Flags of the New England Nation

I was just sitting here sifting through my trash and found this. Always liked it, had fun doing it. Forgot I did, fam.

To see a more concise slideshow, see my homepage. Scroll toward end.


The Serpent's Loft

It is said that among the earliest flags of the English was a Dragon. This should come as no surprise, our ancestors would have come in ships with a religion not unlike the future Danes with whom we would deal. This flag is said to have led men into battle. It flew for the last time at Stamford Bridge, in 1066. It should be said that the Dragon was not forgotten entirely and to this day is called upon by English and Saxon offspring. It has been brought to my attention that a Wyvern, shown above, differs from a more classical dragon. Above is the Wessex dragon – which may or may not represent accurately the Anglo-Saxon Dragon, which as a matter of course replaced the White Horse of Saxony. (I shall endeavour to show a modern version in the comments.) Below I will show a possible candidate of the…

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