On the Sublime Irony of Tolerance Among Other Likely Ineffective Observations: Or, a Brain-Dump

As a phenomenon I’ve found the “further” into my own political recesses I go, the more tolerant I become. This is not to say condoning, society struggles with the impartation of precisely where those two forces meet and disagree. I am “intolerant,” for example, because I have strictly defined parameters of what I’ll fight for and what I won’t, what is relevant to my interpretation of “the struggle” and what is not.

With this understanding comes freedom and wiggle room. I don’t need to be the tails to some neoliberal’s heads and shut down the minute an unpleasant question crosses my path. Because I know what my convictions are, I’m free to explore my options. I’m also not so concerned about face values. Superficial things are just that, transient.

It is true, I believe in any number of fanciful things which rendered down to their essential parts can be translated as “exclusivism.” That’s the ability to exclude unwanted elements. It is laboursome and tired, but bears repeating that the “tolerant left” is nakedly exclusivist, and proudly so. Because they have the moral doctrine to belabour their insensitivity.

Freedom of Association: perhaps as an example, I roll with an Asatru Troth which argues that because Asatru can be defined as an indigenous religion, that it should have the right to exclude non-Europeans, that is, non-Whites (since that’s the issue that bothers most.) At the end of the day, objectively speaking, it’s not principally different because an arbitrary membership decision is being made.

Right to self-determination. It’s simple, really, I should be able to define my own experiences and not be holden to another’s. What is White? If White is what I am, and is my experience, it can only be mine to define. I might laugh at this obsession with propriety amongst neoliberals, and their 23 new genders. But I also don’t see a point in brutalising them since the reality is, it’s not really about gender. I think it’s about power. I’ve found that asking people why these issues are so important does more than telling them.

The neoliberal state has created an enforced fantasy land in which there are no natural consequences for natural actions. This is true. We live in a cesspit of Lovecraftian horrors. Seriøsly. Tentacle porn is a thing, it is, apparently, all the rage among urbanites. I know this because they tell me. And I hate it. That exists in the same timeline as trans story hour, and sex education in which grown adults give masturbation advice to children. These same people feel morally justified in reprimanding others. The unparalleled volume of what could be explained as absolute degeneracy nevertheless seems to grow daily. Makes my having a taste in thikkk women seem very tame, comparatively. Thank Frīja for small favours. I digress.

However, it is nevertheless I think important for Nationalists to move beyond the self-imposed narrow gauge we often have. Begin abandoning some of the obtuse and self-defeating principled hills to die on we love so much. There’s a Goldilocks Zone for us. We know that the Purity Spiraller whose high minded virtues have excluded him from every level of society is useless. He is why Nationalism so often becomes a cannibalistic orgy of paranoia, deceit and predictable, almost hilarious failure. Then you have the secret aristocrat who with his big bloody brain has done the math- but will never rock the boat because to do means risking his invested retirement. Or the upcummies he gets from pretending to be like everyone else.

I understand that these polarities will always be. And I don’t begrudge anyone that. I don’t even necessarily begrudge anyone who won’t engage with our corner of identity politics simply because it is social suicide. It’s just as possible and just as useful for people in the know to shift the Overton Window without us breaking it for them. There are plenty of people sight unseen who are in our corner but can’t afford to be seen in it. They’re actually profoundly useful. Think about it. But what does the brainlet purist do? Accuse and attack.

Why would anybody need actual enemies, when they have bedfellows like that?

I’ve said this for years. But those of us in the know will have to start making friends in strange places. You cannot count on a Revolution. Not since the National Alliance, I don’t think, has there been a sizeable group with a shelf-life exceeding five years. If there are, than not by much. Or they’re funded by Feds. Inevitably doctrinal inconsistency arises when groups become bloated, full of hot air. These lead to fractures. Nobody ever fractures peacefully, and it’s always like a divorce drama between ‘who gets the kids’ and ‘I ain’t paying any child support.” You’re almost better off waiting for SHTF and his cousin GODOT than for your constituent Identity Politick to get it together without State assistance like neoliberalism has. Nobody’s coming to the rescue, stop waiting for Superman. He’s dead. Batman killed him.

I’ll always say it, that ideas of sweeping change are nice, but impractical. It’s almost impossible to control narratives across geographical distances. Let’s say Maine’s own Blueberry Queen annexed New Hampshire and gobbles up all their blueberries, let’s say she rolls over Massachusetts and takes Vermont and then Connecticut before turning Rhode Island back into a duchy of the Bay State. She becomes the Blueberry Queen of New England, challenges the Dairy Queen of ZOG to a duel and wins. New England won’t be able to impose absolute cost on the rest of the country and expect cultural obedience. Loyalty is bred in proximity, the more disparate a thing, the greater the chance for drift. The impression of ease is there because the entire world stage, banking, media, military industrial complices are literally hinged on it. But without that funding, it’s an impossible dream. The Blueberry Queen doesn’t have that kind of money, honey.

What is not impossible is to make natural alliances with families you can reach. Yes. Families. This isn’t the incel alliance. These nuclei are powerful. Why? It’s all in who you know. If I have a friend with a wife with friends with wives, we’ll eventually fraternise. If you and your friend’s family are on the same page it creates a social precedence, which ameliorates resistance to your ideas. And it’s much less intimidating than a bunch of twitchy men, smoking in an alley somewhere talking about RAHOWA with their beady eyes darting nervously.

Another thing is social anxiety. One of the reasons things have gotten so bad is because nobody has an ability to agree to disagree. Everything is attack and defend. Now that the state informs the narrative, who gets unlimited hit points in this sad RPG is clear – NPCs do.

In my life, I don’t cut people off that don’t believe as I do. But I also don’t hide what I think. I don’t apologise. There’s nothing sadder than a man apologising for his beliefs. Can the tolerant left say the same? No, because they’re righteous. I’ve been refused work, and there’s a couple of times folks have tried to dox me. And apologies have been demanded of me, concessions. Live and learn. That’s their right, according to the world we live in. They know if the shoe was on the other foot, that something similar would happen. So they punish in advance. It’s worth mentioning, typically, that dogmatism and tyrannical application of narrowness are symptoms of a guilty mind.

Another reason for the irony of all this tolerance talk… I don’t know a single Nationalist who has ever been asked why they believe as they do by someone who doesn’t agree. We can talk all day about how, for example, someone can justify violent anarchic reactionist sympathies with funded groups like Antifascist Action. Sure. The neoliberal can expend infinity mental gymnastics points to explain how violence isn’t violence when it’s done by the right kind of people. We’ll ignore the hypocrisy for now.

And yet the White man who doesn’t want his kid exposed to trannies, blasted with forever guilt-mongering, injected with bizarre chemicals – is bad. The man who doesn’t want diversity, is bad. Why should a New Englander feel ashamed of wanting to raise his children in New England and not that Star Wars cantina I forget the name of? Detroitus, I believe. Why exactly does Old England need diversity? What’s wrong with being English, or a Yankee? Why should Germany have to apologise forever, and literally pay out of pocket to keep the Continent on life support? Why shouldn’t Denmark be proud of owning Greenland? Why do Swedes have to be a punching bag? Why can’t the Irish point out the disproportionate affect of globalism on their society? Or Scotland whose drug addiction rate is supposedly top notch? The man who asks these questions is quickly vilified. That man can have no criminal record and have never hurt anything larger than a fly. It doesn’t matter. That same man is more likely to extend charity to somebody outside his political lens than the opposite.

You see it all the time. A suspected racist (and isn’t racist a categorically useless word now?) falls on hard times, and there is a litany of neoliberal voices typing GOOD on the internet. Cute. Because of this, we’re going to be vindicated in the end, if for no other reason than the increasing inhumanity of the self-proclaimed tolerant.

Will the wonders ever cease?

The simple fact is all sides of the political spectrum are going to have to come to terms with the fact that their magic unicorn still shits in their backyard, and they’re going to have to clean up their own backyards at some point, because nobody else will and the stench is a liability because the neighbours hate you. Yes. We’ve all heard the refrain: “well White people do crime too.” That doesn’t matter. We know black people do crime. For two. And three. Did you know yellow people also do crime? That doesn’t matter either. (Well, it does. Of course.) But for the average armchair big talker, it’s just an obfuscation. About as useful as talking about “when we win” and “our glorious principles.”

(I’ve said it before, we’ll only win with tribalism. Tribalism can inform anything. Kinism. Blood and soil. Whatever. But you can’t pass go without collecting and still win. You don’t get to skip the founding steps. Strong, local, grassroots. Nothing else will do. No amount of high-minded rhetoric. No glorious refrain. Nothing but hard work, emotional investment, and low time preference.)

One should be able to admit the deleterious ramifications of a thing whether pro or anti, without degenerating into a cartoon caricature. If I can do it, so can you. Keep a cool head, do the right thing. But keep your mind open. The intolerant tolerance of the establishment will be forcing more of us together than would have been anticipated in previous years. Certain differences are going to need to be shelved. You can keep your convictions and refrain from policing someone else’s, while focusing on the bare minimum of what can be agreed upon. You’ll find this brings far more peace that the rote attack and defend impulse the system foists on us. You also don’t need to act like a stooge, do be polite to women, don’t be shouting and frothing at the mouth, respect your fellow man. Extend honour to those who haven’t voided it, and note when they have. Be the kind of man you’d want as a neighbours, and shock upon shock, you’ll begin to find you have good neighbours. It’s true.

Being a Nationalist doesn’t mean playing into ZOG’s hand all the time. One can be polite, intelligent, engaging without sacrificing principle. There is nothing particularly heroic or revolutionsry about being droll, brash and futilely antisocial. We should be able to talk to all manner of people without anxiety. That’s always been a failing point in dissident politics, internalizing the narratives of others. You do it long enough, you feel like a fugitive. You shouldn’t.

And stay away from the media machine, left, right and centre. It exists to alter your brain chemistry and make you incapable of interlocution of nuance. It reduces your mental flexibility, and overall is a wasted distraction. All this worry about Ukraine and Coof and the Gubmint is killing chickens to prepare the eternal hoi polloi to consume next drama- it’s all like a fart in church, brief, gossip worthy and unpleasant – kept in circulation by acknowledging it.

It’s not hard to recognize the government hates you, without daily reminders. An occasional sitrep I think would do. For those not taken in hand by the Huhwhite Soooooopreemist bogeyman there is the rest of the cycle, but in every instance the end result is the same: nothing worthwhile is accomplished, the collective mental health of nations deteriorates, and the health of children declines with each passing offense against parental fertility endured.

We, all of us, have so many bigger fish to fry than petty bullshit.

Happy hump-day.

3 thoughts on “On the Sublime Irony of Tolerance Among Other Likely Ineffective Observations: Or, a Brain-Dump

  1. Nice. I have been discussing this very issue with my wife lately and I was basically arriving at the same conclusion. I wouldn’t call refusing to be a purist tolerance. People are different, that’s just reality. If you can have a nice conversation with another couple at a park or birthday party while the kids play that’s good enough. When push comes to shove they will prefer their neighbor that keeps an eye on their dog while gone for the weekend over the blue haired freaks that never shut their mouths at the office.


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