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In the last year I’ve been asked about a dozen times if I have a backlog of Lorecast. Sadly not all, but mostly. When Season One was banjaxed off Spreaker, I lost a few episodes: namely the Intro and my reading of Ovid’s Genesis. (In the event you’ve downloaded them and have them in a folder with some dank memes, hit me in my emails or whatever and send them to me.) In any event, I’ve re-uploaded the files I still have to a new service. Link below.

Well, hopefully that works. Seems no matter what I do, I get the player. If you can’t get good, there’ll be a directory at the end of this post. If that doesn’t work I’ll eat my hat later.

For those reading who aren’t aware, this is an ongoing side hustle of mine. In keeping with the theme of we aren’t going to “become who we are” if we don’t mind where we’re from. Western Europe is to varying degrees shaped by the myths this podcast talks about.

Grasping at these tales adds weight to the kultur we’re kampfing for. After all, why be an identitarian if you don’t actually identify. Season 1 deals with Creation myths, and season 2 with the Gods. Season 3 – which is being written now – will deal with concepts like Mannerbünde and the idea of the Comitatus which were integral themes in the most basic way to European Mythology- far and away more readily apparent than any other. Season 4 will deal with Love and Family. Season 5 will deal with The Lone Wolf. Season 6 will deal with World’s Undoing.

At any rate, thanks for stopping by. If you give it a listen don’t forget to gibs me summa dat thumbs up. Or whatever gets you web traffick these days. Wassail, Chiefs!


Season 1: Cosmogenesis

Introduction = MIA

Ovid’s Genesis= MIA

Genesis of the Greeks= https://anchor.fm/sax-morrow/episodes/S1E2-Genesis-of-the-Greeks-e145coe

Genesis of the Finns= https://anchor.fm/sax-morrow/episodes/S1E3-Genesis-of-the-Finns-e145e69

Genesis of the Nords= https://anchor.fm/sax-morrow/episodes/S1E4-Genesis-of-the-Nords-e145hv9

Lorecast Explained: Old Time Creationism= https://anchor.fm/sax-morrow/episodes/S1E5-Lorecast-Explained-Old-Time-Creationism-e145trc

Season 2: The Gods

Introduction= https://anchor.fm/sax-morrow/episodes/S2E1-Introduction-e146137

The Græco-Roman Gods= https://anchor.fm/sax-morrow/episodes/S2E2-The-Grco-Roman-Gods-e1465oe

The Celtic Gods= https://anchor.fm/sax-morrow/episodes/S2E3-The-Celtic-Gods-e1465pu

The Germanic Gods= https://anchor.fm/sax-morrow/episodes/S2E4-The-Germanic-Gods-e1465r7

Lorecast Explained: The Gods= https://anchor.fm/sax-morrow/episodes/S2E5-Lorecast-Explained-e1465sd

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