Our Lady of Laussel

Trigger Warning: this will likely only appeal to Palæolithic Enthusiasts or fans of the mighty Architect. And Agent Rick, whom I'm sure enjoys being brain-raped weekly. By me, your host. I digress.

Something of an Ode to Our Lady of Dordogne, the Venus of Laussel and all her hypostases in the Palæolithic world. How I think she bridges the gap to Asatru (and other) today, and maybe why Scarlet should frankly give a damn. Or not. Whatever floats your boat or sinks your dinghy. Links for the autistic are enclosed. Drink the Horn, bigot.




A somewhat fluid brain-dump about Esoteric Chivalry, gender relations, Paganism and progress. Bonus: Bog Posting - FUN!

Coming soon: The Bog Song, a technicolour experience.

Oera Linda Rant

Musings surrounding the light introduction to the Ottema translation of the Oera Linda Book.