I been using Duolingo awhile. No. I’ve not mastered a language. No, it’s not the Owl’s fault. Mine. My own. Not precious. I’ve fiddled with a few different languages. First of all, I like the operating system – more or less. But then I got distracted by the episode of the guy who took over for Cantwell I was listening to. America’s favourite fake Injun, Lizbeth Warren is gonna speak for what’s left of Joe Meat Puppet (Muppet) Biden. Here’s a link.


Of course. I can’t not listen to this kind of thing. I have student loan debt. Like many Americans I have a much different opinion than those who do not have student loan debt. Entitled, I’m sure many “privileged” Americans would call it. Now. Listen to the clip if you want. I don’t care. I’ll read between the lines anyway.

I won’t see see a squirt unless it’s piss and Warren tells me it’s raining. Hard. That admission is naked. Bait: with a wave of his pen Biden could cancel Student Loan Debt. Tacit admission; he could but doesn’t, he represents a government that cancels it’s own debts and gives itself arbitrary raises but is otherwise content to let you die in a gutter. Warren confesses that the system is predatory. But wait. Biden: can cancel Student Loan Debt= Bait. The hook is that there is “inequality.” So obviously the only beneficiaries of this are from the goddamn getgo going to be coloureds. So we’re neverminding all the White kids who were raised to put their entire self worth on the achievement of some piddly dink fucking degree that’s worth less than the Xerox it’s on. Splendid. No. It’s important we remember the Blags, who truly dindu nuffin, and their collegiate struggles. Also Meskins. Fabulous. Will the wonders ever cease? Now I’m sure Professor Tyrovius Maximus Groidberg never had a hand up. Ever. Is a complete self-made man and only has the one mistake of student loans. No other assistance. No other programmes. Certainly not an entire country literally rewritten to help him make his way.


Let’s just pretend that kind of hackneyed rhetoric ISN’T a bare-assed attempt to further drive the ever escalating tensions in this country. What else can that kind of selectively divisive language do? Have we got to spell it out?

Big hair, don’t care. Carry on.

If you’re going to talk about nullifying anything, do it. Nullify it. Zero sum. Don’t give us this mealy mouth pissant garbage. But then. It’s designed to make you angry. People like me are SUPPOSED to hate. If I am successfully made into a caricature of myself, I become abhorrent to other Whites. There’s an entire series of complicated psychological traps designed to draw men into the hate hole and never let them go. Dialectics, dialectics, always with dichotomies. As if because you love one thing you must hate everything else. Whatever. I was bitching about predatory loans.

Here’s a slice of the White post-collegiate experience. Outcomes may vary. You sink years of living into a college that’s intellectually deficient, where you routinely upstage professors with unorthodox knowledge. You have crippling debt thereafter with a pile of legalise so high, most people crumple and take the Talmud express to forever debt slavery because the lingo is so contrived normal humans can’t understand it.

Fine. It’s your White privilege. Now you look for work. While paying debt. You find that first fruits are owed coloureds. Historical injustices. You know they wouldn’t be anywhere without the Gibs, so you ignore them and remember it’s the Gubmint at fault. You don’t end up in your career path and start over as a tradesmen. Debt follows.

Meanwhile you see a Government with an intractable debt have the unmitigated gall to debate responsibility, while coddling their coloured pets who are their proxies. They proceed to use their proxies to try and guilt you into all sorts of direcrions. Then they give their pets allowances they deny you, because of your privilege.

Very Good.

In some ways I guess Duolingo is like that. It used to be somewhat challenging. But now they’ve lowered the common denominator. Used to be a bunch of weebs learning Japanese and angry young men with debt learning German. Now it’s a bunch of coloureds learning de ingrish. Uh-huh. Now the streak freeze is a purchase bribe. I could, conceivably, have a 1 year streak of “no missed lessons” by perpetually buying freezes and say I’m an honourary Dane. Except, I have a sense of honour.

Now you can still get by. That’s the lesson. But not by going with the trend. The trend being an entitlement to feel successful without having put in effort. So. Why would anyone put in the effort? Approved system minorities are propped up, and Old Stock are kicked down. In life, not Duo. This brings me to my next question. I hear a lot about how it’s despicable how so many Americans take the gibs. Usually it’s by hard-working older Americans who only think they know what it’s like to put on a different pair or shoes for a mile or two.

why wouldn’t they? What does America stand for that anybody should want to stick their neck out, without some lofty goal? The vast majority of humanity needs it spelled out for them. If we’re honest, society unloads conflicted messages. It’s increasingly difficult for anyone to stand for anything without it becoming some kind of dramatic. And so, most choose to stand for nothing; because that is what’s sensible. What else would it be?

Is it gender equality which feels like a cudgel on the other side of it?

is it mandatory sensitivity training?

is it being forever warmed to enriched diversity?

Is it being told why losing your culture is good?

is it being punished for asking why?

is it never being able to catch up because the cards are stacked against you, and then being called lazy for failing?

is it the hostile working environments?

is it the overwhelming sense of belonging to so something great?

is it the mandatory sarcasm one employs because things are so generally dismal that so few can be up front about it.

America could have been a nation. It chose to be a country. She could have done well. We were almost a spacefaring country. We had adventure. What is the telos of America now? We pander only to minority interests, which are themselves a sham. We prattle about the sickest shit; trannies, pedos, worse than that now I’m sure. On top of that shit salad is a slice of CoVid pie. The flu bro, is gonna get you.

Meanwhile, I have it on good authority, you can make money playing Vidya on YouTube. Eating exotic foods on something called “Twitch” or was that TikTok? You can make income with blogs. You can make money doing virtually anything antithetical to existentially painful work. I don’t begrudge anyone who takes the bait. If Cindy Loo Who wants to make money eating doughnuts for repressed lurkers, fine. If Bobby No Nickels wants to make bank turning speedruns of Skyrim into Bitcoin? What-evs. I’ll still be available to build your studio, and maybe I look kinda dumb with my finger and my thumb on my face in the shape of a speedsquare… But if the shit ever hits the fan, build your kitchen with pinstagram social credit score. Please. If you succeed, THEN I’ll see you in the Batchroom.

Why would anyone feel motivated to succeed when literally, there is no foreseeable reward? Your success is still failure because no matter what, there’ll be some asshole to tell you you should have done it different. And so America takes the streak freeze. It’s not really that different from the Turbo-Boomer who does the reverse mortgage, nullifies inheritances and gives it all to Africa. That self-made man who forgets the Silent Generation whose lifeblood made them wealthy. We need ancestral wealth, no generation is exempt. There is no true self-made man. All who rise climb on someone else’s back. Shouldn’t be any shame in admitting that.

So the answer remains, the only people trying are those with skin in the game. You can employ a trillion streak freezes but you ain’t get no XP. Yet those who have something to lose, but more than something to gain, they’ll be soaking in the knowledge that the others piss away. Working without renown. May be for the best. The best coffee comes from plants that had to struggle the hardest.

So to be clear. I’m not advocating anyone piss their life away arbitrarily. But it is bothersome that, speaking of arbitrary, we have a system of appraisal for success which is just that. Arbitrary. Fickle. Capricious. Defective. Insert synonyms at your leisure.

Man should take pleasure in work. But this should be because his work has meaning, and is part of his legacy. Dare I say his Odal, or his Oikos. A woman should not be tied to a man’s measure of success. After all, the missing link here is that society’s progress was a means to improving the stock of the family. If Farmer John could keep the wife fat and happy, the cows milking and the chickens alive until harvest, make sure his children were going to be healthy enough to live longer than him – than he did a damn good job and he should be proud. A good deal of inventions had noble intensions with families in mind. Farmer John was never meant to be some dingbat executive, and Nancy Whiskey was never meant to compete because nobody was ever supposed to be sitting on the 90th floor of a stupid glass tower.

T’ain’t progress.

But no. The social constructs falsely presented as truth prefer extremes. If a woman opts out it must because there’s a man who’s chained her to the radiator. If a man opts out, he’s just lazy. That’s the common wisdom. I don’t blame the average Jane and Joe Murica from losing steam. And hopefully, Jane and Joe will fall in with the right crowd when they see them living a better life than the empty promise ZOG gave them. If not, than peace be upon them and let us be on our way.

Maybe it’s better this way. Let Hela keep what She has.

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