Newtonian Memetics

It began as meme quests do, with someone else showing me men of intellectual means whom I respect ALSO like their women thikkk as thieves.

Wizard Level 99

10 thoughts on “Newtonian Memetics

      1. I liked math, including calculus, but then lost confidence with college level calculus. Physics intrigued me, especially quantum mechanics, but I later learned Einstein couldn’t accept the Copenhagen group, and Neils Bohr, who took Einstein’s theories to new levels of probability at the sub-atomic level.

        It occurs to me that all human “progress” stands on the shoulders of what went before. Apparently Einstein, a pacifist, who moved to Switzerland and then the US to escape the draft in Prussia, was the first to suggest the nuclear bomb idea to FDR, after he learned about the successful experiments with nuclear fission. Then Einstein was excluded from the highly secretive development of the first nuclear bombs in the Manhattan Project.


      2. Including him in the Manhattan project would’ve been an overt jab at the WASP establishment though part of WW 2 was all about ending the WASP establishment’s Eurocentric and antisemitic/anti-Judaic ideas/policies.

        Amazon book:

        Also Tesla didn’t trust Einstein, seeing him as a fraud wearing a mask to appease folks sensibilities.


      3. My limited knowledge of the history here is that the U.S.Gov hadn’t been completely annihilated and replaced yet, even if things weren’t great – and it wouldn’t be until after Nixon that the process was maximally complete.

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