The Untold Tale of Baldur Odhinnsson

Baldur, brightest God, was dead. Wergild demands a price. Hodur was clearly to blame, after all, he was blind, could not see the sign, and forgot to wash his hands before handling the mistletoe arrow. The mistletoe arrow had come into contact with a Coof-Barer 9 times removed. Somebody knew somebody with an uncle whose fifth cousin kissed a girl that knew a guy that had a weepy eyeball. Hodur had to die. So the Gods stuffed his mouth full of paper mache masques and lit his mouth on fire. Very sanitary, and in full agreement with CDC guidelines.

It wasn’t enough. The Völvar all said because he had been struck low in the Coof Age before the Bloody Stool Age, that the arrow piercing his heart was a comorbidity and CoVAIDS was the real killer. Just like when a drunk Mexican commits vehicular manslaughter against the Vanir’s daughters, the real enemy is Æsir privilege. Still. Frigga had to be sure. Because she was a liberated woman she had no reason to believe her All-Wise husband who insisted Loki did it. Nonsense. Loki was wearing his mask!! In fact, it was Loki who saved Asgard by bringing cheaply made Chinese masks from Jotunheim. Masks which ordinarily can’t save you from the gas passed by the big lady ahead of you in line, sawdust, mortar or *anything* but because of Dwarven enchantment give you +666% Doom Coof shielding and NOTHING else.

“Who would seek for my favour?”the great Goddess cried. “Oh! I would,” Hermod replied. “Ah, very good then! Off with you!”

Before he left, Odin pulled Hermod aside. “Do you believe you can see what I cannot?” “Natürlich, ” Hermod had baulked, “you’re a cis-male with White privilege, that’s why you’re blind.” “Well, actually, I believe in hard work and sacrifice but… Forget it, take my Horse Sleipnir. May the wind be at your back.”

After a harrowing journey of 9 nights without latte because of safe social distance practise, and 18 skinned knees because he had been sheltered, Hermod arrived at the bridge before the Helgrind.

“HALT!” Modgud said. “Where is your mask?”


“Put on the MASK , Bigot.”


“Don’t want these comorbidity cases getting sick. We have free masks for customer’s to Helheim.”

Hermod dismounted Sleipnir and stepped forward. Modgud began pelting him with rocks. Hermod screamed in pain. “SIX FEET, FREEDOM SCUM!!!” Modgud shrieked.

And that is why Baldur remained in Helheim, and why we are all in Hell.

46 thoughts on “The Untold Tale of Baldur Odhinnsson

      1. In regards to bloggin? No, not at all.

        I have a few family members, friends and co-workers, but I am not really that social.
        I rely on my big White brain (and life experience, etc.) to navigate through Clown World! Not a perfect system, but it’s all I got.

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      2. I meant more like if you had folks you trust to start building a fellowship. Normally I’d say go to MB website and go through vetting. But it’s a hell of a swim from Copenhagen to make the monthly hikes here. I don’t know if I can help at all, but I have an email, if you want to penpal. Or if there’s a secure messenger app you trust. I’m retarded when it comes to all the opsec. I thought Gab had a DM function, but I can’t find it. Well, maybe not 60yo man being scammed by online Indians, but still.

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      3. I think me too. If we’re on the Brit/American Alt scene… You ever listen to Queens of the Stone Age? “Songs for the Deaf” is an album I listened to a lot as a kid. What’s up with Swedes and electronic music? Random question. Is techno big in your parts too?

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      4. I am not a fan. I jumped around at: Queens of the Stone Age? “Songs for the Deaf.
        They change styles too much, I think.

        I used to go out, at techno places. Back when it was Whites only or close enough.
        I don’t know about if it is big or if it is big in Sweden or other places. I guess, it’s always been more or less underground.

        Electronic music in general is something else, I guess.

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      5. Fair enough, I grew up with it. It’s more the lyrics I like. Favourite song is “Hanging Tree.” One of the few non-metal bands I still like. Raubtiere come out with a new album. Överlevare… I think.

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      6. I am still listening to it. The Sky Is Fallin’ sounds ok. I imagine, that the lyrics makes much more sense to you! I hear and understand the words, but don’t really get it.

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      7. Yeah… So the album is about a bad breakup. May involve a third party. It’s one of those things where I never dated much before marriage, but the feeling of the album reminds me of the girl I broke up with before I got married. Very emotional times. Breaking up is hard to do.

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      8. So, like ‘Sky is Falling’ is about when you realize the jig is up and there’s no fixing the relationship. Crossing the Rubicon. Preparing for the end.

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      9. My pleasure. Poetic English can be a lovely thing. Danes and English both used to do a lot of kennings, a lot of Queens of the Stone Age lyrics is kinda like that. “Hanging Tree,” is about doomed love, knowing something is going to end badly but doing it anyway. Comparing hugging an ill fated lover to hanging oneself on the hanging Tree.

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      10. I value creativity and good craftsmanship in almost any topic.
        I like concept album, it’s an art in itself.

        Iron Maiden are known for making concept albums and as they admit themselves, they usually have one or two songs that are misplaced.

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      11. I too like concept albums. Love them, really. One of my favourite concept albums is Therion “Secret of the Runes,” symphonic metal. Odd band. Swedes I think, with some kind of ladies choir culled from Öst Europaisch countries I cannot name due to their (from my way of thinking) painful obscurity.

        Poetry is a marvelous thing. I recently made peace with the fact that it’s going to be awhile before I can do metaphors and idioms in Danish. But I am writing all the dansk bits you send me on paper in my fitness log-book so I can learn the words. You’re right, of course, much better than Duolingo. I like the app, but know it’s only an introduction and a way to keep skills sharp in commutes and downtime.

        I’m also frankly shocked at how utterly big into my own ancestral history Danmark is. Example: I believe my normie name is likely Danish. My family’s last-name society confirms that by saying our haplogroup is, and I quote, “either Norman or Viking…” Which I’m sure you know are both genetically Nordic, or were at the time. My kinfolk sailed from East Anglia. I recently learned the English Midlands still spoke Norse in the Middle Ages. And all those little Maine towns like Norway and Demark and also New Sweden, were likely named this because of their founding stock. Anywhos. It’s a new revelation to me. Also, how apparently tight the English and Danish visual histories are. The Triple Lions, even the final form of our cross is an inside-out Dannebrog. I likely would not know any of this, had you not turned me onto learning about Denmark personally, as opposed to looking at Scandinavia in broadly geographic terms. I’m also learning the relationship between Danish and English words is deeper and more.meaningful than a lot of the cognate videos online let on. So, thank you for that.

        ALSO… I’m thinking of buying books from Maria Bojesen. She does: “The Danish Speaker,” and… Others. Do you know of her? She’s one of few Danish language books that doesn’t have a name that echoes or curries. Seriously. There’s a scheiß-tonne of East-Euros and Pajeets writing how-tos on Dansk. Even with my (for now) stunted Danish l can look at Curry-Danish and say “hmmm, something is amiss.” Kinda “ser bob og vag Tak,” kinda Danish. No bueños.There’s actually an East Anglian school mistress who went and lived in Denmark to teach… Or maybe it was a Danewoman who went to England… Either way, I can’t afford her yet, but I’m saving.

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      12. I am listening to ‘Therion – Vovin’, it sounds good. I like the idea of mixing metal with classic and it seems to work well for Therion. Thanks!

        Don’t bring yourself down. I am not sure I can do “metaphors and idioms” in Danish, either. I improved my English by watching docomentaries and reading about industry, WWII, etc.. Learning English from topics that interest me and that I already know about helped me!

        Yeah, otherwise it would very likely have said ‘French’ instead.
        Scandinavian people have properly just been “intergrated” like English, Dutch and German people, who are “just” American.
        Yeah, North-West Europeans has a very shared and common history.
        I am amazed by how many words, that are similar between Danish and English. Especially if you see æ as ae/e and å as a, like egg = æg and hand = hånd.
        Like you implied (if I remember and understood correctly) North and West Germanic was properly more similar compared to South Germanic (German), before the French came around.

        Thank you, as well.

        Maria Bojesen (1807 – 1898). She is from before modern Cultural Marxism, which is a good sign. I quickly look it over, seems fine:

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      13. Wonderful! I had a good feeling about her. There’s some other books at Bullmoose where I get books, for special order anyway.

        Yup. That’s something I read about as a young boy, that the Scandinavians were uncontested masters of assimilation. Good I guess if they’re assimilating into cultures like English , Irish or… I shudder to say French. But then you have also the curious case of Russia where legendary Rjurik and his Varangians are supposed to have founded Russian Imperial Dynasty… Injected just enough Nordic blood to make that Slavic nation forever dangerous. And it seemed that the Nordic Bloc has paid for this exchange ever since. Makes you wonder how the Russians would have fared without the Nordic infusion…

        Yeah, it’s a learning curve. Things are coming together for me in Danish. Right now I’m looking for a good dansk/engelsk dictionary. I need to build my vocabulary. Once I do this, I will be in a good spot.

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      14. Good point. Germans has also played a very big part in Russia (after).

        I often use Google search as English/Danish dictionary and for spelling. I also use Bing translator.
        If I write for example ‘bil på engelsk’ then Google will tell me ‘car’.

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      15. Interdasting. See now, I can understand when one gets the Russia fetish. There is a Russian elite, or ways anyways, that seems respectable. But if I understand rightly, it kept itself seperate from peasants in every way, retaining a genetic Independence from their host populace… Like Mexico and Guatemala- all Latin American Countries.

        I broke down and downloaded a Danish/English app. It’s okay. A little newfangled.

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