A quick, dirty and wholly UPG about Armanen Runes, and how I learned to step outside the Futhorc - briefly. And rants. Trigger warning. You have been warned.

Baucis and Philemon

Still my favourite love story. “BUT IT’S SO sAD¡¡¡¡” Yes, life is bittersweet. But Baucis and Philemon loved each other so deeply that life without the other was unimaginable, unhindered by age and unwithered by time. Modernity places no value on longevity. It sees only the superficial. But the roots of the tree are always deeper than the leaves.

We should all seek to emulate the wisdom of the couple in question.

The Serpent's Loft

I’m old enough now that memories burnt into my brain feel free to come and go like old friends. Being a storyteller and a lover of lore, it comes as no surprise that stories come and go as I await the coming of the first grey hair to my autumn coloured beard. I find that fabled visits and temporal lessons make life all the richer, when you let them pass at leisure. The meaning of a tale is freer, it comes like a breath of air, natural, fitting. It is a measure for what is true in life and what is not, for the lessons not worth learning seem like dross, wont to fade away unmourned. And that which you seize and choke, may give meaning, but never so willingly as thoughts run free.

I should like to tell you such a story that comes and goes. It is a…

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Working Ecstasy

Have some unfiltered esoteric Yankee Odinism to cure your happy humpday blues. Or not. Whatever floats your boat or sinks your dinghy.

Poem: Life Between Springs

A poem about my favourite season. Insert allegory ________________ here.

Sketches of Women’s Equanimity Seen From a Right

An effort post about the womens based on what I feel is a very tired conversation. But maybe one worth repeating.

Sleepless Nights: Short Story

Experimenting with vignettes, I guess. No further commentary is offered. Happy Monday.

Genesis of the Nords

A retelling of the Norse Creation Myth from Ginunngagap til the peace between Asgard and Vanaheim.

Audio available at the Lorecast on Spreaker.


A friend and Brother recently challenged us to retake our humanity from modernist globalism. Here is my best attempt at articulating what I think this begins to entail.


Continuing the discussion on virtues: what is the nature of responsibility for men in the context of clan, tribe and beyond?

Violence Fetish

Have you ever given any thought to why violence is so fascinating today? Give it some thought with me.