Poem: Purity Spiral

Oh I gazed into the Abyss

my precious

I’m afraid it’s not that hard to do

I’ve tasted the whirlwinds

drank the gushing waters of the spiritless deep

I’ve swallowed the storm, and it becomes me

the Abyss is full, it won’t look me in my eye

and I hear the screams of a thousand mes

the selves that could have been ground beneath the wheel

trapped in the vortex

begging for sweet release

to know the Goddess as she licks her lips

urging on to break free from the womb

to relax into the sunshine of a begotten day

to be, where naught has been

to forget the bright night of soul

the sleepless nights, the hunter’s moon

with wringing hands depressing



the masques we wear become our shrines

temples to an Alien God, we worship

worship in our waking dreams

sour songs with no words

imperfection denied, another self crucified

another day, another self

I would feed the Goddess purity

but there between her legs the Abyss has beckoned

the gap which yawns can never fill

and life not once flow over

Hel keeps what she has

and I shall take my tribute to the grave

and see her mound grown fat

there within our Earth

souls enshrined in barrow’s depth

when it comes my time to pray

that all is made pure in death

as I live and breathe

perfection evades me

2 thoughts on “Poem: Purity Spiral

  1. Purity has its place as embodied by honor, decency, respect, protecting childhood innocence, self-improvement as a small scale form of Eugenics/purification, and generally seeking to rise above. The absence of the concept of purity/wholesomeness would be to regard everything as sin and nothing as sacred.

    Though I think perfection is flawed as a perfect world absent of strife is also absent of the growth that strife/struggle/challenges bring.

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    1. I agree. What I’m angling toward here is that, maybe especially in our circles, “perfection” becomes a cudgel to beat people with less a pursuit of one’s own spiritual elevation. And how on a personal scale, “perfection” can become a watchword for stripping away perfectly valid elements of one’s personality in seeking for some kind of idealised, high-minded stereotype spirituality denying the sensual aspects of it. Asceticism, mortification of the flesh, I don’t see much of a place for it in a post-Christian context.

      The hunt is in the chase and the devil is in the details, I always say.

      If I always chase perfection, even knowing I’ll never find it – in myself, in the movement, whatever – than its guaranteed I’ll always make strides. When I’d stop growing spiritually is if I’d ever come to a place where I think I know best, and begin holding everyone around me to a narrow gauge of success and eliminating non-compliers.

      That kind of over-moralisation, as opposed to seeking middleground, cooperation, syncretism, negotiation, has crippled the movement. For example, if I believe in Odinism, have strong underlying sympathies for Luciferian Gnosticism, Alchemical Spirituality and wish I could go and experience (either by revival or vicariously) a RetvrnTradition that balanced the polarities of masculine/feminine and brought the Great Goddess that reigned from Palæolithic til proto-Semitism and Hellenic quasi-pœdorasty began to infect Rome and then the whole West… If I believe in that admittedly *unorthodox Odinism, and have a friend who is suspicious of Odinism but nevertheless worships the Old Gods, thinks maybe there is something to Icke’s lizard people and buys into the Christian propaganda about serpents, denies that women should have agency in the movement… or maybe my best friend is C.I., etc… I think it’s better to seek the middleground rather than throw away a good friendship and automatically assume person B is a bad actor because his cosmology or intricate political opinions don’t stack up to a clean 💯.

      A bit esoteric. Maybe not. But nobody comes here expecting to leave with a handful of fluff & empty calories. Effort-post? More like thikkkpost, amirite? Anyway. Happy Sunday.

      *https://spergbox.wordpress.com/2022/01/21/concerted-cosmological-contrivances/ I know that this too is a thikkk effort-post, but feel free to drop a line there if you ever have time or want to. I try not to bite.

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