Landsman’s Lament

I stare across the sound
the city beyond the waves
ships come in, freight goes out
silent monoliths
ghosts don’t know they’re dead
there the city, necropolis to a future dawn

Down the the road a piece the infinite sea
the foam, the mist, the churning waves
the lighthouse stands amiss, remiss, dismissed

Manannan stirs his cauldron, stirs the sea
the tide ebbs, and so she flows
9 Mothers to the gilded God
the waves, like Muses, dance about
Siren song and wanderlust
Mac Lyr sends out his horses
the tide becomes a roar

Somewhere across the infinite sea new worlds, old worlds, other worlds
words of wonder, long lost song
here about the land I stand
where Grendel stalks mist and moor’
flinging curses, alien gods and alien soil

I toil by the sea
enthralled by work, landsman’s hire
husband of one and father too
set amid the trees, the eternal forest
of seaman’s blood now locked by land
a landsman I live, a landsman I die
wishing ever that I could swim

Cast my sail against the wind
try my luck as oft had those before
what new lands are left to find
what wonders left to claim
nothing ends where it begins
nothing but stagnant ponds, murk and mire
running water, shining sea
movement is life, yet long have I stood
landsman by the sea

4 thoughts on “Landsman’s Lament

  1. Manannan and Mac Llyr are Celtic Sea Gods. Heimdall was said to have been born from 9 mothers, the waves and is so skilled at speech his teeth are like gold. He is a Nordic God, his name relating to homeland. He is also known as the whitest of the Aesir, but was played by Idris Elba who had a grille of gold teeth for a different reason.

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