deus in machina

But seriously. If androids dream of electric sheep, than how much wood could a robot chuck if a robot could cook spirits?


It's fun to think about. A brief discussion on nature and nurture, men and herds, fate and freedom. I'd love to hear from you, chime in the comments if you're willing. I don't bite.

Noble Lie, Dishonest Truth

Quid Est Veritas? Truth is the power to tell stories that make us stronger, not weaker. Truth is inspiration, not guilt. Truth is belonging, and not ostracism. Truth is what you make it.

Don’t Let it Linger

Brain dump: don't let it get the best of you edition. Bonus: the lady up the road will always be a bigger man than you, until she's not.


Eternal Anglo Seax is demoted to Eternal Centrist as he ponders the meaning of Right and Left Hand Path, and asks why anybody doesn't stop to wonder why you'd only want a man to have just one hand.