Why Not Jörðadis?

A reflection inspired by the Solstice. Musings on Fae and Vættir, Seiðr and Sidhe, Odin and Jörð. How these funnel into workable living traditions. And why I think Earth is a highly underrated and much needed Goddess today.

Short Story: Wagon

My first attempt in a very long while at writing Asatru fiction. I wrote this as a tributary during the week of Winterfinding, or Mason. I have worked some rationale into the narrative, but I suspect some of my regular readers will see at once the converging influences I have used as inspiration. Feel free to question or comment if you're moved to. No spoilers, you'll have to read. Or not. Boats and dinghies.






Brain Dump. Ode to backwoods edition. Also join my "No Orcs for Middle Earth" campaign on Faceberg.

I don't have a a Faceberg.

Primeval Garden

Brain Dump. Impromptu garden edition, in which your host tries to tie ancient Primeval Garden myths together.

Lowdown on the Mowdown

What life lessons can be gleaned from mowing your lawn? As many as your Spergery allows.

Thunder’s a-Comin’

Every storm is a new beginning sent from Mother Earth, a gift to you. Or so I would have me think.