Why Not Jörðadis?

A reflection inspired by the Solstice. Musings on Fae and Vættir, Seiðr and Sidhe, Odin and Jörð. How these funnel into workable living traditions. And why I think Earth is a highly underrated and much needed Goddess today.



:ᚠᚱᛟᛗ᛫ᚷᛁᚾᚢᚾᛝᚪᚷᚪᛈ᛫ᛏᛟ᛫ᛄᛟᚢᚱ᛫ᚹᛁᚠᛖᛋ᛫ᛟᚹᚾ᛫ᛚᚪᛈ᛫ᚪᛋ᛫ᚠᚱᛟᛗ᛫ᚣᚸᛞᚱᚪᛋᛁᛚ᛫ᛏᛟ᛫ᛄᛟᚢᚱ᛫ᛏᚱᛖᛖ᛫ᛟᚠ᛫ᛚᛁᚠᛖ: ᛚᛖᛏ᛫ᚦᛖ᛫ᚾᛟᚱᚾᛋ᛫ᛋᛖᚹ᛫ᛚᛟᚹᛖ᛫ᚪᛗᛟᛝᛥ᛫ᛄᛟᚢᚱ᛫ᛟᚪᛏᛋ:



Short Story: Pearl of Great Price

Maybe this means something to you, maybe it doesn't. It means something to me, but that doesn't need to mean anything to you. If it does, let me know- if you like. If it doesn't, than happy Wōdensdæg to you. Whatever floats your boat or sinks your dinghy.

Wæs þu hāl, cȳþþu. And Agent Rick.

The Wearing of the Green

Musings on trying to become my own Greenman in light of my few firmly held convictions. Hail to thee, Mother Earth!

Poem: Life Between Springs

A poem about my favourite season. Insert allegory ________________ here.