Safe & Űberfukkeneffektiv nnnnnGuyyyyyy

I took a hunter’s safety course the other day. I didn’t really learn anything I couldn’t have sussed out on my own using my almost superhuman powers of not being an actual retard. DID YOU KNOW that the Chinese invented Brack Guh Powdel? What!? DID YOU KNOW the Egyptians had REAAALY long arrows? Whoah!! DID YOU KNOW that Injuns, ALL the ANIMAL? Coloureds. So wise.

And relevant!

Almost as relevant as the fucking mental midget timer which would not let me progress further inside of an arbitrary peer reviewed timeframe. Yes. I chose to take a 10 unit course in one sitting. It’s true. But, it’s worth noting that winter is coming. Even though the U.S. meat puppet in chief come out and said the Coof is over

It ain’t over.

Do you see a fat lady singing? Because I don’t. And I keep an eye peeled for that sort of thing owing my incredible neandertal genetics.


Point is. Coof ads are out in force. Are you a masque wearing faggot? It’s time for your six gorillionth booster shot, you coddle-brained fuck-ninny. What follows? Probably another stilted attempt at a lockdown. What comes with that? Artificial scarcity. Blown up food plants. A totally not inflation in the absolutely not a pyramid scheme that is most assuredly not Zogonomics. Buy Funko Pops, jackass.

But Injuns, very wise, one with Nature.

ALL the animal.

I’m trying, desperately, to hear the fat lady singing. If you should see her, tell her Uncle Seax is sorry for all the things the kids are saying behind her back. He tried.

Yes. I’m sure to think of the wise Chinese while I’m stalking deer or turkey. Or murdering that goddamn happy merchant gladhands having woodchuck. Woodchuck: I will eat you. Seaxwife cannot save you: you ain’t cute no more. I will skin you and turn your ass into a lampshade. Your bones will become necklaces. I’ll feed your eyeballs to a cat. And then kick the cat in the gut. Twice. Or until vomit. Then I’ll use the vomit to kill the ficas growing off my land. I’ll knot your tongue into bootstraps and pull your neighbours up with them. Give me back my: oregano, squash, tomatoes, peppers, basil, low hanging fruit, and other fine produce. Varus give me back my legions of green! You will retvrn. To soup.


Very wise.

Yes, as I’m stalking I’ll think of Gyppo arrows and how Injunz time-travelled to teach those dirty colonists how to save the Phat Earth and let me out of Quasi-Gnostic Skin-Jail. Its just a reminder that everything is a sham. What does any of that trite schmaltz have to do with feeding my family. Or anything. AT ALL. EVER? If you wanted to stop racism you’d shut the hell up with this. It would work, but it’s not really a goal. Peace never has been.

Still trying to hear the glorious Fat Lady sing. Sweet Swansong! Take me away! Be safe, stay warm, do the right thing by your family. Retvrn in stride. Never buy the lie that it’s all or nothing. Divorce from the System where you can. Steps taken, smartly, with a sober mind, hurt the Enemy more than most are willing to admit. Now. If you’ll excuse me, I’m headed back to my vigil to see if the Fat Lady sings before Tuesday.


Very over.

9 thoughts on “Safe & Űberfukkeneffektiv nnnnnGuyyyyyy

    1. Fair! My understanding is that the VERY WISE magick oriental didn’t even use it for gunpowder so much as fireworks or whatever. I could be wrong. Either way, it didn’t belong on my deer-bagging family-feeding test. So let the people say: Fat Lady, sing!!

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      1. They were trying to make a life-extending elixir for the Emperor and made gunpowder. China, blagging the world since a long-arse time ago.

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