I drove out of State for to do some work for a friend. Those are the best kind you can take, when you can. But for the drive I stayed overnight, and took my morning exercise in the form of a walk along the highway. On the return pass a tree caught my eye. The ensuing photo does it no great justice.

Oosh, tbh fam, amirite?

I was reminded at once of Ygg’s Steed. We know how Yggdrasil is spoken of. Here was a tree attacked by bugs, gnawed by beats of the field and the sky. Rot, thunder, fire all have mangled the great World Tree. And yet it puts forth leaf, bright as the new dawn. As Yggdrasil can be seen as life, so we can see the struggle. Weathering indignity, reaching for the sun.

The highway puckerbrush stands, a wasted husk at the base, yet putting forth leaf. Leaf that will put forth spore, and then new growth. Our ancestors understood that we came from the trees. Make of this as you will.

32 thoughts on “Puckerbrush

      1. I like that. Jensen is mostly Danish, but other “Danes” use it too in Germany, Sweden and espcially in Norway (Mountain Denmark).

        They will properly try to replace those extra White names, very soon. Similar to how there used to be a lot of German names before WWI and WWII.

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      2. You shared a bit about the Bader-Meinhof Effekt not long ago. It’s one of my favourite phenomenae. Anywho – since you and I started writing each other, I’ve come to find that half of my best friends/comrades are Danish, and that I myself have no small bit of Daneblood under all the English. (No surprise given what we know of English origins.) Long and short, is that’s likely this way for a lot of guys who think America exists in some weird vacuum devoid of connections to the Mother and Fatherlands.

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      3. Great, I am happy for that.
        Yeah, they want us to be rootless globalists.

        It’s not about shitting on south and east Europe, but about our people and our unique culture and skills that makes us create much better ways of living! Which is proven by the fact, that everybody else want to live in our places.

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      4. That’s a good thought. There’s a sick part of me that laughs when they send the immigrants to nowhereland. We have an expression, a lot of Mainers call anything far away “East Bumfuck.” I don’t know why. But even in the Styx, they’re sending the mud. Hopefully they realise the gibs all suck our there and go back to the Stand and leave New England (and everywhere else) to the New Englanders (and everyone else.)

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      5. They do. But ME’s gubmint got “smart” and locked a lot of those bastards in place with work orders, contracts and terms. I’m shocked the shitlibs haven’t called it “indentured servitude.” The argument’s there, man.

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      6. I dont know when it comeback to blogging.

        Here is some synonyms for the word post:
        air mail,
        elektronisk post,

        The word has many meanings.

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