Why Not Jörðadis?

A reflection inspired by the Solstice. Musings on Fae and Vættir, Seiðr and Sidhe, Odin and Jörð. How these funnel into workable living traditions. And why I think Earth is a highly underrated and much needed Goddess today.

Our Lady of Laussel

Trigger Warning: this will likely only appeal to Palæolithic Enthusiasts or fans of the mighty Architect. And Agent Rick, whom I'm sure enjoys being brain-raped weekly. By me, your host. I digress.

Something of an Ode to Our Lady of Dordogne, the Venus of Laussel and all her hypostases in the Palæolithic world. How I think she bridges the gap to Asatru (and other) today, and maybe why Scarlet should frankly give a damn. Or not. Whatever floats your boat or sinks your dinghy. Links for the autistic are enclosed. Drink the Horn, bigot.

Asatru & Ethnogenesis

A bit about how specific strains within the American Asatru "spectrum" can stimulate Ethnogenesis compounded over time. Ethnogenesis being the making of a stable phenotype.

See also: Folk Soul & Amerimutt.

do ut des, damn it.

A bit about offering and giving, or Blòt, in the personal finance of spirituality. What follows is my personal juju, it reflects no person or religion but my own. Trigger warning: triggers. Whatever.


Come with me now to Seax's gallery of the obtuse! In today's instalment of things not many other people think about but me is...

Goddess of... [drumroll] let's find out. Or not. You won't know until you open me. And even then, who knows? Trigger warning for man-babies, grownup words are used.



:ᚠᛟᚱᛋᛟᛟᚦ᛫ᛁ᛫ᚪᛋᛣ + ᚷᛟᛞᛞᛖᛋᛋ᛫ᚷᛁᚹᛖ᛫ᚢᛋ᛫ᚪ᛫ᚷᚱᛠᛏ᛫ᛒᛁᚷ᛫ᛒᚱᛟᛟᛞ:

Short Story: Pearl of Great Price

Maybe this means something to you, maybe it doesn't. It means something to me, but that doesn't need to mean anything to you. If it does, let me know- if you like. If it doesn't, than happy Wōdensdæg to you. Whatever floats your boat or sinks your dinghy.

Wæs þu hāl, cȳþþu. And Agent Rick.



Snake Dance

Brain Dump. Spinal Serpent bad lifting advice with Runic digression edition. Plus kids books! Wow!