The Sperg’s Speech

I'm going to be a moralsfag and a centrist now. If this is not your cuppa tea or your pot of coffee, this isn't for you.

Big Swede Energy

A mishmash of thoughts about Sweden. Topics include: Swedish influence in my corner of Maine; national myth and national character in Old Asatru; snippets of potential mythoarchæology. I think that's it.

Have Some Hate Porn

This hour has a days value of maine salt, profanity and angst. Consider your warning triggered... Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeëeeeeeeeeēeeeeeeeeeėeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeéeeeeeeeeeeeeeĕeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeëəə... I said goodday sir.

ars gratia vitæ

quis custodiet ipsos custodes, et, quid est veritas? all good things to ask. Who watches the watchers, and what is truth? What is art, and does it make us?

Or Yaakov Smiirnoff "jokes."

Brain Dump, You Say???

Brain Dump. The 'consider not downloading yourself into the internet' edition.

Handcuffs & Hoarder Homes

Braindump. Scatterbrain-damaged carpenter does bondage and hoarding edition. It's not as bad as it sounds.

Happy humpday.

Anglo Baby Names

From ye olde logbook from when this blog was still called the Spergbox. If making babies is the first of the Fourteen Words, than let us make good on the Latin “nomen est omen.” Stay weird, reader.

The Serpent's Loft

The following names are in bulk taken from a book called the Onomasticum Anglo-Saxonicum. They are joined by my own additions. The hope here is this list serves as a suitable inspiration to those seeking to find names that befit their presumptive Anglo legacy.  You know, assuming one wants a name to suit their legacy- whatever floats your boat or sinks your dinghy.

Ainar (from Einar)
Albert = Warrior’s Beard
Alfred = Warrior’s Counsel
Beorn = Bear from Old Norse Björn
Carl = Carl [was a title of rank below Earl/Jarl]
Cetil = Kettle
Dag/Dæg = Day
Dæne/Dane/Dene = Dane
Eadgar/Edgar = Noble Spear
Edmund = Noble Mouth
Edred = Noble Counsel
Edward = Guardian of Nobility
Egel (from Egil)
Eric = Honourable Ruler
Estan = Anglicised Hæsten
Finn (You saw it here, Leprechauns!)
Gunar /Gunner
Hæsten = Old Danish for Horse
Herman = Lord among…

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