Don’t Let it Linger

Brain dump: don't let it get the best of you edition. Bonus: the lady up the road will always be a bigger man than you, until she's not.

Sketches of Women’s Equanimity Seen From a Right

An effort post about the womens based on what I feel is a very tired conversation. But maybe one worth repeating.

Birds & Bees Against The Ruins

Age gap and gender expectations. Be prepared for a Grandpa Simpson tier morality rant, the battlecry of the non-consentually irrelevant.

Fun With TES Back Stories

Stupid fun. A backstory for a Skyrim player character, for those who say Skyrim belongs to the Nords in the current year.

Evolution and Spirituality

In our Männerbund, if I have a special ministry beyond my appointed duties it is my interest in the spiritual domain. Somebody has to have it. I have become an unofficial guru in this niche. So it goes by circumstance, not necessarily by choice, as I do not particularly crave power, authority or prestige. Nevertheless. … Continue reading Evolution and Spirituality


A friend and Brother recently challenged us to retake our humanity from modernist globalism. Here is my best attempt at articulating what I think this begins to entail.

New Failure, Old Problem

Are you up for another struggle session about reinvigorating thought patterns? This is a ditty about repatterning hermeneutics to shift from the negative to positive domain as it concerns Dissident Culture.