Goddamn dirty Racist Liberalism 'n shit ruinin' muh Democracy.

It's a rant, goddammit, prepare accordingly. I don't care.

MTHT Ep. 1: The U.S.A

Ep. 1 of MTHT.: The United States, America.

Mr. Positive

Brain Dump: going back to my roots edition. My name ain't Toby. T'ain't Seax, neither.

Don’t Give Me Credit

Moneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoney. This is a rant. Eat my rant. Let it flow through you. This is the dark side's cookie they warned you about, expanding your pelvic floor.

That'll be 5 bucks, Champ.

Enter The Warrior

Reflections on the warrior æsthetic, esoteric tradition, sovereignty, and attitudes throughout mythopoeic history. With pictures!! (Mine, don't get too excited.)

Arthur, Hermann & Radboud - three of my role models, as it were - act as case studies. Their archetypes discussed.

Disclaimer: I am not a warrior. I am a nerd, the primary demographic that writes things like this. Please consult a kung-fu master before beginning a brűtal règime, if the PAIN lasts more than four hours, consult a Shaman.


Brain dump: We can all get along edition. Radical Centrism. The bipolar front! Wow! Localism, Tribalism trump globalism and news cycle ableism! Whoah! IMAGINE.

The Golden Age & The Grotesque

About repression, celebration and expostulation of the Cthonic, and why I think the exclusivism of the Celestial has unbalanced the soul - because centrism is a naturally gravitic medium in our people which suffers when it is not allowed to hold. How the Grotesque might have been a movement of Folksoul to bring us back to centre.

My goal is to make you pause the next time you call something grotesque. I'll probably fail, but I've been chewing on this thought for a few years.

Tastes like cud.
... And peanut butter.