My thoughts on giants in history. (UPG.) I've kept as best I can to an Asatru line. Eat it. Eat it ALL. Or not. Boats and dinghies.

No Pokey

Trigger warning: divisive material. Salty insane Mainer is salty.

Why do I love the George Rex Flag? What were some of the reasons Yankees said no to Popery? Let's count a few of them.

This message brought to you by: #anglogang

There’s Something About Puritans

Put on the hat! Follows is a short historical sketch of the Pilgrims Progress to New England.

Witch Cult in Western Europe, in Review

A review of a now seldom talked about book inspiring some quarters of the Occidental Occult. The book's main theory is that persecuted witches comprised an actual organised religious minority, as opposed to being victims of mass hysteria or mere religious bigotry.

A Lesson in Decline

A ditty about Danes in Maine and what we can learn from their having subsequently disappeared.

Maggot Kin

Dwarves. Not just for Tolkien and videogames. Or maybe even fantasy. Prepare your brains for distilled spergery.

The Grønbech Files

An introduction to Grønbech, a man whose book is seldom credited for having inspired as much as it has. A book which has heavily and happily inspired my own thinking. Here's to the man!