In a State of Elite Denial

Not only do I not agree with what is held to be self evident, but I choose not to die for everyone else's evidence.

Don’t Give Me Credit

Moneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoney. This is a rant. Eat my rant. Let it flow through you. This is the dark side's cookie they warned you about, expanding your pelvic floor.

That'll be 5 bucks, Champ.

The Retvrn of Grandpa Simpson

I'm back in persona simpsonae grandpaensis with advice for the young I've gleaned from working with many age groups and marital statuses. Punches not pulled. Lacks fluff.

On the Sublime Irony of Tolerance Among Other Likely Ineffective Observations: Or, a Brain-Dump

Brain dump: Tired Nationalist edition. Can tolerance be a virtue?

Lemme Axk You Sumfins

Do you like your hemlock tea hot, or cold? Spiced or plain? With one lump, or two? Drink the tea, bigot. In true Socratic fashion we have questions for you. Questions about Manga, totally not anything of social consequence that can get you kicked off Twitter. Or your job.