Trust The Sale

Do you trust "The Plan," love Truth, God and America? Than open your mind and pocketbook for a hope explosion!!!!! Brace yourself, the STORM is coming. Be prepared with facts and logic, and my latest prep gear! All American, all the time.


Listen. Put your ear to a seashell and you can hear me


My BP has been up, and I need to find a home for all this Maine Salt before it gives me a stroke. Eat up. Y'know. In moderation.

Go East, Young Man?

The Cold War never ended, and the media reflects corporate entanglements choked out by the pretence of sentiment for the Goyim to gobble up like pez. None of it changes anything for anyone outside of office in the West, and is at best a pleasant distraction from the monumental work of the West on rebuilding Her Soul.

Does this trip a trigger? Go ahead and tell me all about it. The question will remain: how does it help us rebuild within a poisoned plot?

The Rainbow Bridge: Short Story

A story of life choice contrasts seen over the course of jobs worked for a client.


Brain Dump. What happens when Seax plays Duolingo to the tune of Elizabeth Warren? Thirty year old Boomer rants, I'm told. Whatever. Just play that funky music, White Boy.

Caligula, Patron Unsaint of Holy Trolldom

Reflections on power(lifting), slight metaphysics of power, Caligula and casual antiphilosemitism. Eat the pork, bigot. It'll help you max your deadz.

Al Gore Rhythm

Tinfoil hat posting. Your thoughts would not be your own, if only ZOG were more competent... Except maybe where the 90% are concerned, they are. Let's raise our glass and hail the chief!


It's a cathartic bit of nothing. A story of an alternative universe in which a storm is coming that never comes, but where life otherwise has meaning because the townies said no, and the outsiders found out.