Brain dump: We can all get along edition. Radical Centrism. The bipolar front! Wow! Localism, Tribalism trump globalism and news cycle ableism! Whoah! IMAGINE.

The Golden Age & The Grotesque

About repression, celebration and expostulation of the Cthonic, and why I think the exclusivism of the Celestial has unbalanced the soul - because centrism is a naturally gravitic medium in our people which suffers when it is not allowed to hold. How the Grotesque might have been a movement of Folksoul to bring us back to centre.

My goal is to make you pause the next time you call something grotesque. I'll probably fail, but I've been chewing on this thought for a few years.

Tastes like cud.
... And peanut butter.

Review: “Nightside of the Runes,” Thomas Karlsson

Content Advisory: Syncretism; Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Esotericism - Gothicism. Runic Studies and theories. Occult history. Alternative to Futhark. Swedish perspective.

This book focuses on the modern esoteric Uthark, and the old Gothicism spearheaded by Johann Bureus. Many topics covered.

Postmodern Autistic Archetypes

I saw it on TV. It must be true. What must? You're going to have to click my link to find out. Go on. Do it.

Quid Est?

Brain dump. Political mumbo jumbo edition. Now with links to rabbitholes! Click underlined text to YEET.

Twilight of the Optics Cuck

It's (((Monday.))) I'm trying to laugh.

Pan and the Death of the Nation-State

Musings about the perennial debate about forms of Nationalism, and why I think most of us are putting the cart before the host. Touches on the futility of The Current Thing (are you team Russia or Ukraine?) and why I think the entirety of it is an incredibly wasteful detraction from making real progress. Also, April is dead, long live May.

On the Sublime Irony of Tolerance Among Other Likely Ineffective Observations: Or, a Brain-Dump

Brain dump: Tired Nationalist edition. Can tolerance be a virtue?