Poem: Life Between Springs

along the ridges, clefts and scars

the mounds and digits

buds have grown

whispering slips

they throb and ache

life yearns to fill itself

a song that’s sung but hard to find

to find the words to sing it

yet still is born as seeds within

and written in the hearts of men

which drips like blood red ink

the yearning toward eternal return

of them who seek their Goddess

as above and so below

gently now the seed is sown

the landsman’s thumb has plumbed the soil

where blood has kissed the fallow Earth

such a subtle hymn of praise

a one more sublime none could want

the green has come to yield

to offer up a promise of her fruit

which we shall taste and waken to

the sense of our place abroad

saplings push up from the ground

budding heads peel back their skins

showing us the green within

totem poles and Irminsul

all Nature plants a shrine

two Ravens perch above the scene

and higher still the Eagle flies

once and come again

the Gardner knows to read the signs

the Goddess spread her tender lips

in the yearning of the year

and now we see her flower bloom

as pollen coats the fields

life seeks after surging life

her plate and cup flow smoothly over

having gorged Her with our gifts and time

and so long at last having had her fill

we reap the friendship of her thighs

as life expands her borders

we work to plough the fatted land

that in the end our bodies fill

another gift to be repaid

she cannot be kept full for long

soon will come the dark and storms

þūnor howls and Wōden hurls his spear

looming like spirits across the deep

the fury of a hungry Earth

the promise of the coming Fall

when She eats from Ella’s plate

and Bældæg sleeps within

the God cannot die forever

and those above wait for his birth again

and the Summer Sun slays the Winter

and we can again give suck to Idunn’s tit

and drink the lifestream our Earth has given

lives lived between the Springtides

the yawning of the gaps

the sweet and satisfied moan

where Earth Herself is born again

before her Ragnarøk

the reckoning of our time

dear compass of the world

our Vegsvisir


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