Concerted Cosmological Contrivances

This is a time suck, be warned. I've injected a lot more grey matter into this than other things. What follows is some exegesis of mine. An attempt to untangle my own gut feelings from scholarship I've read, and to try and put things together again. This is all unverified personal gnosis, for those familiar with the terms. From a perspective which waxes Teutonic, I have tried to balance what speaks to me from Celtic and to a greatly diminished return Hellenic culture in my quest to integrate Goddess and God into my life. My belief that the Pantheon is hypostatic, and Life as a superorganism constitutes a brahmanesque monad in which polarity creates dynamism. But how, at least for us in the mortal coil, the Fertility Cult is the oldest and I think most sensible place to look for the Divine.

Been a Week

Brain Dump. Casual Runes and domestic (lack of) terror edition! Thrill! What lies inside? Not even Varg wants to find out!

Great Goddess in Review

A review of a book by Jean Markale, tracing the footsteps of the oldest Goddess(es) of civilisation till now. Special care is taken to point to a common ancestral Goddess shared between Europe and the Near-East, and potentially (ancient) America. I've filed this under highly recommended.

Snake’s Back

It's a poem. You can come to your own conclusion.

It's Friday. Go see to it your week has a happy ending.

Or not. Whatever floats your boat or sinks your dinghy.

Poem: Ode to the Perennial Sophia

A poem that came to me thinking about what I've learned from Jean Markale's book about the Goddess. Eat the Apple, bigot.

Not a bad thing for a Friday and a New Year's Eve Day.


A somewhat fluid brain-dump about Esoteric Chivalry, gender relations, Paganism and progress. Bonus: Bog Posting - FUN!

Coming soon: The Bog Song, a technicolour experience.

Mish-Mash, Corned Beef Hash

Brain-Dump, Runes and edgy music videos edition. If you perceive internal consistency here, I may have transmitted my autism and infected you.

You're welcome.

Fall 2021

Father Winter has turned the Wheel of Fortune, and knows it's his time to play. Thanksgivingtide used to be the herald for the Winter, which involved preparations and cooperation with natural cycles. Something to think about.

Before the Fall, 2021

A brain dump. Topics include to varying detail: Fall is best season, baby traditions, rethinking harvest-tide and New England holidays, the joys of woodworking.