Poem: Goddess and the Green-Man

Venus kissed the fallow Earth

as Gaia yearned to put forth bloom

sunkist rays do Freyja’s will

as Jord alone shakes with delight

hail the green as with the day

blessings on the this transient world

as Goddess lives and mortals breathe

we seek again for cleansing rain

as clouds descend the Lord embarks

Ouranous, implanter, the rape of all

our eyes shoot up but we are dust

the stars are not yet ours to claim

we are seeds of blood and bone

waiting for the final day

swallowed by fair Demeter

into Ella’s gaping maw

fattening morsels for the only one

birth and death, womb and tomb

we press against sweet Nerthus’ lips

to find our way to Erce’s mound

hill and valley, womb and belly

keeper of the cairn

come as one, and go as all

the Green Man lives a measured life

he serves the Goddess with his toil

and at long last he feeds the soil

as all becomes the Spring

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