Poem: ᚦūnorsdæg (Thursday)

ᚦūnor come and clear the skies

drive the stain from Eorþe’s breath

the filth that’s fed her in kings’ names

sterling sins that wreak the land

filling air with grime and muck

now let the Thundergod pound his drum

with a mighty swing of his hammer

shall he drive the clouds on by

which carry off the sins of man

blanket all in cleansing mist

and see his mother clothed in rain

cleansed in water she awaits

as one in Ginunngagap deep

eagerly for her husband

thunder’s father, Lord of Wisdom

when Wōden comes to her Chambers

and seeks dear Frīja within

through the calling of the storm

where Midgeard remembers her Gods

and the great drum harries on

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