I told myself I’d stay away. Seax, I says to myself, don’t do it. You didn’t want to weigh in on the Coof, and you did and hated every year of it. All two weeks of those two years. And it’s not gone, it’s not over. Why should it be over? Maybe, maybe when folks get tired of switching their state fag flags for Ukraine banners than the CDC will trot out a Russkie Variant of the Unparalleled Times Bro-Flu. Or whatever.

Because it apprarently is of monumental importance that we remain mad at Russia. Why? Who knows. A question folks get tired of my asking immediately is why on Earth did we side with Russia at all – EVER? Because clearly precious democracy was never really Mother Russia’s jam. It wasn’t when they had an autocratic empire and crushing religious theocracy. It wasn’t when they had crippling, savage revolution and it wasn’t important when they had communism. By the way, democracy isn’t anymore important to Russia now than it is here.

What’s different? The citizens of Glorious Former Soviet Republics are told what to believe and punished for dissent. The Americans have the same rubric, with a more indulgent script. If Putin’s bank-roller tomorrow calls Vlad up and says: Vlad, love gays – well, then I guess we won’t be laughing at Dugin and his horseshit theories will we? Anti-homo laws? More like Fourth Political Gender, baybeeee! But ZOG will see to it that Russia catches up. They’ll have their little global anti-fa press conference and jerk off into America’s lap and tell us it’s piggy pudding. They’ll tell all the little anti-national socialist fanboys how good it is and how they fought the good fight all along. Those damned Ukrainian Nazis and their goofy little Azov Battalion, blablabla.blah.blah.

Do you follow? The Russian state virtue signals like all the rest. They’ll fight your Nazis in Ukraine, or whatever the hell tracksuit Nation. They’ll criminalise free thought and hammer down on anyone questioning the Hollowcost and the monumental importance of the Six Gorillion and a Half. Sure, the Russian State apparently made some comments that hurt the butts of queers more than prolapse and anal leakage already do, but, come on. Big picture, Goys. Again: the winds change, and the things you think make Russia appear strong could become weak. America used to project strength. Who’d have thought queer bashing, nigger lynching America would host Bog Queen Story Hour? Yet here we all are, like backups in a Rammstein song.

Russian State is a part of all this. My left nut has a bigger slot in the Rogue’s Gallery. And so does yours – even if you’re a woman. If you look at the spreadsheet, Russia looks pretty socially just. I mean, all the commie loving morons who want Socialism have to admire their having had it and reworked it for “better” times. They fight Nazis so hard that Stalin’s pushing up daisies with his dead dick in hell. Amazing. They love Jews. They’re basically the next State in the American Union after Alaska.

So why are they the bad guy in all this?


Ah. Yes. Of course! Russia Bad. Therefore Ukraine Good. Natürlich! Genau! Virklig! And so forth.

Yes. The Ukraine is good. It’s good because everyone and their dead uncle is virtue signalling about how much they love Ukraine. “We stand with Ukraine.” Ukraine flags on businesses. On cars even. I live in Maine. I drove through Biddo the other day where most people don’t care if they live or die. Yet, the business that used to have infinity fag flags has painted over the window some French yuck broke with… Ukraine flag. And they’ve got some effigy of Putin with his eyes Sharpie’d out. Not sure what that means.

Ukraine is good because it has token media sponsorship. Money making businesses love Ukraine. So should you. Russia bad because money hate Russia, so you should too. Grug see bush, Grug pee in bush, Grug tell bush it rain, why no bush grow?

Wake up.

Oppositions are controlled. To all you people who figured out the Coof was a show-horse… Why? Why for Wøden’s sake is this any different? Do you really think any glittering screen with (((M O N E Y))) is going to tell you a truth? Do you think any side cares about you? Your family? Your dog? Your dog’s stick?


This is all a game for the elites. Speculation feeds the monster. That monster has gotten quite the nutritive bounce from its constituents. Boycott? Sure, fine, whatever. Boycott vodka? The hell is that supposed to do? It’ll hurt liquor distributors and add to economic decline. Maybe. But do you think Vlad the Regaler sits up at night in his stocking hat and cries over spilt Stolichnaya? No! God is laughing at you if you think that.

Boycott the media. Boycott this ludicrous drama. The script writing sucks. The actors are all bad. The viewing audience is convincing themselves the show is a good one because nothing else is on. For Frīja’s sake, go watch reruns of Doc Martin or something. When this is over, the Ukraine will go back to being an obscure Russian satellite that nobody’s grandma can find on a map. Don’t kid yourself. It’s a game. A game, a game, a wonderful game.

There are no winners. We should consider our governments as separate entities as ourselves and treat them as hostile interlopers in our lives.

I’ve been your host, Eternal Anglo Seax, and I’m off to make rødegrød med fløde and not drink gammeldansk because why, again, do I care about the Ukraine? Stand with a cool country. Like Denmark, or Deutschland, or England, or Holland. Or better still, have we asked ourselves what “stand with” means?

I got into an argument with a man about this petty, stupid war. My argument was that this is a war which isn’t our business that kills good people. A war who’s discontents will hurt us, even if our boots never hit foreign soil. And why? For the posturing of two figureheads in a sanctioned pissing match.

Oh no. Putin’s the bad guy.

Evidently it’s too much to ask it be known that both guys are the same guy. They’re looking to kiss the same asses. “I stand with Ukraine means I don’t support the war, but I stand with the Ukrainian people.” Nigga, you didn’t know the Ukraine was a separate country until a few months ago!

I agree, standing “with” X should mean standing with the people. But it doesn’t, in the main. It means standing with the media. Standing with so and so means trying to extend solidarity, not bombshells. It’s very simple. Simple. But folk standing with Ukraine, they do, they stand with the media. They have the artificial community of flag wavers. They cheer the “freedom” “fighters” going to die for another ZOG war. That is precisely the opposite. This is standing against humanity in general.

“So the Ukraine should just roll over and die?”

Did the civilian body of either population want this? Have you asked them?

Well FOX…

Doesn’t owe you shit. After 2 years of Coof, the Eternal News Cycle great resets and everyone puts on a propeller hat and flies away. No. That isn’t how this works. Lies. Lies are what you’re fed. If anyone thought about the cost/benefit ratio of all this it’s clear. What happened to the “no more America world police” crowd? What is this? This is ZOG – American geopol, NATO, UN, whatever the hell, flexing. Literally, policing the world.

Oh, but it’s okay now because media.

There is no reeeeeee loud or long enough. So again. I’ve been your host, Seaxwulf the Sperg-Hammer and this has been a dose of Maine Salt. Forget that Himalayan crap. Stand with Iceland. What wars are they starting? Let’s start growing sympathies for reasonable cultural allies.

Eimskip did nothing wrong!



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