Pan and the Death of the Nation-State

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t stay away. When The War Dance of the Slavs replaced CoVidicus Maximus as the ‘Current Thing’ I told myself I’d ignore it. But then I got listening to Jared Howe over at “So To Speak.” For the record, to start, I think this war is a game played by “Elites.” I think taking sides in a staged war for Elite interests is patently ridiculous. It’s akin to investing energy in Fantasy Football.

A. ) The bulk of people “standing with” aren’t. Putting a sign in your lawn won’t stop a bullet. No dead Ukrainian ever says “thank you, Yank, for flying my flag instead of yours – this makes my life worth it.” Furthermore this pretending that Zelenskiyblatt is some hero is laughable. Truly. Come on, his popular scripts are Hollywood tier machismo. ‘I don’t need choppers, I need guns.’ Sure, Bud. Totally not a Hollywood movie for the goyim to gobble up and shit out.

B. ) I don’t fan Putin’s balls, but the capacity to mistranslate Russian motives is enormous. And the motives are obvious. For the same reason I don’t trust reporters to accurately render Hitler speeches, I don’t trust them to make fair assessments on Russia. In a monoglot world, (which I understand is not uniform, but English is more or less “the” Media-Industrial Complex’s language) it is altogether too easy to put words in the mouth of a foreigner. You can put subtitles on Putinsteen and make them say anything. Same for Zelenskiiburg. The response to perceived Russian aggression almost seems unprecedented- which, as I’ll attempt to show, a Nation is not its government. Punishing Russians because of “Russia” is hypocritical in a “tolerant” society. Will we live to see anyone take the same stance against Somalia for the measurable crimes of theirs we all endure? Hardly anyone talks about bombing Desertistan for the monumental damage incurred by Islamists. Is anybody ever going to ask why we give Israel so much money yearly, and get nothing in return but guilt trips and lectures? Lectures from a “state” literally fabricated out of other Semites’ bones? Come on. Russia is a distraction from the big-ass mountain of molehills we should be individually addressing.

But that isn’t why I’m writing this, per say, to discuss the morals of the Current Thing War Thing. I was listening to Mark Collette the other day, and I like Collette as far as I can tell. I don’t agree with 100% of everything he seems to believe. Why should I? However, he put the onus of the Ukraine war squarely on “America.” Which is the strict opposite of what Howe says, and he’s of course in the minority. A minority I’ve come to agree with. The majority of sources have determined this nebulous concept of “The West” did it. “The West” being an obfuscation intimating “America” and puppet states, controlled by Anglo liberalism.

(An excellent point Howe makes is that in no way do strains of classical liberalism embody modern strains of neoliberalism, just as traditional conservatism does not represent neoconservatism which all of them have very little to do with older Anglo-Saxon ideas. If you took GloboHomoGayPlex back to 1812 and said to anyone who had fought in the American Revolution that their sacrifices were entirely to pave the way for transexuals, sodomy, actual paedophilia, drugs, infinity niggers and a myriad of other concerns to be granted preferred status in the Global American Empire – or it’s appearance which is by far more deleterious than the Old Britannia ruling the waves, I think they’d be aghast. Of course, it’s telling, isn’t it my dear, that the Media-Industrial Complex which rules the world has to put any end to the tenuous founding myths of the American Republic which could have been. It would seem, that “Americanism” then, has very little to do with “America.”)

So here I come. At this stage in history, I think the Nation-State is well and truly dieing. There is no “America.” There is no “Britain.” There are corpses animated by their governments. That is what the world stage reacts against. “America” as foreigners understand her, in truth, is merely the Government. It doesn’t represent the people($). I don’t want a war in Ukraine. I don’t get to go to work on a mobility scooter, and my reading comprehension is fine. No, I cannot speak umpteen languages, but I can at least relatively quickly learn to read them. I support virtually nothing the government does with my name, my taxes or any of it. I am not an “American” as defined by common opinion.

This whole business of gridlocking Nations into the least productive possible narrative has really got to stop. Nobody has clean hands. Britain and America have the same government. In many ways. And it would seem, so has France, and Germany, even Sweden. The Government, all across the world, pushes the same narrative. A narrative which seems to exist in both the Ukraine and Russia to varying degrees, if one is patient enough to read between the lines.

So, like it or not, we’re all of us in the same sinking boat. A boat where standing with or against this or that is just wasting oxygen and inviting water into the lower decks.

So then the debate becomes: what’s to be done? A generic answer becomes White Nationalism. A byword becomes Pan-European. If I had a secretary I’d tell her to cue the reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeëēé. But I don’t. It’s all me, baby doll. Pan-Europeanism invokes incredibly heated debate, despite it’s being the default position of Nationalism’s supermajority.

Of course, it’s an easy answer.

Detractors rightly point out that the idea has flaws. A globalized White Race could lose a lot of character. The American Experiment, which was perpetrated on the American People’s by the U.S. Government and the Media-Industrial Complex, proved that you can create a White Lumpenproletariat. Fairly, nobody wants that. Although, truly, it’s not unique. Americans being forced to larp as California surfer bros with American Standard English isn’t all that different than Britain imposing Queen’s English, Germany favouring Hochdeutsch, or Denmark giving preference to Copenhagen Danish. Standardization seems to precede globalisation everywhere and always.

So. Pan. Pan is the God of the Rustics. That’s what the Græco-Romans thought, that rustic Gods were holdouts from before “civilisation.” The tribes were Rustics; Celtic, Germanic, Slavic, whateveric. I, personally, believe the future is tribal. We’ve been putting the cart before the horse. Conditioning the hoi polloi to think in National terms is unnatural. It was a cope developed by ancient answers to globalisation. The Cimbrii, the Yngvæones, the Lombardii, these likely didn’t identify as Nations, or perhaps even tribes – their experience was that, experiential. NOT contemplative as ours is. And even as contemplative societies, we cannot adequately grasp National thinking on the whole. How can we? How can I quantify Denmark or Germany in a passing sentence? I can’t. Especially not now, when the world has been turned into a confusing Babylonian melting pot. I doubt that if I went to Denmark and asked Danes what Denmark is, that they’d have a simple answer. A Nation is an inestimably complicated organism. For example, on paper I am American- but whose America? I find the Television-American as loathsome as can be. I don’t want to be standardized, I live in New England, people here have no business acting like Californians. Or whatever American Standard English is supposed to be. America was a confederation within which were many budding nations, each with strengthening identities and histories – and tribal sensitivities. So of course ZOG wants to destroy them.

They’ve done this by hollowing out the Nations and leaving the shell for people to argue about. Obviously, I should think, we reverse this by playing Operation. We need to get our guts and blood back. You don’t fill up a glass by spit-shining the outside, you just fill it.

Nationalism was anticipated by Tribalism. “Germany” was once a confederation of regional identities, these were predated by tribes shaped by their ancestral geography. It is the same in England. And it was the same in America, too. English reporters felt more or less at home in different States depending on the concentration of familiarity to the Motherland. A Yankee is a different breed than a Southron, because different strains founded the core Northern and Southern Colonies.

Understanding, and embracing this, does not mean the Yankee and Southron have to compete in an appallingly stupid grudge match that, again, was the machination of the Government and not the actual people. The Anglo-Saxon in any Anglosphere territory is not required to hate the French merely because the French and English governments were competitors. What had Jacques du Villager have to do with anything Macron thinks? Do I, Seax, inform Joe Biden’s thinking? (Maybe I do and that’s why his brain is melting. Come and get me, Mossad, my brainwaves are just that good.)

Petty Nationalism is what Ethnonationalism is derisively referred to by detractors. I am a Petty Nationalist. I believe in the ascendance of the forgotten Yankee Ethnicity. I favour the Anglosphere and believe the world will not know peace until the Anglosphere regains cultural autonomy and sovereignty. That doesn’t mean I need to hedge this bet on, say, waging arbitrary war with Denmark because at one point our respective governments were at war. Or even the Slavs, because tracksuits.

I would want everyone to dispose of ZOG where they are. No, I don’t want Ukrainians any more than I want Africans in my back yard. But if I had to choose it would be an easy choice. Optimally, New England becomes Yankee again. The South becomes whatever it wants to be. And Britain becomes British. Our mutual relationships would be a lot healthier that way, rather than pretending to meet a common denominator.

Of course, it remains, out thinking has always been skewed. We need to look up towards Nationalism from the grassroots. In the past, it was a top-down affair. Britain was defined by her monarchy, Germany by her leaders, America by the President – etc. However, the opposite is true. The leader is taken from the people, sick people produce sick rulers. But by treating the national image you overlook the cause of success or failure. It begins at home. That’s a collosal responsibility, which is why most convince themselves change comes from without and not within.

Tightknit and local. When to the town a people know who they are, is when Pan anything can work. Anything with a weak Identity can never self-advocate. Because there will always be someone to tell you who you are, if you don’t already know. If we can get there, than we wouldn’t need Pan-Europeanism, we would be controlling our own destinies. We wouldn’t be asking others to tell us who we are, we’d be telling them who we’re going to be. That shift comes with an ultimatum; exclusivism. Once you throw up the shield wall of self-determination, there’s no true ignoring when someone glaringly doesn’t belong. Actions to maintain group solidarity must be taken. It requires a lateral consensus among they who agreed upon a collective identity, or a group of allied individuals – whatever.

But that’s neither sexy nor easy. Everybody wants to skip to the end of the game, but you can’t pass go and hope to get all the rewards. There’s no skipping to the end, no missed steps. The strength of a society, if it is to be strong, is nuclear. A strong house, a strong family, a strong family, a strong clan, a strong tribe, a strong street, a strong neighbourhood, a strong town, a strong county, a strong State, a strong country can become a Nation. All these components must be factored. But again, being American (whatever that is) is so much easier than understanding your role in history as a whatever generation Yankee living in York County in the town of Biddeford keeping tabs on his relations and family tree – for example. That citizen knows that waging wars in Slav country bears nothing on his world, he isn’t fooled. He has no undieing need to avenge himself against Europeans he’s never met following in the synthetic reactionary response imbued upon him by statecraft and an unrelenting Media-Industrial Complex. He doesn’t need to establish his worldview based upon fabricated axes of morality invented for him by distant politicians. His world is local.

The Global Citizen feels the entire world is his backyard. Therefore it’s myriad of problems are all-consuming. He internalizes wounds that don’t exist based on opinions online and on television that don’t reflect reality. They don’t because the Global Citizen has no reality, his news cycle is as arbitrary and artificial as the broadband itself- but for precious few exceptions. If the internet were to collapse today, upon what moral foundation would the Global Citizen stand tomorrow? The entire matrix is dependent on an unrelenting, crippling overload of data pummeling, crushing and smothering, suffocating and force-feeding the individual from every avenue available, at all hours possible.

So. Ethnic Nationalism has to inform Racial Nationalism. Allowing Racial Nationalism to inform Ethnic Nationalism is backwards thinking. You can have parts within a whole, but form and function have to be strictly defined. Whatever. Be proud where you are, but don’t conflate that Identity with the false impresario of the media. Stand for where you are, because you aren’t anywhere else. That doesn’t mean hate everywhere else, or even anywhere else – but even that question is contingent on self awareness. You can’t understand or appreciate your ally or enemy until you know and appreciate your own self in relation to them. Have you ever read old anthropology? There was a sense of perpetual rediscovery of common ground between European Nations which could have led to something beautiful, and the scene was much more touching because in the recent past “know thyself” was a virtue. Following WWII and the Frankfurt School, Alinksy’s and others’ infiltration and subversion (their own words, my dear) of Western Liberal Institutions to create an Open Society it was deemed arrogant to study oneself. An American knowing American history? That, sir, is Authoritarian Personality. It was also coincidentally much harder to drive Americans to war when they understood their role in the West, go the degree they ever did and we’re American.

Tribalism is needed. To the Clan. Rustic Gods and rustic living. It all begins at home, as the Romans had the domestic church and temple, so should we. That, and not State power, is what allowed Rome to reign a thousand years. When Romans let their Identity lay fallow, that is how Rome died. Brennus couldn’t kill it, nor Boudicca, neither Visigoth nor African nor Jew nor Gypsy or Greek could. Only Rome could give up her own ghost, which she did when the Lararium ran empty and the pope put on the big hat. That’s it, I suppose, Nationalism begins with your house and it spreads from your immediate peers. It can’t start anywhere else. If it does, you can’t trust it.

Simple as.

u wot m8?

Cheers to May, reader. And a merry Mayday. May your Maypole run high and your Mayflowers grow wide.

5 thoughts on “Pan and the Death of the Nation-State

  1. It’s very interesting how diverse America pinpointed Zog’s weakness and exploited it for their own tribal gains, (Zog’s animosity towards Anglos). Diverse America and Zog aren’t exactly at each other’s throats…yet, but the comfy relationship between Zog and diverse America is definitely on shaky ground. Zog’s weakness is all about control.

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    1. I’d like it put on record that do not feel any of these tribal gains, speaking as a tax paying Anglo. I will say, in my reckoning, the control has never been more glaring.

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      1. Something is definitely happening behind the scenes. A recent example would be Natanyahu’s fall from grace, and Ilhan Omar’s longevity in congress. Epstein and the gang getting caught, and Disney receiving unwanted attention. Zog prefers that we lose sight of this amid all the chaos, but in actuality a lot of us are keen on documenting every last bit of it.

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      2. That’s true. I’ve thought a number of times that the acceleration of the News Cycle might be an attempt to scatter and further confuse the hoi polloi who were beginning to develop the beginnings of a semblance of a inkling of a fraction of a start to popularize unpopular questions. Anyway.

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