in, and many other stories like that (Elizabeth Warren).
        That trick is properly the easiest way into Denmark for a White person, honk honk

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      3. I just became Irish. I mean, they’re not even White, amirite?

        Or should I pretend to be Russian?

        Hyou hhlike hhhard bahss? Hwear tracksuit and sunglesses at night??

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