The Retvrn of Grandpa Simpson

I'm back in persona simpsonae grandpaensis with advice for the young I've gleaned from working with many age groups and marital statuses. Punches not pulled. Lacks fluff.

Don’t Let it Linger

Brain dump: don't let it get the best of you edition. Bonus: the lady up the road will always be a bigger man than you, until she's not.

Sketches of Women’s Equanimity Seen From a Right

An effort post about the womens based on what I feel is a very tired conversation. But maybe one worth repeating.

Birds & Bees Against The Ruins

Age gap and gender expectations. Be prepared for a Grandpa Simpson tier morality rant, the battlecry of the non-consentually irrelevant.

Fun With TES Back Stories

Stupid fun. A backstory for a Skyrim player character, for those who say Skyrim belongs to the Nords in the current year.

Evolution and Spirituality

In our Männerbund, if I have a special ministry beyond my appointed duties it is my interest in the spiritual domain. Somebody has to have it. I have become an unofficial guru in this niche. So it goes by circumstance, not necessarily by choice, as I do not particularly crave power, authority or prestige. Nevertheless. … Continue reading Evolution and Spirituality


A friend and Brother recently challenged us to retake our humanity from modernist globalism. Here is my best attempt at articulating what I think this begins to entail.

New Failure, Old Problem

Are you up for another struggle session about reinvigorating thought patterns? This is a ditty about repatterning hermeneutics to shift from the negative to positive domain as it concerns Dissident Culture.