Primeval Garden

Brain Dump. Impromptu garden edition, in which your host tries to tie ancient Primeval Garden myths together.

Short Story: Requiem for a Nerd

A modern day faerie tale with dark humour. What would happen if a nerd got his wish, and was reborn in The Dark Ages? Caveat your emptors, the tropes are hot to trot with this one. Evil landladies, brigands, highwaymen and witch burning- oh my.

The Reactionary Root of Self-Fulfilled Prophecy

Parenting should be full of life-lessons and self-correcting goodness. Where is the sweetspot between Freedom and Destiny (Wyrd)? Where is the safe space between reactionaries and prophecies? These things matter, and they matter unfathomably more to the vulnerable young who rely on you, Ma or Dad, to not define them but live them. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...Says the guy who spends a lot of time ruminating on definitions.

On the Sublime Irony of Tolerance Among Other Likely Ineffective Observations: Or, a Brain-Dump

Brain dump: Tired Nationalist edition. Can tolerance be a virtue?

Poem: Purity Spiral

Come to your own conclusions, it's a poem. It jives or it doesn't, you'll survive. Until you don't.

Poem: Life Between Springs

A poem about my favourite season. Insert allegory ________________ here.

Short Story: On The Ninth Day…

On the Ninth Day... God created man. A short story of how I imagine an English creation myth might have gone, had our Folksoul not been interrupted by history and remembering things badly. Wōden is the English answer to Odin, for those caught unawares. A God whom I think practises a magic far more sympathetic than the propaganda mills declare. Wæs þū hāl and all that then.

(Some Nordic names retained for ease of transmission.)