I feel the warmth sucked from my hands

as cold fills up the marrow of my bones

old scars burn like frost-tipped fires

still the chill might sooth the throat

where ripping winds play at tearing skin


slung round the gate are suckling vines

a field in twain by the river’s broad back

where off in the distance figures lay

silent, brooding, hewn of stone

the guardians watch with callous eyes

i wonder if the hands that splayed them

came with such sullen cold-wrapped grace

those ivory sentinels of the way

cordoned by the river’s grace


the inlet’s mouth is caked with rime

the dews have frozen to dead grass

the blanketing of the molten grey

struck shades of Earth about me

yet still above some hope should shine

the Winter-Sun glints ominous tones

a sparkling gem to blind the eye

whose glory knows but does not speak

like Frigga’s lips on long-deaf ears

the quiet gospel reigns


the telltale crunch of every step

has filled the air with violence

i fear at times the dead that sleep

whose mercies the daft abhor

subtle currents under Earth

the tranquil sleep of death

longlorn names hewn in pale stone

they echo on my tongue

syllables dance in unmet song

as eyelids flutter low

would not they be within their rights

to tend me flesh from bone

and send me to my sleep


the wind, I know, it calls me home

but the idea have not yet come

what balance there is

is hung in a limbo

where the simpering whispers

boil into a snare

and the Winter-Sun will set on the World





The photo doesn’t do it justice.

For more unjust photos, click the link HERE.

13 thoughts on “Winter-Sun

    1. Ayuh. Here it’s frost and bittercold. I find some years that the weeks before big snow feel colder than the snow months themselves. Here it’s been raw, with wind and freezing rain.

      They SAY it’s supposed to be a harsh winter. Time will tell.

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  1. Being a Southerner, I always loved the graceful, poetic imagery of Winter.
    That is however until the Texas Winter Storm of 2021.
    I got a serious education on COLD and WINTER.
    Now Winter poems just make me shiver and grab my blanket. 🙂

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    1. Shit. I responded to the wrong comment. See above. See now, we had a lot of coverage of Texas snow. I personally felt bad. Because the last time I was further South of you as a boy, the heat made me want to hang myself from a bathroom. It’s a strange thing being tossed outside your climate.

      Totally off hand question. But do you know of author-anthropologist Madison Grant? He wrote a book, “Passing of the Great Race.” In it he imposes the answer to environmental theory, being that he thinks Climate affects racial strains. (Grant was a WASP, so should you read it, be prepared for the kind of imperious Yankee cynicism they don’t like at Identity Dixie. I don’t blame them.)

      Anyway. Long/short. You’re in Texas. I’m in Maine. In my brain those are polar opposites for measuring the character of America. Do you reckon from your perspective, that the climate or geography impacts the character of the Texas in a way apart from a New Englander or someone from the Generic Midwest?


      1. Being out on the edge affects character, cold or hot, or whatever. Adaptations differ, but the ability to adapt to reality is the same. Speaking as an Okie who’s been around and landed here 20 yrs ago.

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      2. Okie. From Muskogee? Was it hard getting to know Maine? I ask because I haven’t entertained living anywhere other than New England – although my wife made a compelling case for Nova Scotia. I’m always intrigued by people who voluntarily move here, especially from places I consider to be more temperate or “hospitable.” Although most I know who’ve come here came for the demonstrable social safety for their families.

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      3. Okmulgee. My sister is from Muskogee. Voluntary didn’t enter in. My divorced mother wanted to be a liberal and moved us to Massholia for my freshman year of high school. I tried NY, St Louis, Wyoming, Boston, Florida, Mass again, Arizona/NM (desert), Mississippi, Okmulgee (again, still home) and finally, reluctantly, kicking and screaming, Maine. 300 acres right out on the edge. I’m a happily adapted hermit.

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