Coin Toss

Peradventure your employer whom you dislike hands you a coin. Heads he wins, tails you lose. An honest gamble as all risk is. Blind, like Fortuna that dear, sweet Goddess. If you examine the coin honestly, ask, what do you see? Two sides “separated” by a thin rim. Both outcomes are generated by the same source, and that source is given by a catalyst whose variables you do not control.

That being said, why flip the coin?

You can vote Republican, or Democrat. Talk to me about Whigs and Tories. Or Labour. Fine. There is one coin. There is only one outcome. The side you land looks inward and sees the opposition, which is controlled. You know it is. No sense beating around the bush.

To the same end, Russia and Ukraine are one coin that someone else has flipped in all our names. Heads they win, tails we lose. With the extent to which hostile agencies control the narrative of media, does anybody really think they were going to let us extract a victory from a game whose rules they’ve written? Why am I going to pretend any this is my business? War is war, there are no heroes. Only actors, and the ones who die for them. One coin.

Placebo. Thinking you can play the system makes you a very fat rat who has become so fat by gorging on a precise dose of neurotoxin. Who can blame? Rat poison works because it’s base nutrition is high. You could stuff your gills with cyanide for years without it killing you. The content of poison is quite low, but quite enough. Apples have arsenic in their seed, concentration kills. And hope is a powerful drug, a potent aphrodisiac. Do you think that Hope and Fear aren’t the primary drivers? They cloud your thinking. And they aren’t at all that unlike.

But please, hold onto your dollars, pounds and shillings. When the economy flips they might be collector’s items.

Hope is in a smile. It’s in the hand you shake. The woman you embrace. The son you raise. There is nothing but disappointment in speculating on Slavic affairs. Or any foreign affair. Who do you know? Who are your friends? Who was the last person you shared a secret with? Who was the last person whose sweat or perfume you’ve smelled? These are variables we can manipulate. And please, dispense with this “manipulation is crass.” All sentience is, is conscious manipulation of variables, instead of rote impulse and instinct. Moral imperiousness saves none, especially not the tosser of the coin.

Hope is there. In your real life. By externalising all your hope and channeling your energy into a saviour, you earn a complex. Not your desired result. Like minds are what save us. Not leaders and their fancy talk. Nor bumbling speeches. Nor promises. Your own, the ones you know. Everything else is an uncontrolled variable. There is no true hope outside this. There is passing fancy, quaint notions, inspiration that can be taken home to the tribe when the internet goes away for the day.

Endurance. Patience. Even Tolerance. (The irony, I know.) Hope is fed by these. Hope is working through the hard times with the men and women you’ve gathered to you. Your patience will be rewarded in time. Let the scum go, scum gathers and will always cling to it’s own. Can it be helped? Maybe. There’s always a cost. But you? You’ll know your own. If you have your back, and they have yours, you’ll find that when handed the coin you can pocket it and save it for later. This is ownership. It becomes easier to ignore the call to do the latest thing and pander to the War Dance of the Slav. Or the once and future Virus. Or “The Movement.” Or feelings. Or whatever other means used to emotionally blackmail you with. Like cats.

Perhaps there is something to Anarchy. Because true Anarchy is impossible and Hierarchy is inevitable, the mere pretense of it would force pretenders to work together closely in spite of those claiming rightful inheritance over their Gods given Agency, their Will and Destiny. It would force communalism and it would delineate a lot of Idols of the Mind. Their exorcism would show us a lot about ourselves.

If you need me, I’ll be off pulling roadside war flags after work. Ignore the red hearts, none of this is about love. Just dentures and servitude.

Wæs thū hāl.

No quetzal ever called me a tosser.

This Poll brought to you by the Republicratic Committee to Back Coin based Polls with Coins Polled by the Public via Bitcoin. This Poll not endorsed by any Candidate living or dead. Please sign up for GoFundMe so the government can shut you down. Vote!!!

2 thoughts on “Coin Toss

  1. Last thought.

    The coin was also payment to the Ferryman, Charon, for to cross the River Styx. A symbol of your way to Hades’ kingdom. The Teutons also sent coins on the funeral ship, into barrows and to the pyre. They are, and have always been, the last loss of ownership over your life. Kids: don’t gamble, the wager is always your life.

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