Coats of Arms

Some ado about Coats of Arms. A fun hobby making them, a proud tradition reading about them. Do you have related wisdom or sagas to share? Feel free to feed my comment box.

Retvrn To Yank

It's not what it sounds like. But what it is, is Maine salt. Apply salt to wound in case of White Flight. Come for the safety, stay for the whoopee. If your doctor has diagnosed you with high blood pressure, you should read a post about the Midwest. I hear they're chill. I recommend Charlie Behrens Midwest Guy vidya, very funny. Especially when paired with Boston Guy.

The Monstrosity of Freedom

Cue the Nietzsche quote. I don't care which one. A ditty about men, monsters and the blurry line which is neither thin, nor blue - speaking of social regulations.

Postmodern Autistic Archetypes

I saw it on TV. It must be true. What must? You're going to have to click my link to find out. Go on. Do it.


It's fun to think about. A brief discussion on nature and nurture, men and herds, fate and freedom. I'd love to hear from you, chime in the comments if you're willing. I don't bite.

Noble Lie, Dishonest Truth

Quid Est Veritas? Truth is the power to tell stories that make us stronger, not weaker. Truth is inspiration, not guilt. Truth is belonging, and not ostracism. Truth is what you make it.

A Lesson in Decline

A ditty about Danes in Maine and what we can learn from their having subsequently disappeared.

For Want of a Better Title

T'ain't nothing but a braindump. Ungrateful Millennial Dreams edition. Now with more Ragnarøk. And rarified Maine salt.

Folk That, Man.

Folkish Heathenry and the right to self-determination, freedom of association and other inalienable rights are tied together. They are not incompatible nor mutually exclusive, nor need threaten an overarching infrastructure.

The Grønbech Files

An introduction to Grønbech, a man whose book is seldom credited for having inspired as much as it has. A book which has heavily and happily inspired my own thinking. Here's to the man!