Postmodern Autistic Archetypes

I saw it on TV. It must be true. What must? You're going to have to click my link to find out. Go on. Do it.

Quid Est?

Brain dump. Political mumbo jumbo edition. Now with links to rabbitholes! Click underlined text to YEET.

Pan and the Death of the Nation-State

Musings about the perennial debate about forms of Nationalism, and why I think most of us are putting the cart before the host. Touches on the futility of The Current Thing (are you team Russia or Ukraine?) and why I think the entirety of it is an incredibly wasteful detraction from making real progress. Also, April is dead, long live May.

On the Sublime Irony of Tolerance Among Other Likely Ineffective Observations: Or, a Brain-Dump

Brain dump: Tired Nationalist edition. Can tolerance be a virtue?

Deading Memez

Deadlifting makes me think about the dead-weight we carry as a society. And how societies become too complex to be useful, and then collapse. And how adjusting our expectations might make life easier. There's nothing painfully controversial here. It's a scattershot, a more productive brain-dump than I've been making.