Boreda Linda?

Achtung: opens with a dark, unfiltered soliliquoy about stuff & junk. Skip 5 paragraphs to get to the meat 'n tatos.
I'm revisiting an old muse. The Oera Linda Boek. Happy Goddess Day, all ye Happy little Heathens of the Elektroagora.

Ostara 2023

"Sometimes y'ain't think it be right out straight but it done."

- Black Science Guy if he was from ME.

Thor, Lesson In Discipline?

Thinking about the tale of Thor & Thjalfi and how it can show us to good fathering.

This may have audio, if it does, link to thing below main text. Whatever.

Primal Coven

Musings on life, love and Frigga. Maybe Frigga's Court, the Primal Coven, offers a roadmap to friendship for women today.

Poem: Thanatophilia

Because nobody wants a little straw death, go big AND go home. Helvete waits.

Happy Wōdensdæg, all ye happy heathens of the elektroagora.

Poem: Staub

Ja, ich weiß mein Deutsch hier ist nicht sehr güt. But it pays to use it, before you lose it. No google used, only my fading memories.

Poem: Vault

Hail and merry Goddess Day to all you happy heathens. Enjoy your weekly Ragnarøk.

Poem: Æcer mīn Bot

Tangentially inspired by the Anglo-Saxon fertility rite, Æcerbot, some Gnostic fancies and Old Irish metaphor.