Boreda Linda?

Achtung: opens with a dark, unfiltered soliliquoy about stuff & junk. Skip 5 paragraphs to get to the meat 'n tatos.
I'm revisiting an old muse. The Oera Linda Boek. Happy Goddess Day, all ye Happy little Heathens of the Elektroagora.

Review: “Nightside of the Runes,” Thomas Karlsson

Content Advisory: Syncretism; Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Esotericism - Gothicism. Runic Studies and theories. Occult history. Alternative to Futhark. Swedish perspective.

This book focuses on the modern esoteric Uthark, and the old Gothicism spearheaded by Johann Bureus. Many topics covered.

(Book Review) Inanna: Queen of Heaven And Earth; Her Stories and Hymns from Sumer by Diane Wolkstein and Samuel Noah Kramer

Review/discussion of a book regarding Inanna, once among principle deities of what is supposed to be a cradle of civilisations.

Movie Review: The Witch

2/10 do not recommend. Warning: this review contains more than the doctor's recommended daily allowance of rarified Maine salt. Overseasoning may lead to dizziness and sudden onset antisemitism. If condition persists for more than four hours consult a scientitian.

Welcome to the absolute ethnostate of Massachusetts.

(Book Review) Britannia Rules: Goddess Worship in Anglo-Celtic Society

A review of Lochlainn Seabrook's book. The premise being to consolidate and relay the massive influence of a Primitive Goddess Cult on Britain (and Her Extensions)

Witch Cult in Western Europe, in Review

A review of a now seldom talked about book inspiring some quarters of the Occidental Occult. The book's main theory is that persecuted witches comprised an actual organised religious minority, as opposed to being victims of mass hysteria or mere religious bigotry.

Great Goddess in Review

A review of a book by Jean Markale, tracing the footsteps of the oldest Goddess(es) of civilisation till now. Special care is taken to point to a common ancestral Goddess shared between Europe and the Near-East, and potentially (ancient) America. I've filed this under highly recommended.

Book Review: “Atlantis, Edda and Bible” by Hermann Wieland

Review of an anthropology book by one Hermann Wieland. This occupies a segment of historical interpretation which boggles the modern mind. I have filed this for personal use under "mixed bag" alongside Waddell and his British version of the same ancient histories.

Operative keywords: Pre-NS, C.I., Aryosophic. (Caveat ya emptors.)