I’ll be posting this for the first of February. Hopefully everyone reading had a good January, and hopefully our Pagans of an opportunistic streak took time to honour the God of that month, Ianvs. Anywho…

I forget why I started this post. The prime mover was swallowed by having more important things to do, like play excavators with Seaxling, or let Seaxwife sleep in. For all you with no children, this shouldn’t sound like it’s mind erasing, but all you with children should be quietly nodding along. Anywho… I remembered. I try not to get sucked up too much into the “culture” of the internet. I shouldn’t have quotation marked that, because there really does seem to be a parallel institution of normative values online.

If you’ve stumbled on this blog following a like or comment of mine, feel no obligation to like, comment or subscribe. In fact, it’s probably better you don’t. I don’t weigh content by political affiliation, that ship has sailed and sunk for me – it results in a very cloistered existence devoid of the kinds of external pressures which erode the intellect. If you are one that only frequents content associated with your viewpoint, fine, but that’s not for me. Besides. That isn’t why I patronised your site. I have a wide variety of interests which betray my theoretically narrow political gauge. Of course, it’s a free internet, I like to say. But my hope is that what I have to say is actually interesting to you, as opposed to a place to deposit your avatar in the hopes of attracting more traffick. Understandable if so, I wouldn’t even begrudge that. My point is, I am more than aware that my views do not represent… much of anything. Am I a nationalist? Yes. Do I fit a cookie cutter? Doubtful. I find as I grow older, that the more artificial impositions inorganically arise within the broad confines of Nationalist thinking, the less traction I have navigating within those ever widening stop-gaps. Ukraine? Russia? Vaxxx, Anti? It’s all so… trite. It’s also all so disembodied.

What impact does weighing in on the latest in Slavic affairs have on New England? Which philosemite wins makes no matter to me. I still inhabit a closed circuit within Southern Maine. My travel route has shrunk with the economy. My horizons are comfortably set. I don’t need to pretend my maverick hot takes are going to change the political discourse. Frankly, the reactionary impulse in nationalists revealed by the advent of every concurrent news cycle repels me. Why? Because it is like a neurological stimulant, whatever flow of progress you had is obliterated with each passing news cycle. And why? Sublimated escapism. Had this talk with a friend the other day. Well, really, it was more of a frustrated rant on my part. So I owe homeboy an apology.

Life is tiresome. There is little transcendental meaning to the present American, and I dare say European as well, but I expect the deleterious effects of deracination are presently more obviously observable here. But then, even if I still wanted to go to the Motherland and Fatherland – I couldn’t afford it, and thus my observations are culled from tainted sources. Expats, penpals, and so on. But these expats have all tended to indicate that the meaning of their Nation States has eroded, being a Bavarian doesn’t mean what it used to, being Swedish doesn’t mean as much as it should, being Dutch was never supposed to be about weed and hookers. And these were all proud nations.

So. People want off the ride. So badly and so deeply, I think, that they aren’t always fully aware of this on the surface level of their consciousness.’ Thus, we see, obsessions. Doomsday Fetishes. A prime example. Apocalyptic fiction accounts for a huge swath of popular entertainment. The News Cycle fulfils a similar need for people with a more businesslike mentality. Rather than pine for Fallout VI: New England with their prepper kitchens and their lifestyle changes in anticipation of uncertain variables, the pragmatist watches the news. Surely this News Cycle will release him from his torment. Each News Cycle has the same goddamn underlying feeling; ‘this is it guys, we’re getting off the ride. Hope you dried your beans.’ CoVid? Apocalypse forecasted at 5. Syria? Apocalypse forecasted at 9. Slavic War Dance? Tracksuits forecasted for 11, gopnik now. Hoo boi.

None of that addresses the real issue. You’re miserable where you are. Your life has little meaning where it is. But projection is easier. Normies project their insecurities and blame into the Nasty Nazi Bogeyman, even when the Nasty Nazi Bogeyman is busier doing food kitchen or nature preservation than most Funko Pop appreciators. Nationalists project their insecurities into obscure and often practically intangible pet causes that have no affectation towards their neighbourhood. It seems to me people think having these opinions about the latest increases their credit scores in uncertain outcomes. If I support Ukraine with my stupid gay emojis than maybe Azov Battalion will be cool and ZOG will let me keep pretending I’m going to put on pants and do Rahowa next Monday. If I support Putin with my stupid gay emojis and my retarded arguments than maybe Putin will read them and make me a commissar when Dugin washes Jordan’s Peterson.


And he died.

So. Point is. None of this hypothetical crap does a damn thing for the real problem. The real problem is that when you leave your house, what you see is wrong. When I leave my house, drive to the end of my road and turn onto Rte. 202, I only have to drive 7 minutes away to realise; Something has gone dreadfully wrong. This isn’t the New England we wanted. We didn’t ask for this. Why is everyone pretending things are honky-dory when clearly, they are not? Everyone and their dead uncle will be all too ready to distract you. See the problem is that Ukrainians don’t have freedom. They’re being oppressed by a State. Problem? Projected. In New England, a Federal Government is turning our land into a parking lot, overbearing on individuated conscience irrespective of arbitrary political affiliation AND replacing the core demographics of the founding stock of this Land with irreconciliable differences. Believe it or not, that wasn’t a smol-brained anti-immigration argument which fails to address the nuanced issues.

Nationalism is a component of nature conservancy. When you flood biomes with disparate elements, an unnatural struggle for resources is engaged. If you flood a deer habitat with a surplus of wolves, deer have to change their evolutionary strategy. The reverse is true, if the wolf in his home is flooded with more prey animals than can be contained, he will find he has starved as the deer have consumed the natural resources and led to the imbalance of life among smaller prey animals. And so on. As people, I’m told, are animals, the same rule applies. If you have habitats of men coming from a background, than overwhelming that changes the foreground. He can no longer see himself in the fabric of his society. He becomes atomised.

It literally couldn’t be simpler. The miracle is how complicated midwits have made the issue. I refuse to pander to the double standard police, but it is true that this isn’t even a racial issue. The coloureds are affected as much as the natives. I used to tutor Moslems. They aren’t a unified block. And I don’t even mean Sunni v/ Shiite conflicts. I mean ethnic ones. A Somalian Moslem is almost unilaterally despised by a North African Moslem, or what-have-you. I heard many stories of intra-ethnic conflict that it did change my perspective and allow me to understand that, the problem has never been religious per say, but ethnic. Every ethnos has a marker of operation, which when at variance with another, becomes subconscious and eventually overt conflict.

By forcing these disparate elements into constant exposure, creates the seedbed of a problem aptly addressed by Hegel. It ends in synthesis. And the synthetic end is a means to which I haven’t the energy to discuss. The obvious issue is that the synthesis is the end of the dichotomies. And in that interim is the existential dissatisfaction of artificial rootlessness which occurs in which all parties feel disembodied. The problem isn’t Lebensraum, although it can become thus. The problem is variance. If auto-segregation were destigmatised, than you could have natural communities regardless of proximity or geographic location. This has occurred infinitesimally throughout history, and I believe they call it Balkanisation. This kind of allowance would allow for organic diversity to occur, the Nationalist could keep to his own, and the whatever you call the guy with the Funko Pops could hang out and talk about what’s new in Marvel with his buddies. Earth is Thikkk, she has room and isn’t as full as we’re told.

But I’ve launched myself into a tangent.

I am not quite sure how reasonably to elucidate what I’m thinking. I try very hard not to compartmentalise myself too much. What I mean by this, is that what you see in this blog more or less represents who and what I am in person. If, or when I am doxxxed competently, I am sure it would be shocking to some… but shouldn’t be. I’ve never bothered to hide all of my power level. I’ve become more cautious as I came to leave my 20s behind me. I have also, paradoxically, become open minded.

I don’t want to live in an echo chamber any more than I want life to be a neverending argument with people who want me to be their bogeyman. I don’t want yo be your bogeyman. Although there’s a great Rob Zombie song for that. My point is this. It is deleterious to live inside of too much of a bubble. It warps your perspective. When I was camp counsellor to some Zoomers, this became eminently clear to me.

The reality is, there is an incredibly small number of truly revolutionary spirits, the majority of souls you’ll meet aren’t even reactionary, but simply passive consumers of life. In my flesh and blood life, very few people gave too many damns. Another reality is, in a way, being a nationalist for me means understanding that I constitute one of the extremities I mentioned. When I write that, you should understand, there’s nothing revolutionary about me, nothing radical, or extreme. Not really. My opinions are autistic and unpalatable. But the reality is, I’m a short, slender, twitchy little man who like most Anglos, seemingly irrespective of continent, occasionally stammers because his brain moves far faster than his tongue. I don’t jaywalk unless I’m in company of someone who does and then it’s a suicide pact. I am a pathological law respecter. It’s a thing, and the butt of a few jokes I’ve learned to appreciate.

I’m really a sack of contradictions. Or, a brain-bag, as my favourite lumber deliveryman calls me.

You know, honestly, and maybe Agent Rick has done this – the inner lives of White “Supremacists” would make a hilarious sitcom. Watch your loveable domestic terrorist bumble through life, trying to be a good man without selling out. Watch as he gets roped into discussing CRT with an amicable Jamaican lady who wants to be his Uncle Aunt TomJemima. Watch as he takes his son to the park, or buys his wife icecream. Or as he volunteers at pantries and soup kitchens, or does park clean-up, or church missions… Like a human being. Watch as he rips a nail out of his kneecap and sends his friend a picture of the square shaped hole it left for the lolz. What. An. Ass.

No. I don’t purity spiral. Much. And I don’t care what you think. That isn’t a dismissive statement. I mean, it is, but the dismission is a byproduct of the action, not intention. The reality is, at this stage in y life, my beef is with the power structures that are ruining the world. You probably don’t have any more power than I do. If you’re an honest liberal coming into my blog-space, truly believing whatever causes you think are just – I actually respect that. If you’re convincing yourself they’re true because deep down you know Daddy Government is going to tea-bag you and R-Kelly you in the eyes (boy that didn’t age well given his apparent ineffectual antisemitism) than, well, you suck. You suck as much as the occasional disingenuous “Far” “Right” “Dissident” who hopped on the hate train because he’s too incompetent to pass for normal and wants to burn it down out of spite. You suck too. But if you’re an honest believer in your dissident flavour, great. We can be friends.

 I prefer to meet people in the middle, where I can, and make strides on what we can agree on. I don’t mind there being an elephant in the room, and, truth be told, I believe the elephant can be at least somewhat negotiated. There was a time in our Country’s history where people of radically divergent political and religious ideations could appropriately interact, without pretending any standard deviation was some kind of gross betrayal. In some ways, I have more in common with certain eclectic stripes of feminist than I do certain right wingers. Why? Brain, between ears. For sensible feminists, the Trans agenda is a much more prescient threat than it is to a guy who’s not necessarily married or rearing children. Feminists who have used their ovaries to produce children are, often, far more Hitlerian in their approach to this Trans madness than some MGTOW jackass who mocks Trans less as a grave existential threat than as a means to emotional masturbation. The caveat is with my politically uninitiated feminist, I leave the racial stuff alone, but otherwise – oh the talks we can have.

 Ultimately, and I know – unpopular opinion – more good comes from leaving solid impressions outside your sphere, at times, than colouring in between the lines. Because, after all, if I believe in Survival of the Fittest, than why should I be afraid of a little non-comformity? The reality is, my views are more akin to my grandfather’s – as they saying goes. And my grandfather’s generation was in power not long ago. If the artificial barriers of political pressure can be ameliorated, than in time, homeostasis will create something like a Retvrn to Nature. Nature produced my grandfather, if I am patient, recalling how Grønbechian incarnation works, than my grandfather’s soul will skip into my grandchild, or even my son as he is now.

 I do more to harm my beliefs by pretending I have so much to hide, lurking in special niches and refusing to acknowledge the outside. When or if I am efficiently or competently doxxxed, the positive impressions I have made in life will be weighed against peer pressure. I have been told in no uncertain terms how naïve this is, but I’m not wrong, my circumstances have borne it out before. I’ll tell you another thing. By trying to be frithful and approachable, inevitably, people become curious. You can have otherwise difficult discussions with less pressure than had you carried on like a shifty, paranoid jackass.

 The reality is, if you’re a dissident like me, yes, you’re on the list. But by internalising enemy propaganda, by acting like a criminal, you eventually, inevitably, come to resemble a criminal. By covering up all these tracks, you stink like a steak in the summer sun and the hounds will come for you. By acting spastic and erratic, you become tempting, because you must be hiding something. Otherwise, mostly, the powers that be will save their resources to destroy high profile targets. But here’s the kicker. By playing the spy, we make the profile of those targets higher. If the wealth were spread, so too would the efforts of the censors and the enforcers and all that ho-hum.

 I understand. Fear keeps everyone in line. Fear and conformity-cravings. But trust me, Dear – I’m an expert at sticking out like a sore thumb. T’ain’t that bad, Hon. You’d survive. Most folk like a character. And if you are a paranoid dissident, my old man advice comes from having been the same guy in education, self-employment, and shit jobs for the government where they couldn’t are less what you think as long as you show up – from the years 2009- till present.

 So, I guess, that’s about it. I am a peacenik, a nationalist, and one who thinks we can, despite all odds, actually get along. To a point. And even when the loggerheads come, frankly, I think there is a reasonable jurisprudence to seek amicable divorce. If the political correctness can be broken down, it is entirely within reason that left and right can agree to disagree, agree to autonomy and self-determination. That’s the difference. This politically engineered obsession with, what’s it called now, bipartisanship, has created an obvious means to bend disparate elements into a mono-party. Historically, emotionally mature adults could agree to disagree. It wasn’t long ago – even still in my short-ish lifetime, that this was the case.

 Of course, I could be wrong. But I don’t have to be. Whatever. You do you, Bubba. Wassail an such.














Yes. I named this after the John Lennon song, because I can have my own dreams. However far-fetched. Unlike the dream of the current paradigm, my dream isn’t about crushing dreams but simply being allowed to have them opposite others with theirs. Revolutionary? Shouldn’t be.

We’re done here…:

For more retarded post and nonpost sketches go to my other blog and click here.


10 thoughts on “IMAGINE

  1. When people are in an uproar over the latest thing they are told be angry about, I find myself asking how it directly impacts them. They ramble on about nothing before the final huff with undertones of “because I said so.” Critical thinking seems to be a rarity nowadays. People become so entangled in their identities (liberal, MAGA, feminist, polyamourous, white, black, purple, etc.) and dictated belief set, they fail to recognize their commonalities. As you mention, feminists and conservative parents are both outraged at biological men competing in women’s sports, yet they still generally consider one another the energy. Why is that?

    The Funko Pop appreciator jab is great. I’m related to a liberal, anti-gun, toy-collecting man-child and this hit home for me. Similarly, I know libertarian types who have bulletproof vests, night-vision goggles and a lifetime supply of ammo, but no stored water nor means of collecting water… in the desert. It’s as if they marry the idea of being a particular type of person without giving a thought to their own personal values and the practical skills that may support those values and longer-term objectives.

    Back in the 90s, the US was largely homogeneous, at least in my small corner of the world. I forgot the statistic, but once a group surpasses a certain level of heterogeneity (I think 15%) the differences come to outweigh the similarities and the concept of banding together against a larger evil affecting all completely dissipates. While I’m not against immigration, the 24/7 assembly belt of foreigners into our country is, by proxy, undermining our constitutional rights. That’s where my concern lies. Give people the opportunity for a better life, but have them go through the established process to do so.

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    1. I do believe in limited immigration as an ideal. Civil Rights, coincidentally, prompted a “popular” appeal to revise Hart-Cellar immigration policy. Hitherto America had been a defacto Ethnostate like Britain, with admirable crime rates and justice.

      Too much incompatible diversity threatens actual biodiversity. Even if 15k Russians came to my town, it would upset the balance and Doxbury would become Doxvidanya.

      That said. Years ago on Patriotic Alternative, Mr. Collett interviewed a Lady who covered a long forgotten repatriation project contigent on repairing the homelands of refugees. Actual repair.

      The way i see it, today, they call White countries colonisers when we aid the poor where they are, and abuse us in our homelands – at the behest of race traitors. It would be ideal to rehabilitate their land, it would prove an excellent metric. If in this case immigration persisted than the poor migrant narratives will have been broadly false.

      We’d also save staggering sums of cash and free up phenomenal infrastructure space.

      Ideals aside, though, almost anything would be better than the mental midget programme we have now.

      The Libertarians have grown on me. But to everything else I find myself asking: “what’s your motivation?” Apocalyptic warlord with no shoes or pants but six gorrilion rounds of 556 and beans without water distilled for cooking? Challenge mode. Dissident men finding new and creative methods of sterilising the gene pool so no woman would ever swim there… based, apparently.

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      1. In the Spring of 1972 I wrote a term paper for advanced placement high school English where I compared the fall of Rome and the fall of Old Kingdom Egypt with the United States. I predicted then at the age of 17 that the US would cease to exist by 2025. I didn’t say it would END in 2025 but by 2025 the America that everyone knew in 1971 would be no more.
        I also had a vision that the US would no longer appear on a map nor in the news, similar to what happened to the Soviet Union. The people and cities would be there but nothing like what was recognizable.
        I used Gibbons Fall of Rome, a fabulous book of letters and diary accounts from ancient Rome and a book of lamentations and letters from the Middle Kingdom.
        Each said that they were disgusted by their sons who had stopped worshipping the household gods. One letter stuck in my mind all these years. The father complained that his son was wearing animal skins and racing his chariot through the streets and had knocked over an old woman neighbor.
        Others wished they had never had such AWFUL children.
        I compared the letters with news accounts from the late 60s about biker gangs and the hippy movement and a drop off in church attendance with what happened to ancient Rome.
        I didn’t keep the paper but I must have stumbled upon the idea that no civilization ever lasted more than 250 years and if you start in 1776 when the revolution began you come to 2026 give or take a year.
        If you have seen the latest news about how the US had bioweapons labs in the Ukraine (we have others), and see how our population has been dumbed down so the movie Idiocracy has become a documentary instead of a fictional comedy, you see we are doomed.
        The country we knew where we all watched the same stupid mindless TV shows with our parents and grandparents and went to church or temple or something each week is no more.
        We ALL used to read the same books as our grandparents had read in school.
        Now we don’t even read at all.

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      2. Yes indeed. I worked in schooling, only onr blessed man kept to his books. The rest used that damnable Kindle thing.

        I live in Northern New England, God’s Country. We’ve been spared a lot of the changes. There is part of me that believes we do have the hand of Providence at our backs. Because if the projected times tables line up and the governing bodies become feeble, much of the North is salvageable.

        But even so, much has changed since my own kinder years. As to the dropout of churching, that could be a blessing. In the same way Puritanism eroded into raw Transcendentalism, I think the corrupted churches are eroding into finer spiritual instincts – like Asatru, among other things. And the true believers in the White Christ are stronger for the rest of us leaving them be.

        I wouldn’t be shocked if your tables line up. There was a much vaunted simulation which predicted widespread collapse by 2030, ergo Agenda 2030. Evidently the numbers stopped rolling around 2050. Supposedly a number of our contenders for evilist dictator vie for the aftermath, inspired by these predictions. But I’m not a prophet, just a seeker.

        But after the fall of Rome was the rise of Germania. So you see, Madame Brassempouy, I don’t see Balkanisation as the end, so much as an oppurtunity. After Kali eats the world for all she can and takes her fill of life, she recreates it.


      3. Well, there’s that – thank you. I’m still somewhat leary of hard dates, even when there are strong variables… my guts tell me I have a ways to go before the great and glorious Fat Lady deserving of lauds and matins unlocks her wordhoard and sings the swansong. I believe that, while the accelerationism is there, that pockets of the White West will nevertheless experience decline, degeneration, reset, conflagration at different rates… Anyway. Links aside, did you have any thoughts?

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      4. The lugenpresse lamestream news cycle like scrolling through a news feed on wordpress, twitter, facebook, etcetera is much of the time habitual escapism/feeding the negativity of the elite by showing what they are doing to the world. Very little of news is good news as good news doesnt sell, hence the whole tearing down/perpetual victimhood and freudian psychoanalysis cultural inversion and various psyops. Beauty, honor, tradition, heritage, etcetera are things to fight for hence an opposition to all of that which plagues our kith and kin must take hold. Spending time away from media to read, jog, walk, weight lift, bike, sled, ski, snow board, skate, etcetera has far more value than even the most uplifting news.

        You said you don‘t weigh content by poltical affiliation, well most of my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. Are Democrats or left/lberal leaning. Blood may be thicker than water though there has been family squabbles over politics in the past.

        I agree about folks who impulsively react to the latest news cycle as putting us where the eite want us. They want us fearful, helpless, depressed, sedated, withdrawn, etc. Or coerced willingly or unwillingly into cohentrolled opposition groups. There may be good ideas in Neo Reactionism or whatever the label is though it‘s best to not react, rather create/embody soemthing that is genuinely us/of our folk.

        There‘s a lot more folk‘s could do with their lives if it wasn‘t for excuses, distractions, avoiding confrontations, staying in your safe space/comfort zone, Hollywood and Sports entertainment, video games, movis, porn, being safe/comfortable/unwilling to rock the boat, laziness, procrastination, etc. Hence why religion or spirituality along with a sense of tribe and tradition are so important to a societies wellbeing.
        “If auto-segregation were destigmatised, than you could have natural communities regardless of proximity or geographic location.” – I think of the whole Social Distancing phenomena as Racial/Ethnic Distancing. Balkanization may be good for the whole rainbow diversity cult including White folks though I do like the idea of a reconquest of our homeland/western civilization.

        Conformity is the jailer of freedom and enemy of growth. I’ve heard that self-preservation can be a handicap as folk’s conform to the group/need to be accepted/included to prevent social ostracization/expulsion/elimination/assassination. Risk taking is rugged individualism. Yes the pioneers/settlers/explorers brought families to lebensraum/Manifest America’s Destiny though that didn’t happen right away as at first it was the lone wolf and at times the band of brothers who cleared the way for families to eventually come.

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      5. Ah, family… It is the same for me. Sic semper Nova Anglia in sæcula sæculorum. I think, with lone wolves, it is easy to degenerate into a rebel without a cause. I prefer trailblazers. Someone needs to set examples for families to follow, in life and even this artificial idea space online. The liberals are right, to a degree, that SOME barriers nees to be dissolved, I bet you if so, natural barriers will rise. Anyway. I’m training Seaxling to count by being my gym spotter. Bam. Challenge mode. Skwaatz ahoi.

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