Black Fridays Don’t Matter

No mostly peaceful bargain shopper on Culturally Enriched Fifthday ever called me a Black Hole.


Stay at home or work if you can. Don’t buy anything. Don’t feed the idea that this commercialistic monstrosity they’d love us to agree and amplify to before passing it on to our children’s generation is worth keeping alive. Start pulling plugs. Without life support, the monster dies. On Black Friday, don’t spend a cent on the trite nonsense pushed in ‘the culture.’ Keep some of what you make, before Shylock demands his pounds. Not a penny. Nor even a ha’penny. If it can be helped.

Defending to any degree the Neoliberal System of control, which these seemingly”innocuous” ‘holidays’ comprise; is like defending the crooked Scoutmaster that abused you by saying that was awhile ago and bygones are bygones. Small steps in a direction have cumulative effects. Cancel Netflix, drop your cable, do not feed commercialised, worthless days of reckoning. Don’t feel you need to explain yourself. You owe the jury of your peers no defense. Answer only if you choose. You are not wrong to free yourself from whatsoever of the many shackles you like.

If you should elect to rise above, you will offend the bottom feeders with their lips glued to the Gubmint’s shrivelled gangrene tit. That can’t be helped, but it makes a difference which can become positive.

9 thoughts on “Black Fridays Don’t Matter

  1. Agreed, not buying a thing today. Excellent post, as always.

    I read somewhere that they expect at least five deaths in the ‘Black Friday’ shopping festivities. The religion of consumerism requires sacrifices I guess.

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    1. I’ve been roped into it twice in my life. Once because I was too young to say no. And the other is because I let my wife talk me into it. Second was the last time. Wal-Mart during Black Friday is staggeringly depressing. #neveragain


  2. In my opinion this ‘Black Friday’ or ‘black week’ phrase has something to do with a kind of a predicted programming of people. It probably means a complete intentional power outage for days, beginning on a Friday (February?)

    That you wrote “start pulling plugs” makes you suspicious.


    1. I suppose. Time will tell. I’ve always taken it as a ploy by the Powers to degrade the dignity of the public by compelling them to associate holidays with commercialistic enterprise, and to elevate nakedly secular “holidays” to having more importance and mobility than actual hereditary days of recognition, or religious observance or whatnot- days which would build and translate continuity of character, whereas commercial days do the opposite and invert character.

      As to my being suspicious, that’s your right too. It really depends on what you think I mean by pulling plugs.

      How I think I mean it is I’ve used it as a metaphor before. Unplugging from cable, unplug from negative influences. You unplug yourself from this or that, deleterious television or games, or even crowds with poisonous attitudes, it’s like unplugging ZOG’s influence node by node from life support. Perhaps it’s a crude metaphor on my part.


      1. No worries! One can see and hear this phrase all the time and everywhere with no real purpose other than mock people of what is coming. We will see. I apologize.

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      2. No worries. I understand why you’d think that. My mockery is more inclined to the kinds of people who want to ignore the world’s evils and “fiddle while Rome burns,” or “arrange deck chairs on the Titanic.” Whichever idiom translates better into German. You’d be a better judge than I.

        My sense of humour doesn’t translate well. I had originally meant the title as a jab against the futility of consumerism, and how it can be conflated with the BLM Movement in America – and, I’m told, elsewhere.

        I might use my awkward humour as a shield, but the gravity of our situation is (whatever one’s belief system or political affiliation) is grim.


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