Poem: Vril

Beckoning from the chasms of lust

Filling up the great big nothing

Blind eyes in the abyss

Groping, looking back in shame and ecstasy

The devil I know dances with the devil I don’t

There and gone again in a blink

Here I am and there I’m not

Come and go

Chakras fired and soul aflame

Engorged, in chains

Entombed, ensconced in flesh

Weighed down, prayed on

Vagagond enslaved

Waiting to be free

Give up the ghost

Devil and the deep blue sea

I will bleed into you

Filling buckets, drops in your ocean

Cast adrift, punishing waves lost at sea

Sweet release and I am nothing

Lost in everything

Take this cup, I pray, away from me

It runneth over

But know, I’ll keep my pound of flesh

A gift I give to you

Paid in full upon your altar

A sacrament made in blood and summer sweat

Life is built in the deep

There and again our beginning and our end

Blind eyes in the depths, searching, gawking


begging for release

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