Genesis of the Greeks

My retelling of the Greek Creation Myth; from Khaos to Pandora's Box. Audio available at Lorecast on Spreaker.


A friend and Brother recently challenged us to retake our humanity from modernist globalism. Here is my best attempt at articulating what I think this begins to entail.

Road Rules

I like to use a man's driving as a gauge to his civic morality. Why? If I were Varg I'd say "let's find out." Topic explored: connection versus disconnection of civic duty in relation to identitarian collectivism, and how it is necessary to form any communitarian subgroup.

Lex Personae

A brief sketch of Roman domestic and civic values and morals. This essay is intoned to appeal to those who laugh at (((our values))), seek a return to tradition but lack structure.

Apologia pro Religio Romana

A brief exposé on the Religion of the Romans. Discussed is the evolution and application of said religion, as well as a conclusion regarding why you should care.

Cult of Personality, Cult of Ideology

Uncommonly common sense dictates that behind every good leader is an even better idea. We should be aware of the idea and spread it before following blindly.

Your Place

There's a lot of Lads in our Movement who've had trouble finding their place. We have untold numbers that are timid and afraid of letting their voices be heard.

You Have The Right

You have a bill of rights that extends beyond liberal confirmation bias, moreover you have a right to freedom of conscience and association. You really do.


A very personal entry. This details some of my struggles and black pills, the reward for my efforts and what keeps me going