Forgive Not Forget

Life goes on. I’m reminded, frequently, that CoVid has bar none, except phantom time theory, been the longest 2 weeks of anyone’s life. Other than the build up to voting season. Whatever. For me, I think, I’ve found the new normal. It feels like the old normal, only more expensive. Normies talk a lot of shit about stuff they clearly don’t read into. ZOG marches on. I make the best of the time I have.

I occupy myself with projects. I have fun with friends. I watch my kid get taller. I work on my marriage. Life goes on. Until it doesn’t. No. This isn’t a moribund post. Hopefully quite the contrary. It’s easy to get bent out of shape about this. CoVid. The eternal Current Year. Why bother? Getting too worked up feeds ZOG. Then when your blood pressure bottoms out you’re a comorbidity and the aspirin and global warming was killing you all along. They say.

I was listening to an episode of TASOB, wait, no, PA- the other day that stuck in my craw some. Not in a bad way. But it’s good to have your perspective checked. It was I think Mark Collette who made the point that folks are going to start coming around. While I wouldn’t hold my breath, I understand his reasoning. What’s more important is that you be able to welcome those who realise they were wrong into the fold. That doesn’t mean you forget what may or may not have happened. You don’t believe it can never happen again, that ain’t forgiveness – it’s ignorance.

You don’t mock them, you don’t ridicule them. There’s nothing really to be gained from it other than airs of your own superiority, which incidentally, nobody but you appreciate. Anyway. It’s a broad stroke we can apply to many things. Nobody knows when Fate will strap you down and force feed you humble pie until your kidneys fail. It could well happen to either Mark Collette or Jason Kohne someday, who had no problem mocking the conspiracy crowd with their spiked punch protein and nano things. And someday I might wake up and realise that Thikkk Eartha joined Jenny Craig and Disc World is real, really leaving me feeling flat. I don’t know. It’s important to remember, it’s not for nothing folks hold beliefs. The odder they are, the better the chances they thought their way to them. Anyway. But if in the course of things one holds beliefs they feel it worth excoriating others over… When the other shoe drops for the burned, why would they come to you for your wisdom later? Are you yourself going to grovel for someone you know has it in for you?

It’s not hard to see through some of the fog. Truly, I believe many more people than we credit see through the lies. But I’m willing to gamble that many are trapped by their own memory. They probably remember shitting on folks just like you when you were the lone wingnut. But now they know their handlers betrayed them and you’d be justified in ripping them apart. I’ve dealt with this in my family. My wife is dealing with it in hers. I tried to be patient. But a man can only hear so much, and there were times I’ve been less than charitable in response to what is an unfair double standard in these arenas. CoVid empowers your elders to question (tacitly insult) your every motive, and even question your love for your family. They can mock you, troll with false concern. But when you respond in kind it’s as if their perception of your instability was validated all along in some sick self-fulfilling prophecy cooked up by a Jew. Yet, they’ll never apologise. Even if their tune has changed and they have the audacity to pretend like it’s clear to them this was absurd all along. It’s insufferable. And then they want to tell you all about it, using arguments you taught them – as if you never said a thing

Grace comes to mind. I would be well within my right to demand an apology for a great many things. What would that do? Alienate others. The crippling fragility of the modern normie is incalculable. Many would rather doom us to what Australia faces than kiss a little ass. And so they truck with the lie. And if they know they have boatload of justified insults and pent up rage coming at them, most being cowards and hypocrites, will hide. To the unequal opposite: how much is petty revenge worth? There may come a day when we have the power to fry bigger fish, fish that frying can allow us to feed our families. Yum.

And it’s not just CoVid. It’s everything. People have been so comically ridiculous about so much one stammers to begin. Don’t get me started on race baiting. I drool imagining the day I can Zhivago some assholes about that. Again. What do I win? The world has become a proving ground and a test of patience and resolve. There is no one ideology, group or clan which can get us out of this. I could and by means should perhaps discuss weaponised unity,** because I think it warrants mention that here is another element in the concentric psyop we`re all circling the drain around.

Anyway. If there’s a point it’s that this sucks. And crazy wingnuts, wignats and dingbats were always destined to be the bigger man. We should take our cues from the serpent and be cunning, sly. We keep the list. We might forgive, but we don’t forget and we’d be fools to trust anytime soon. And we might find that burden too much. Social groups might shrink calamitously. Is that so bad?






** What I mean here is this ideation of everyone working together, despite being a technical impossibility, can have only one design. To shift priorities. It sounds nice. But it won’t be. Everything sounds nice. “They’re dividing us,” isn’t even a straw man. Unity has always been a farce and a weapon. It is nothing more than a reiteration of the Rainbow Coalition, except the bogeyman of Fascism had been replaced by that of the Global Vaxx pushing elite who conveniently have been rebranded Nazis for the purposes of ensuring there is approximately ZERO net change in hermeneutical telos, ethos or pathos in the Hoi Polloi. 2019= it’s always okay to punch Nazis. 2020= they’re trying to divide us! 2021= fascism did this. 2022= stand United… Against fascism. Meanwhile queers, coloureds, Jews and normal human beings find themselves experiencing the exact same misery and refusing to question that maybe it’s their current living arrangements that slay them.

The bastard of it is that, to a degree, it’s become true. In the same way Nietzsche predicted newspapers of yesterday become today’s religious truths – not objectively “true,” but culturally indisputable. Which is as close to truth as most come. Whites could do it alone. But Whites can’t unite with other Whites, about being White. Literally the simplest math equation in this.

But I digress. Since I am an Erhnonationalist who is tired of seeing it mercilessly proven that words can mean anything, I shall argue from the perspective of White Identity. Objectively, the coloureds are measurably less handicapped by globalism in that their ability to galvanise tribally is chartably unencumbered comparatively. Whites will predictably abandon any outlying self-loyalties in order to pursue weaponised unity. To our detriment. This is a widespread factor in our psychology likely facilitated by group evolutionary strategy, which in a White World was a benefit but is now a hindrance. This is because lacking this same component, the coloureds will never truly seek this unicorn unity. They’ll say the words, but not mean them. They’ll go right back to being whatever flavour they are the second our backs are turned. To our detriment. They’ll pursue their best self-interest. At our cost. How do I know this? They do it now. Why should they change? Ever? We kowtow, pay the bill and make excuses. The day a “unity” that involves Whites imposing on coloureds a standard we’d set for ourselves… I see three outcomes. None of which are fluffy in the way “unity” is supposed to make you feel. If settle for that. But realistically, unity won’t mean fairness. Nothing universal.

Whites should, I repeat should develop enough self awareness to realise that working with does not require forgetting of. The fallacy here is that working with coloureds means we stop being White and having self-interests. Because the White idea of unity is a totality summed up no better than the often abused scripture quote “there is neither Jew, nor Gentile, slave nor free.” It wasn’t always this way, some rough 100 years of carefully selected for social conditioning saw to this. Everything we see is a culmination.

Notice that among White Americans it is fashionable to drop the White in favour of the American. Blacks are far less likely to do the same. And they can always take it back. Can we? Jews do only when convenient but quickly become Jews again when it is socially expedient. Whites seem to be the only race uniquely qualified to be fully poisoned by universalist globalism, the only race willing to forget itself. These same Whites will decry globalism is evil and cite, not their own harm, but damages against coloureds as proof. Yet it is not the same. Commercialistic globalism is a poison more specifically geared to enthral the coloured races who view status materially, rather than morally. Spiritual globalism is our rot.

If we were smart, we could try and work toward “unity” with our best interests in mind. Remind ourselves our culture and heritage before entering the “unity” minefield. But to succeed we would need a firm grasp of self-awareness and mastery to avoid being lost in the crowd like we always do. That means, select for situations (not policies, as these are often two different things) which benefit us. It is no benefit to us that infinity welfare be granted coloureds. It is no benefit to us that Jews monopolise the word “hollowcost.” Holocaust, old habit.

By allowing ourselves to be plunged into that rhetoric we remain slaves. And no. It is not necessary to engage on that level. Because we win nothing. False unity is not a victory. It is an illusion that will convince only Whites, for it is only for us to buy. You can talk to me about your Talented Tenth – I’ll ask if they believe the rhetoric. And if they do, shall we ignore that coloured proponents of the unity are often highly mixed and therefore ill-disposed toward homogeneity of any colour?

It is not good enough that this is what everyone’s doing, therefore tag along. This seems to be the logic. Don’t be black sheep. We should control our own dialogue. What’s good for Whites is good for all, what’s done is bad for Whites. Simple as. We can do that without kowtowing. The world that’s being rewritten into existence isn’t one a sane person wants to live in, and most of the highly public resistance is a catch-all to rebuild that world in the guise of controlled opposition. When a gatekeeper like Jones, or Frisella or anyone tells me Whites have the right to self-determination without having to mention everyone else in the same breath I’ll listen. But they don’t. They have forced diversity too. Oh, so natural. Let me select my ideal token black friend to prove how not racist I am. Lime that matters, and like anyone gives a shit beyond being cancelled for not caring enough.

CoVid tyranny isn’t unique or new. The draconic implements were in place before. What’s changed is who’s under the boot. Nobody gave a fuck when White Nationalists were under the boot. Nobody cared when the goalpost moved far enough that, somehow, Talmudic necromancy turned the Q-Tards into Nazis or found ways to promote “Nazi” Rallies with gay Indian keynote speakers as a credible threat. The amount of reeeeee requires a deer whistle to hear. Now everybody the system doesn’t like is a Nazi, and rather than see the forest for the trees the average idiot’s tactic is unchanged. “Lol im a nazi? No YOUR a Nazi lmfao.” Hoo boy.

How about nobody’s a Nazi? What is even a Nazi? Fascism is a meaningless insult. None of that matters. All it does is beat Whites into a corner and make them docile. If Nazi is the worst thing somebody calls me this week, it’s been a good goddamn week. After two years of it being suggested I’m a bad dad BECUZ NO SCIENCE than the jackboots feel somehow comfortable, and the breeze never felt better over a freshly shaved scalp. Hypothetically, as you’ll understand. Certainly I know nothing of your bad optics. I’m a good boy. Dindu nuffins.

I’ll tell you another thing for free. Take every single vector for self-determination away from Whites en masse and see what happens. T’ain’t hard to figure. History happens. It repeats itself. Periods of self-destructive obeisance are more often than not followed by gripping, bloody, incomprehensibly savage and often directionless violence. It’s not hard to understand. Like the French Revolution, or a great many of the English Revolutions of which the American Revolution was such a one. You have a population with a higher than average IQ which uses that IQ exclusively for mental gymnastics required to justify their interment in a bad system, in so doing drive themselves quite mad. We’re never that far from the madness. And isn’t it telling that we have to, as if possessed, damnify anything typified by order. Order, being the cure to chaos by necessity. Huh. How silly, people demanding law and order. Nevermind the literally unbroken death toll that chaos continuously costs us.

Will the wonders ever cease?

9 thoughts on “Forgive Not Forget

  1. Great post. Not much to add. In the great reckoning, we’ll need to be very clearheaded to stay focused on doing what is constructive, and not just lash out. No violence, although I’m not against exiling the elites to St. Helena. (I can hear the smug bragging now “Napoleon was exiled here too you know! Man, this cough won’t go away…”.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. Clear-headed. I know a lot of folks have their elaborate revenge fantasies all lined up. Whatever. You do you, I guess. I always wonder, though. If someone of “the movement” got to look “the enemy” in the eye… Could they turn fiction into biography? And half the time, /our guys/ want to waste time being mad at race traitors, who while pathetic, are just that. Half of them probably aren’t aware of their treachery.

      Call me crazy. Call me daft: but I believe a bloodless revolution is possible, at least on some fronts. If enough Nationalists and Paleoconservatives and whatever other kind of Libertarian we can work with can set aside doctrinal goofiness I think we’re absolutely able to IQ up a workable partition in which everybody wins.

      But outside that circle I don’t see a lot of desire for cooperation. The Centre really can’t hold, in this case, it’ll go Left or Right before any kind of Third Position becomes available – and I think the Left, as another commenter to this blog pointed out, is overplaying it’s hand. At the behest of the puppeteer. Oh. And in case I don’t read back from you before then, happy New Year’s Eve tomorrow, and a blessed New Year’s Day. I think there’s a lot to be optimistic about, despite how dire are our straits.


      1. Best wishes in the New Year to you as well. I agree that we can be optimistic. I think FAUXVID is proving to be the Boy Who Cried Wolf, the Emperor With No Clothes, and the straw that breaks the camel’s back, all in one.

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