Poem: Heaven on Earth

heaven’s light need not glitter like gold

no silver shod brick roads to lead you

neither copper roof, nor crested goblet

but rather the green glow of early Spring

of Mother Earth in sweet array,

figure full and eyes divine

verdant, lush, untamed, sublime

chlorophyll filtered through the leaves

so young, verdant, teeming with life

what songs there are to sing are sung

from Fulla’s lips to Frigga’s ear

as the wind sings to the breeze

and the bird sings to the trees

the earth to the heavens

as life begets life, a gift for a gift

our heaven is in our hands

so go ahead and seek Shambala

Agartha, Mu, Lemuria too

you may climb Hyperborea’s Alps

and seek the sound of Thule’s shore

but to reach below and grasp the land

drawing fistfuls of blood and soil

this is where your heaven lies

a blessed plot, this short eternity

a sigh between some God or other’s breath

so come what may, as we do with our gift

and let bygones begone

as we breathe the sweet breath our time alots

then, only then come what may

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