Reference Photos; Old(est) Time Goddesses & Suchlike

Fair warning: the following are photos I’ve gathered from the web. They catalog bits and baubles of Palaeolithic, Neolithic and Megalithic Art which I have either referenced or found myself interested in because reasons. I may use this page as a catch-all and sporadically update it. Time shall tell.

They’re in no particular order because I’m not skilled at downloads, and relevant data was lost. But even out of strict context, I think they’re helpful. I present them here as a means to stoke interest if there is to be any, as seeing depictions of a thing is more agreeable than my endlessly beating around the bush writing about them. It’s the best some of us can do without going on expensive whirlwind scholarship tour. I own nothing. If I’ve violated some necromantic copyright law and they send the government to shoot me, wait till Monday and I won’t put up a big stink.


Assorted Palaeolithic Arts:

Follows is Venus Willendorf:

Follows is Venus Laussel:

Follows is Sleeping Lady of Malta:

Follows are a string of European Venuses:

Follows are Venuses from the Near-East:

Follows is Baubo, found in Greece and Egypt alike:

A comparison of Sheela and Baubo:

Follows is Sheela Na Gig, found throughout the British Isles:

Follows is the Ormhäxän, found on a standing stone in Gotland:

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